My Life in Another World Chapter 2: First Fight And Shelter


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I wake up with a jerk as I heard the loud roar of a beast nearby, which startled me out of my sleep and making me nearly fall off of the tree. I look around me and thankfully don't see the beast, so I breath out and calm down.

[Ding! A Quest has been issued: Kill your first beast. Rewards: 30 points.]

"Hehe, I was going to go kill it either way, and this is just a nice bonus."

I grin slightly and grip the dagger I was given in my Beginner Package and climb down the tree before I head in the direction that I heard the roar from. I walk for a few minutes and eventually found what I was looking for.

A beast that looks like a tiger is near a lake, while a beast that looks like a wolf is laying nearby without moving, which is most likely dead. The tiger beast instantly stands up from drinking water and turns in my direction and snarls.

I instantly tighten my grip on my dagger and run straight at the tiger beast, and it also runs at me. It's speed startles me and I tilt my body backwards, narrowly dodging a swipe of the tigers paw, which caused wind to appear when it passed over me.

I flip my body backwards and kick the tiger beast at the same time, and while I felt my kick connect, nothing seems to of happened to the tiger beast as it runs at me again. I stare at it intently and thrust my right hand that is holding my dagger towards it, and the dagger stabs into the tiger beasts body.

Letting out a loud roar, the tiger beast shakes it's body rapidly and I barely managed to pull my dagger out before being flung outwards a few meters and onto the ground nearby.


I cough a few times and roll to the side, dodging the tiger beasts mouth that was biting towards my old position. I jump up off the ground and knee the tiger beast in the neck, and I could hear the audible *crack* sound coming from the tiger beast, so I quickly take the chance and stab my dagger into the tiger beast again.

My dagger easily pierced into the tiger beasts neck and I push it with all my strength as deep as I can. The tiger beast struggles hard and nearly throws me away again, but I managed to stop myself from being thrown and hold my ground while stabbing my dagger into the tigers neck as hard as I can.

Finally, the tiger beast stops struggling and I look at it and realize it is finally dead, so I let out a breath I was holding and pull my dagger out, which was hard as it was stuck really deep.

[Ding! Quest has been complete. Host has obtained 30 points.]
[Ding! Host has killed a Dou Qi Warrior Stage 1 Cor Tiger and obtained 10 points.]

"Oh! I thought I would only get points from quests, but I also get points from killing beasts, huh. Another 40 points, that's cool."

I suddenly remember that the original owner of the body hasn't had a bath in a long time, and since there is a lake here, I might as well take a bath while I can. I walk over to the lake and take off my robe and underwear and fold them at the lakeside.

"Ah, now that I remember it, I haven't actually seen the face of this body yet. Lets take a look with the water."

I crouch down near the lake and finally get a good look at the face of my body, which surprised me quite a lot. The body has white hair and my eyes are black and yellow, rather than normal human eyes. As for my body, there is a red mark that goes all over my body, starting from my face to my left foot.

It looks pretty cool but is a bit weird. Either way, the face of the body looks very handsome, which is a bit of a surprise considering he was a slave. A bit satisfied, I jump into the lake and wash my body all over, as it has been 2 weeks since it has been washed.

After half an hour of washing my body, I climb out of the lake and dry myself off with a cloth bought from the System and then put my clothes back on. Not wanting to sleep on a tree again tonight, I figure I should find a place to get a house or something similar at.

"System, is it possible for you to build me a house if I use points to buy it?"

[Ding! Yes it is. If Host has a spot Host wishes to build a house at, Host can buy it with points. A simple small house will cost 100 points, a big house will cost 500 points, a mansion will cost 2000 points and a castle will cost 10000 points.]

"That's good."

I was glad that I can actually buy a house, even if they are expensive, since I can earn points by killing beasts and doing quests. Now my issue is to find a good spot to build the house at. I suddenly remember where I am and decide to look around first.

The lake is decently big and has fish inside of it from what I can see, and the area is relatively safe considering there aren't any beasts besides the tiger beast and wolf beast from when I came here. Also, the space I have around the lake is enough to build a few small houses.

"Yeah, it's decided. I will build the house here. Just having the lake nearby is very useful, as I can get water, food and bath or clean clothes with it, which is very good. Ah, lets see how many points I have first. Status.

[Name: N/A

-Race: Demon

-Gender: Male

-Age: 17(24)

-Dou Qi: Dou Qi Warrior Stage 1

-Magic: Mage Apprentice Stage 1

-Strength: 10

-Dexterity: 8

-Agility: 11

-Endurance: 25

-Vitality: 23

-Magic: 1

-Spirit: 1

-Skills: Passive Regeneration, Absorb

-Points: 125

-Titles: N/A]

"125 points, good I have enough and will also have 25 points leftover. Alright. System can you build the small house here please?"

