My Life Journal Chapter 12: Blah


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I got an internship at a radio station in January. So I thought "I can rap, and write music. Maybe if I make a few good projects the radio statiom might play it."

I mean I might not get paid for the music, but it's the recognition that I'm after. I'll first make a name for myself. I mean I'm already known as a good rapper, but that's by word of mouth. If I could get known by my music being played on the radio, then I would officially take my first step into the world of music. I mean having rap battles is fun, you win cash, but I can't see myself being some underground rapper. I want to be official, I'm not talking world tours, or having sold out stadiums. I just want to be recognized as a great artist. I don't need to be famous, just need to have some reputation in my area.

I have family telling me music ain't the way to go, but it's the only thing I'm good at. I mean, I got good grades. Though I ain't got much going for me.

Now, I'm choosing colleges. Either online or campus. I was thinking of studying for "musical arts" or "broadcasting."

Maybe both?

Ya know. I swear my family is full of idiots sometimes. Only actual person with common sense is my brother. And he does crazy shit.

Anyways, today I got my blood test. They took like 5 vials, pretty big vials. Also didn't eat anything for a day, something about eating will affect the results. So no food, coupled with blood loss made my body just give up. I was light headed, dizzy, numb, headache, tired, hungry, dehydrated and etc....

So I went home and my mom was like "You do this and this and that and that"
Then she went to her room to sleep. She said she was tired because "She drove all morning"

I was like "fuck you!"

So I cleaned, did the farming shit, cooked lunch, did laundry, and much more. After that I went to take a nap around 2pm, I woke up because my mom was bitching "Why you sleeping? Did you even do your chores?"

She just went off ranting how I need to help with the house. I find it funny cuz I do most of the house work, and yard work. I wasn't even supposed to do work, I was told to rest because "I had a lot of blood taken"

Nawww fuck that! Just Have me go outside and tend to the farm, feed the pigs, clean, laundry, cook! Did I mention it was raining super hard where I'm from. So I did all that in the the fucking rain! I didn't finish my work till around 7:30pm.

I'm fucked up, getting sick, tired, and extremely agitated.

On the bright side, My love is finally coming back. I can't wait to see her!

Thanks for listening to the fucked up stories of a random ass teen, stay tuned

Sincerely: Calamity
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