My Mysterious Wife Had Seven Affairs Chapter 37: H-U-B-B-Y


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The whole hall fell into deafening silence in shock.

Ziwei who was watching Liu Yifeng and Steve till then flustered and lost her strength and tripped down making a sound breaking the silence.

A sound that got everyone's attention including Liu Yifeng's.

"Fake couple"

"Deceiving Nation's People"

Those words continued to repeat in her ears.

'No... This can't be happening' Ziwei said in her mind with wrinkled fore head and flustered heart.

She knew her surroundings were turning weird and she soon ran like a cheetah towards the stage widening her arms as if to run and hug someone.

Ziwei acted selfishly just for once in her life. For her own benefit, she accepted Liu Yifeng's contract.

It was not her, but she thought it as her as the cause of this trouble too.

But it was Jiang Yu Lan, the main troublemaker.

Ziwei disguised herself, but the witch's more powerful.

Jiang Yu Lan know from the start that Ziwei was Susan and also about the fake marriage contract between Ziwei and Liu Yifeng.

All these days, she waited for a perfect opportunity and to bite Ziwei's neck.

Jiang Yu Lan already broke Ziwei's heart once in the past. She made then Ziwei, named Susan to face a dreadful society and chased after her.

To throw her out of the country,

Kick her from top position,

from the kingdom of fame,

Out of Entertainment Industry.

and far away from her people.

It was Yu Lan that made Yi Ziwei to rot with disgusting scandals and rumours.

Blaming Ziwei for all the damage caused to the company, she turned all the board members of that time to her side.

She finally became a top star.

She became the Queen.

She became the nation's beauty.

Jiang Yu Lan thought Susan would never return to China.

Never ever.

In those Ten years time and she lived like a Goddess.

Out of nowhere, she saw Yifeng and Susan together claiming as a married couple.

Will she stay still? she started to dig the information.

Even with truths knowing, she always stayed calm to prevent complications to her.

And After four months, she finally received a perfect chance to crush Ziwei.

It was a day of her routine health check, She saw Ziwei and Liu Gengxin together.

Laughing and chatting with each other, with joy and affection surrounding them.

Jiang Yu Lan took the chance.

But she failed, with a strong response from Ziwei.

A strong response given by the inner personality, Susan and not Ziwei.

After a few days without her moves, Ziwei got stuck in a scandal in Steve involved in it.

But no use, soon that rumor went out of the hot gossip list.

So, Jiang Yu Lan acted witful and picked the best story to destroy Ziwei.

A Story revealing Ziwei's disgusting past.

Jiang Yu Lan wanted to destroy only Ziwei.

Coincidentally, around the same time period ... Yifeng kept troubling her by refusing her contract renewal.

She knew Yifeng hated her, but not to a level that he would reject the nation's best lady's request.

If not Star Entertainment, some other company would take her.

But not all companies have a man like Liu Yifeng.

A man with whom she accidentally fell... Fell in Love.

She know Yifeng's faking marriage, just to avoid her.

But does she know? The man she loves, loves the girl she hates.

Kill two birds with one stone...[1]

With this, she could solve two problems.

One... Destruct Ziwei's life.

Two... Make Yifeng her man.

But why was she there with Steve at 'Golden Lights' restaurant the last night?


Ziwei know that witch's wicked mind, but she underestimated her.

It was the biggest mistake she made.

Even with prior knowledge about Jiang Yu Lan, Ziwei agreed for a fake marriage.

A fake marriage with a man from Liu family.

By keeping her past under cover[2], deceiving the whole family.

That family which once supported her and looked after her wellbeing.

But for what reason, she entered Liu family again even while cheating its members?

Noticing all people staring at her, Ziwei soon ran towards Liu Yifeng who was standing at the stage's centre.

Trying to bring out a natural affectionate and romantic feel,

"H-U-B-B-Y" she screamed while rushing towards Liu Yifeng.

Ending her running, Ziwei soon jumped in front of Yifeng expecting him to hold her.

Soon a naughty and cute puppy stuck onto Yifeng's body.

She encircled her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

And Her chest pressing onto his.

A tight hug that heated up the room.

"Hubby" she stared deep into the man's eyes kissing his lips.

[1] - achieve two things with a single action.

[2] - Hidden/ secrecy

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