My love story : by Abhishek Malhotra Chapter 203: Iceberg's birthday, when?


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Shriya returned to her class and sat in her own chair and she didn't talk to her friends. She was in a deep thought and she didn't observe the curious gazes from her friends. Sony was worried thinking that something must have happened to Shriya again and she asked "What happened, did something else happen again ?".

Shriya came back to her senses and when she heard her friend, she shook her head and replied with a smile "I am thinking of what gift would be best for a birthday boy, I mean a man ?"

Both Sony and Brahmini were stunned hearing their friend's words and seeing the latter all relaxed and cool about the situation. Sony asked "Birthday, whose ?"

Excitement filled her face when she heard the word birthday and before Shriya could answer her question, she said "Oh, Your man's birthday?".

Sony is the kind of girl who doesn't think much before speaking. She again said before her friend could correct her "You have to just throw yourself at him, I swear nothing can be a good gift as nothing can be as precious as his girlfriend to him."

Both Brahimini and Shriya made ugly face and Sony replied with a disappointed face "You can atleast give him a kiss right, afterall it's not your first time kissing him ?"

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Shriya shook her head and said with a deep sigh "I will pass it go this time , if you want you can go ahead with your idea of gift ?"

Sony was surprised and at the same time confused hearing her frined's words "Are you sure, you don't mind if I give my gift for the birthday boy ?hahaha.. " she laughed and was teasing her friend. She thought Shriya will scold her but the latter replied "Sure, you can do anything to the birthday boy".

Sony was surprised and shocked and she didn't have any words for her friends and just then Brahmini shook her head while staring at her phone screen and said with her eyes full of pity towards Sony and she showed the phone to the latter "Dummy, it's Kunal's birthday on 24th of this month".

Sony saw the screen and looked at the google news and under the headlines was a photo of Kunal and his birthday date. Then she understood what was happening and looked at Shriya with her eyes dazed "So it's that iceberg's birthday".

Shriya laughed and Brahmini joined in and Shriya said with a teasing tone "Uh, and you can give him that special gift of yours, afterall it's not your first time right".

Sony's face blushed and her cheeks became bright red and with her innocent face she looked so adorable.

She wanted to hide somewhere from this embarrassment and said with a prideful tone "Okay, I will give him that gift, you will definitely see".

Brahmini chimed in with a teasing smile "I definitely would like to watch, but I am afraid of that iceberg of yours".

Sony was surprised and shocked when she understood that both her friends are not leaving any chance in teasing her and she was angry and turned her face away without talking to them.

Sony was the type of girl who always messed around and teased others but now Shriya has opened up and she showed all her talents and teased whoever came to her without holding back anymore. She became exactly like how she was five years ago a lively and an outgoing girl.

* * * * * *

Inside a luxurious office, a man in his fifties in a black suit sat in a black leather chair and his face was all red with anger and a man in his late thirties was moving all around the room and it seemed like he was searching for something and the atmosphere was all cold.

After a while the man who was searching something came empty handed and stood before the man with his head held down.

He said in a low voice "I am so sorry sir, I searched the entire room but couldn't find those photos".

The man was silent and suddenly the temperature in the room fell a few more degrees and the person who was standing was trembling with fear. He said in a hurry "The man kept the pictures on the table, but they are not here anymore and no body entered the room since then".

The old man said with a fury and his voice was hoarse "Then are you saying that they just disappeared into the air".

* * * * * *

Abhi sat in his chair in the caravan and he just completed a scene and he was free for the entire night. He just changed into a new pair of clothes and he sat with his both eyes shut.

He heard a knock on the door and then entered a man in a black suit and said with his head bowed down "Sir, I have finished the work".

Abhi just hummed and said "Keep an eye on that Geetika and you can leave now".

The person bowed again and left closing the door behind him. Abhi was about to leave when he saw his phone ring.

He answered the phone and said with a gentle smile on his face "Hey princess, What's up ?"

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