My Life Journal Chapter 8: ..........


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Today in class my teacher started talking. I don't mind it, she's a nice person. Though she started talking about life and shit, how life has unexpected events. Then she said "Like the two boys who passed, that was unexpected."

Then she went on rambling about random ass things. I mean, Jo's favorite song was playing (had earphones on) and she started talking about him. I just had a sudden head rush. I mean I haven't thought about the accident in a while. I mean I have thoughts of him, but I thought of all the great moments. Though when she brought up how unexpected it was. How Jo was still alive but unresponsive. How the driver got arrested, how they rushed him to the hospital,how he was pronounced dead. I hated it, and even if I hate it. Smile, act happy. Just go on like everything is normal. Just act like that desk he sat on is normal. Just act like it's fine. Sometimes I wonder, am I fucked up in the head?

Weed, xanax, Hydrocodone, Valium, codeine...etc.

I can get all that shit for free. Though I don't do those. I'm different now, I turned over a new leaf. I hope I did.

For as mad as i be
And as I try and i see
Could you feel what it means to be me?
You can walk a mile in my shoes
Walk in them you may
Walk in them you could
But you can never walk the road I stray
So always I'm misunderstood

Sincerely: Calamity
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