My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra Chapter 204: Iceberg's birthday 2


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Abhi reached home and he didn't see his women in the house. Abhi sat on the sofa in the living room and leaned into it. He got himself a can of soft drink and switched on his laptop to go through the stock market.

After a while he saw the time on his wrist watch and decided to call her. Afterall it's past time for her to reach home. He unlocked his phone and dialled the familiar number. She answered it after a few rings.

Shriya was on her way to her home. When she was crossing the supermarket which is around the corner in her street she thought about something and asked Naveen to stop the car.

She wanted to go shopping to cool down and also wanted to take a stroll around in the supermarket. She wanted to buy some fresh vegetables and eggs for cooking. When she was in the gift's section searching for a gift, she received a call from her man.

When she answered his call she heard his mesmerizing voice and he asked her in a gentle tone "Where are you love ? Are you going to be late today?".

It's not that Abhi wanted to ask her where- abouts or doubting her. He was just worried about her especially when their photos were still out there in the newspaper headlines. He was worried that someone might recognize her and cause her trouble.

Shriya replied with a smile "I am in the supermarket which is at the corner of our street".

When Abhi heard her, he was a bit relaxed. So he asked "What are you doing there ?, Are you alone?"

Shriya said with a low chuckle "I am not alone, Naveen is with me and I will reach home in ten to fifteen minutes".

Abhi asked again " Should I come ?"

Shriya rejected his offer immediately. She knew that they can't spend time going out like others, so she replied "No need", but later asked to cool him down, in case if is mad at her for rejecting him "do you need anything, want me to get anything for you ?"

Abhi replied "Hm, soft drinks and some snacks".

She was about to say okay when he said "Bring me a shaving cream and a trimmer if you can ?"

She replied "Okay" and then she went to the concerned section and saw a large number varieties of trimmers.

She was confused and she didn't know which brand he uses. She never paid attention to it so she asked "There are so many varieties, which one do you use ?".

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Abhi replied "Braun" and after searching for a while she didn't find it. She asked the helper there and he looked at her with a weird look "Maam, it's not available here and you will not find it in this kind of supermarket".

Shriya heard him and asked Abhi who was still on the line and he said "Bring anything for now, I will get it tomorrow".

Later she brought some Philips trimmer and a shaving cream from a famous brand and went home.

Abhi was still waiting for her and he changed into normal set of home clothes. Shriya saw the man who was busy with his laptop and he looked up to see her when he heard the door open.

Naveen also entered with a plastic bag in each hand and seeing Abhi he greeted the latter.

Abhi took the bags and went into the kitchen while Naveen bade goodbye and wished them good night. Shriya sat on the sofa and she leaned back onto the sofa. Abhi brought a cup of hot coffee and gave it to his woman.

She nodded her head taking the coffee and he said "Go change your clothes, you need not cook today. I already ordered food and it will be here in twenty minutes".

Shriya pecked on his cheek happily when she heard him about food delivery and ran inside to change.

She was tired, thinking about all the stuff that happened yesterday and today. Moreover she couldn't concentrate on her classes and in addition to that she had to think what to gift to Kunal.

Kunal treated her nicely and he gave her so many things when ever he got a chance. The Golden Ganesh idol during the puja and also that necklace which he presented to her on Preeti's birthday. Shriya heard Abhi saying that the necklace was priceless and it was a representation of Rajput family. She didn't know why Kunal treated her with so much respect and care, so she decided to gift him something but she didn't think of anything in particular.

Moreover she didn't even know if she could attend the party. she heard from Naveen that the Rajput family will hold a big party and many efficient and eminent people will attend it.

Media will also be there as most of the famous business personalities and celebrities will attend it and because of this present scandal, she is not sure if she could attend.

Shriya took a shower and when she she came out in her shorts she saw Abhi arranging the food on the table.

She went to sit at the table and they served the food for each other and started eating. Abhi said as if he remembered something important "I spoke to princess today and tomorrow we are going back to the Mansion".

Shriya was worried when she heard him and asked "Is everything okay ?"

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