My Life in Another World Chapter 1: The New World


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I suddenly open my eyes and found myself looking at the clear blue sky while being surrounded by thousands of trees. Confused, I try and sit up off the ground, but a sudden burst of pain stopped me in my tracks.

"Ugh... What the hell is going on? How am I even in a forest? No, how am I even alive? I am sure I was just killed!"

I was shocked as I remember being killed in a plane crash, so why am I even here? If I lived the plane crash, where are the plane parts at? Even then, I remember my chest getting stabbed into by many different parts of the plane, so I am dead for sure.

"What the heck is going on... Ugh, my body really hurts... I should try and find other people, because if I did somehow survive that crash, so would others."

I flip over and place my hands onto the ground and push myself up., but I realize I can't even raise my body! Shocked and uneasy, I try and try again to raise my body off of the ground, but I just can't put any strength into my arms.

"Ah, that would make sense... I was just in a plane crash and my body was injured heavily, so how could I put strength into it? Sigh, I guess I will just lay here for now, and hopefully someone else comes along. Just what is going on, though?"

[Ding! Allow me to explain!]

"What! Who is there!"

I was startled by the sudden voice that came out of nowhere, and began looking around as much as I could, but I still couldn't see anybody, which confused me. I shake my he and figure I was hallucinating and stop looking around.

[Ding! Host is not hallucinating! Also, please stop looking around! I am speaking within your head, as I am bound to your Soul!]

"Ugh, you really are speaking into my head, but what do you mean by Host and bound to my soul?"

I heard the voice again, and this time I could tell it was coming from within my head, so I could tell it wasn't lying when it spoke to me, which confused me even more as something like this isn't possible on Earth.

[Ding! I am the Spirit System, and you are my Host! I have bound to your Soul once you died in the plane crash on Earth and brought you to this world!]

"Wait, wait, wait! You mean I really did die? And what do you mean by this world? Is this no longer Earth?"

[Ding! Host is correct! This is no longer Earth! This world is called Xenoth! It is a world full of monsters, beasts, warriors and mages! The size of Xenoth is approximately 71 times the size of Earth!]

I was shocked by the sudden revelation from the voice in my head and only opened my mouth and closed it again right after, unable to speak. Eventually, after a few minutes I calmed down and spoke again.

"Then, can you tell me about this world? You brought me here, so you should be able to do that, right?"

[Ding! Host is correct! Xenoth has a total of 8 continents, each of differing sizes. There are also multiple races on Xenoth! The first race is the Human race, the second race is the Demon race, the third race is the Forest race, the fourth race is the Ocean race, the fifth race is the Dragon race, the sixth race is the Spirit race, the seventh race is the Undead race, the eighth race is the Angel race, the ninth race is the Devil race and the final race is the God race!]


I could only speak one word from my shock. Ten different races! Ones that don't exist on Earth! I was shocked for a long time before I managed to calm down and then I silently waited for the voice to explain more of the world, which it does.

[Ding! The God race, Devil race and Angel race are currently extinct! There was a massive war millions of years ago, involving the God race, Devil race, Angel race and Dragon race! Every single God, Devil and Angel died while there are only a few hundred of the Dragon race alive!]

"Wow... That must have been a massive war..."

[Ding! Host is correct! The war lasted for 3 millennium, and the Dragon race hasn't gone extinct because there were still a few young Dragons not taking part of the war!]

"How lucky of them, I guess..."

[Ding! The world has Warriors and Mages in it! The Warriors use Dou Qi, whilst the Mages use Magic! The Dou Qi ranks are as follows: Dou Qi Warrior, Dou Qi Saint, Dou Qi Venerable and Dou Qi God! The Magic ranks are as follows: Mage Apprentice, Mage Scholar, Archmage and Mage God! Each different rank has a total of 9 stages, which is the same for both Warriors and Mages!]

"Wow! Magic and Dou Qi! I always loved playing games and reading novels that involve Magic and Dou Qi! I can't believe I am actually in a world with them!"

[Ding! Host's body on Earth has died and Host is currently residing within a body of someone from this world. Would Host like to absorb the memories of this body?]

I was still excited about this new world when the voice suddenly drenched me with cold water. Right... I had died on Earth, so I wouldn't be in my body... No wonder I didn't feel pain on certain places...

"Yes, give me the memories. Since I am living in this body now, I need to know everything about it!"