[Ding! Does Host wish to purchase a small house for 100 points?]


A small house instantly appeared in front of me where I wanted it, and my mouth twitched at the speed. The house seems to be made out of brick, but it doesn't look like brick either. Shrugging, I open the wooden door and am glad that there is nothing wrong with it.

Inside of the house there is a small black table which is made out of wood, a single brown chair made out of wood, there is also a bed in the corner that looks like a bed from Earth. There are a few shelves around which can be used to store some stuff as well, which is good.

"At least the house is still very good even if it is a small one. Ah that's right! I should go and use my Absorb skill on those two beasts, to see what it really does."

I smack my head with my hand and run out of the house and towards the two dead beasts. I decide to start with the tiger beast first since I killed it myself, so I place my hand onto the body of it and activate my skill.

The body instantly shrivels up to my shock and then I felt an energy enter my body which nearly caused me to moan, much to my dismay.

[Ding! Host has used Absorb on a dead beast and gained 2 Spirit.]

"Oh! Two Spirit, that's really good. I only had 1 Spirit and now it jumped to 3 just like that. Haha, if I was to meditate, it would probably take me a few days if not weeks to get 2 more Spirit. Lets go to the other one now then."

I walk over to the wolf beast and place my hand onto it using Absorb, and similar to the tiger beast, the wolf beast shrivels up and I felt the energy enter my body again. Since I was already ready for it, I didn't nearly moan again.

[Ding! Host has used Absorb on a dead beast and gained 2 Spirit.]

"Nice! Another 2 Spirit, that means I am halfway to the next stage, since every 10 Spirit will raise my stage. The only downside is that I can't eat any of the beasts that I used Absorb on, which is a bit crappy, but I can just grab some fish from the lake for food or buy it from the System."

I don't know what to do with the bodies of the two beasts, so I just shrug and use 2 points for the System to make them disappear, leaving me with 23 points. It is only the afternoon right now, so I decide to go and hunt another beast, since I have nothing to do and it will make me stronger.

Thankfully, there are a lot of beasts in this forest, so I only needed to wonder around for an hour before I found one. This beast is exactly like the wolf beast from the lake that the tiger beast killed. I don't bother waiting for it to notice me and rush at it at my full speed with my dagger and stab at it quickly.

The wolf beast nearly dodged me when it jumped back, but my dagger still managed to stab into the chest of the wolf beast when I changed the direction of my stab. Glad that I managed to injure it easily, I jump back from my spot and dodge the wolf beasts claws and stab my dagger at it again.

My dagger stabbed into the back of the wolf beast, but it didn't go in far, as the wolf beast bit at my waist, making me pull my dagger back and jump to the side to dodge the bite. The wolf beast runs at me and bites at me again as soon as I land, and I can't dodge it, so I use my left arm to block my waist, making the wolf beast bite my arm instead.


I groan in pain and knee the wolf in the neck with my left leg, making it let go of my arm and stumble back while growling at me. I ignore it and look at my left arm which is bleeding heavily with bite marks on it, and grit my teeth in pain.

I was too excited that I forgot that the tiger beast was the first time I ever fought in my life, so naturally I wouldn't be good enough at fighting to go straight into it. Shaking my head, I lower my left arm and stare at the wolf beast with anger in my eyes and then run at it.

I kick it with my right leg and cause it to stumble back a bit more, and taking this chance, I stab my dagger towards the neck of the wolf beast. It tilts it's head, making my miss it's neck, but I still stab into it's shoulder with my dagger.

I don't pull my dagger out this time and let go off it, using my right arm and left arm to grab onto the wolfs head, and smash it onto the ground, dazing it. While it is in a daze, I smash it's head onto the ground a few more times, and when it stops moving, I take my dagger out of it's shoulder and stab it into the wolf beasts head.

"Dammit, this freaking hurts!"

My left arm hurt even more since I used it to smash the wolf beast into the ground multiple times while it was injured, which was a stupid move on my part, but also the best one I could do at the time. Sighing, I just place my right hand onto the wolf beasts body and use Absorb, causing the familiar energy to enter my body.

[Ding! Host has used Absorb on a dead beast and gained 2 Spirit.]
[Ding! Host has killed a Zen Wolf and gained 10 points.]

"Huh, another 10 points and 2 Spirit, that's good. Well, let's go back to the house of mine and sleep, since it is getting late now."

I walk back to the house for the next hour and lay down instantly, and since it is already pretty late at this point and I am injured, I fall asleep pretty quickly.
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