My Mysterious Wife Had Seven Affairs Chapter 36: Collaboration


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"Auhhhhh..." Liu Yifeng sighed out the pain he held in his heart.

Thinking of his past, he got a shiver to his eyes and a drop slowly fell down from his left eye.

He pressed on his heart to control his bursting emotions.

He almost reached the restaurant and he inhaled a few deep breaths before parking his car.

Wu Chun soon got a glance of Yifeng at the parking lot and he soon followed his boss from behind.

It was way too late at night.

The restaurant was specially kept open on request of Steve Chen.

Liu Yifeng walked in and was left flabbergasted seeing the picture at one of the corner.

Steve and Jiang Yu Lan being seated together at a table.

Surprised, but still Liu Yifeng took long strides towards the table, confident enough.

He reached the table and before he could greet Steve, Jiang Yu Lan jumped in excitement seeing Yifeng in her zone.

"Oh my god..!! Who's this? Mr.Liu... How come you be here..? You coming to this Yu Lan's space?" Jiang Yu Lan spoke in a shocked tone but anyone could notice her satirical voice.

"Hello... Mr. Liu"

"Hello Steve"

The basic formalities were paid off.

Soon a firing discussion among the three started to heat up the air surrounding them.


Next day/ Day of Ziwei's return to Ai Villa

Ziwei got herself dressed in a simple outfit and in a pair of flats[1].

She was trembling in her heart but to outside she's a fresh glowing blossom.

She expected Yifeng's presence but he did not come even at this time.

She lost the final streak of hope she had in her heart.

Now, all her health issues were cleared.

She can fly as high she wishes to.

She hopped into the car and Rushi followed her daughter in law.

Liu Gengxin followed Ziwei's command and accelerated the vehicle towards Ai villa.

She turned on her mobile to see the early morning news reports.

Soon after scrolling down for a few times, she read a post.

"Steve Chen and Star Entertainment collabs"

What she asked Steve to do has finally happened.

Her power levels increased and she was excited.

Soon she requested Gengxin to turn the car towards Star Entertainment.

Her heart kept thumping out of happiness.

For a few days, she could see Liu Yifeng working in peace.

A comfortable seat and a happy news... Her mood turned pleasant and she hummed a tune.

A tune which Rushi heard for the first time.

Rushi never liked the recent day's music.

A person from times of few decades back, She like those old music pieces.

But her love for Ziwei changed her taste for music.

No matter what Ziwei sings, Rushi loves it.

Rushi at times wished Ziwei to restart everything and begin her singing career again.

She liked the tune and asked Ziwei to sing the song aloud.

But before Ziwei could start, the car halted suddenly giving off a jerk.

They reached the Star Entertainment company.

Ziwei walked in with Rushi and Gengxin beside her.

She reached a hall and spotted a perfect area where she could hide herself.

A place from where she could also see Yifeng.

The men of the show walked ito the centre of the dais and the interview began.

"Mr. Liu, It was being circling across the entertainment sector that you and Miss Ziwei were not really a married couple and were faking to be one, to cover up your previous rumors and scandals. Is that true that you both were deceiving the nation's people?" a strong and confident female rookie reporter's voice echoed in the hall.

The questions about their personal life were not accepted to ask in business times.

The whole hall fell into deafening silence in shock.

Ziwei who was watching Liu Yifeng and Steve till then flustered and lost her strength and tripped down making a sound breaking the silence.

A sound that got everyone's attention including Liu Yifeng.

[1] - flat sandals

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