My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra Chapter 205: Iceberg's birthday 3


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Shriya was worried when she heard that they are visiting Mansion thinking that something must have happened to Preeti or did the latter do anything at the Mansion or to Rahul.

Before her thoughts could go wild, he said with a gentle expression which is dedicated only for her. He said "Rahul said princess is missing us so much, so that fellow called me and asked us to go there".

Shriya felt relaxed. Though she is not so great at taking care of her little sister, she made a great choice of leaving the latter with Rahul.

Shriya saw a few qualities of her brother in Abhi and Rahul. Shriya's brother Siddharth was so kind and he dottedd on his sisters very much. No matter how hard Shriya tried, she couldn't give the same warmth to Preeti which she received from her brother.

But she saw that in Abhi when he is with her and Rahul treated Preeti like his own and dotted on her with utmost care and love at the same time he teached her all the good habits and disciplined her.

Shriya was thankful to him for all his care and she indeed trusted her sister with him. Even Preeti is also a lot comfortable around Rahul than others.

They had their dinner and Abhi did the dishes while Shriya cleaned the dining table and other necessary stuff.

Then they both laid on the couch. Abhi sat on the couch and he was watching a news channel in the tv while Shriya laid with her head in his lap. She was scrolling the news feed in the Instagram and after a while she closed her eyes with tiredness and seeing her all tired Abhi started massaging her head and she smiled with her eyes still closed.

Seeing her innocent and pure face, Abhi couldn't help but peck on her forehead. Then he started massaging her hands and then her shoulders. Shriya felt relaxed and she said teasingly "You are so great at this work. If you ever want to switch professions, you can go open a massage parlor. I am sure you will reach the top in no time".

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He said with a smile "Thank you for your compliment but my services are exclusively for my woman".

She opened her eyes and met his eyes which are staring at her with a great affection. His gaze on her is so strong that it gave her chills and involuntarily her heart beat fast as if it could jump right out of her heart.

He moved his hand a bit further down and then and she opened her eyes wide and said "You can just massage my head".

He replied with an innocent smile "Your entire body is tired then why should I massage only your head and shoulders".

She sighed with helplessness seeing him act all innocent and she couldn't even get angry seeing his puppy dogs eyes. She muttered to herself "You sure is a great actor, acting all innocent".

Abhi felt wronged and said with the same puppy dogs eyes. "Amn't I innocent?". But he didn't remove his hands instead he moved his hands lower to her collar bone and further below.

Shriya's eyes widened and she said "I can see how innocent you are right now with your hands wandering around my chest."

Abhi said with even more cute and innocent face "They should also be massaged so that they feel relaxed too".

Shriya looked at him and asked not understanding what he meant "Who ?"

Abhi didn't say anthing but he signalled her where his hands were on his body and she sat up with anger and yelled at him "Pervert" and tried to move away from him.

He caught her hand before she could run away and smiled and his smile is so mischievous and it contained some hidden meaning. He smiled and asked while holding her hand in his own "Should I show you what a pervert does ?"

He pulled her back on to the couch and he moved over her while she was stuck between him and the couch. He looked straight into her eyes and she gulped with nervousness. It looked like a predator is gazing at its prey with hunger.

It was the first time Shriya saw her man with such deep desire. Before she could think of anything his lips touched her soft ones and kissed her with passion.

After enjoying a deep kiss with his woman Abhi released her so that she could breathe.

He pulled her into his embrace and kissed her on her forehead. They laid on the couch and he said "The day after yesterday we are going to Kunal's birthday".

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