My Mysterious Wife Had Seven Affairs Chapter 35: I love you


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Ziwei's heart was drowning in pain and her eyes were pouring out warm yet cold tears.

She initially shed tears in a low pace but later they flooded out like a river.

Just for one sole reason.

Liu Yifeng.. He hates her.

She had only one single thought in her mind.

A thought she'd see Liu Yifeng the very next morning.

In a few hours, more like eight.. Or nine hours.. She'll finally see Yifeng.

It's something that she dreamed to happen from the past two weeks.

She was supposed to sense a fluttering feel in her heart.

But she doesn't know just for what reason her heart's beating crazy than ever.

Her legs started to shiver just with a thought she'd meet him.

She must still be feeling guilty.

All she ever felt was guilt and fear of being tampered by his temper.

She thought he'd show his anger and frustration on her at least for once.

No matter how much time elapsed, he didn't come.

She waited for him to show her, his face. But he didn't.

She cried all while thinking he was avoiding her because his hates her to bone deep.

But does she know, Liu Yifeng's trying his ass off to keep her safe and stable.


On the other hand, Liu Yifeng spitted blood.

His guts were not strong enough to cope with his tightly scheduled work.

They need some food to work.

But Liu Yifeng immersed himself in work.

Work of gaining business deals, deals to make his company work again.

He can't give up on his company just because of one person's wicked deeds.

He needs to thrive facing those hurdles and obstacles caused by Jiang Yu Lan.

After stabilising his body condition, he decided to have a substitute driver.

But he's too late to have one.

With no other way, he drived his car to the place his assistant mentioned in the message.

"Golden Lights"

He was physically driving the car towards the restaurant, but his mind was wandering around his past times, his late teen ages.

It was a time where he had all his concentration only on one person.

A girl aged fifteen.

A girl named Susan.

A girl he loved at first sight.

She was Ziwei.

She was the girl for whom he would skip his school every now and then.

She was the girl for whom he changed his shy mentality and turned to a better person.

She was the girl for whom he would secretly trespass the secured areas to see her dance and sing.

And Yifeng..

He was the one who dared to fight against his father.

He was the one who wished to share his life with her.

He was the one who secretly loved her for more than ten years.

Liu Yifeng clearly remembered every single moment of his late teen life.

He was 19 years old and was accidentally dragged to the competition conducted to pick the final members for a girl pop group.

She became the leader of the group.

He knew her every step and followed her every second.

He secretly helped her in her every task.

He secretly cared for her.

He loved her.

Like a mad man.

Like a Romeo[1].

He wished to make her fly like a Cheering butterfly.

But he ended up breaking her wings.

He crazily wanted to express his feelings.

A single sentence from his mouth, he wanted to say her "I Love You".

But instead he wrote her a letter to process his feelings to her.

It was such a letter..

Even to this day, he doesn't know if it reached her or not.

[1] - male lead from a romantic play named Romeo and Julie

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