[Ding! Understood, Host. Please bear with the pain!]

I was confused for a moment before a massive headache assaulted my head, causing me to groan in pain and shrivel up on the ground. Memories foreign to mine kept entering my head and I watched the life of this body as if a movie.

This body is a Demon who was born from slaves, and didn't even have a name. He was just called 'Slave, Trash, Waste' and other degrading names. He was always assaulted by those who owned him and was passed to many different owners who always tortured him.

Finally, he managed to escape from his last owner, but was pursued and killed in the end, which is when I took over his body. When the memories stopped entering my head, all I could do was let out a sad sigh and feel waves of anger assault my body.

"Why are humans always like this! Even on Earth, humans were always scum, why can't it just change on this world... Who cares if I am a Demon now? At least I get to live again! Since this is my body now, I will eventually take revenge against those who abused me in the future!"

After my declaration, I actually felt as if a weight was released from my soul, which confused me. Even so, I didn't really mind it much and assumed it was the original owner of the body feeling relieved and passing me full control of the body.

[Ding! I will now explain the uses of the System! Host has a 'Status' which Host can call up whenever to see Host progress and multiple other things! There is also a 'Shop' added to the System, where Host can use points to purchase anything, as long as Host has enough points! Next is the 'Quest' function, where I will give Host quests and Host will complete them to get rewards! Finally, there is a 'Roulette' function where Host will get one draw per day to draw something!]

"Oh! I nearly forgot that you were a System, so it makes sense that you can do all these things, huh. Lets see, do I just say Status to bring the Status screen up?"

[Ding! Host is correct. If Host would like to check his Status, Host just has to say or think the word 'Status' to bring it up!]


[Name: N/A
-Race: Demon
-Gender: Male
-Age: 17(24)
-Dou Qi: None
-Magic: None
-Strength: 7(4)(Weakened)
-Dexterity: 6(3)(Weakened)
-Agility: 8(3)(Weakened)
-Endurance: 21(5)(Weakened)
-Vitality: 18(6)(Weakened)
-Magic: 0
-Spirit: 0
-Skills: N/A
-Points: 0
-Titles: N/A]

"The heck... I have no Dou Qi or Magic, which doesn't surprise me. What is with this 'Weakened' thing on my Status beside my Stats though?"

[Ding! Host came back to life in a dead body, and the body is still heavily injured.]

"Ah, that makes sense. How would I be able to get either Dou Qi or Magic? I assume Magic stands for the path of Mages, while Spirit stands for the path of Warriors. Since I have 0 in both, I can't enter either path right?"

[Ding! Host is correct. Would Host like to open the Beginner Package?]

"Uh, what is that?"

[Ding! The Beginner Package is something Host obtained for binding with the System. It gives Host a few useful things.]

"Then yes, open it!"

[Ding! Host has obtained the following: Passive Regeneration skill, One point in both Magic and Spirit Stats, one Common Grade Dagger and 100 points.]

I suddenly felt two different energies enter my body, one going to my head and the other going to my navel, which stunned me. I was shocked for a while before I recalled I got one point in both Magic and Spirit stats, which is probably the cause of this.

"System, are the two energies that just entered my body Dou Qi and Magic?"

[Ding! Host is correct. Normally, one could only train in either Dou Qi or Magic, but Host can train in both. One point in Spirit and Magic allowed Host to officially enter both paths.]

"Wow... I did not expect that, but it is a very nice surprise! Ah right, didn't you say there was a Roulette thing? Do I have a use for today?"

[Ding! Host does have a free Roulette use for today, as it is the first day! Would Host like to use his Roulette use?]

"Yes, use the use! I wonder what I can get from it..."

A transparent Roulette wheel appeared in front of me, and I noticed 20 different panels on it, but all of them were just black with nothing on them, so I figured I can't see what each panel has. Shrugging my shoulders, I move my hand and press the "SPIN" button.

The wheel instantly begins spinning and it eventually stops on one of the black panels, and it disappears and shows what it landed on, which is something I don't understand at all, thankfully the System explains it though.

[Ding! Host has obtained the skill Absorb from the Roulette!]

"Uh, what does Absorb do exactly?"

[Ding! Absorb allows the Host to steal a percentage of Dou Qi or Magic from any dead body, being either a human or beast, or any of the other races!]

"Wait, seriously?! That is one overpowered skill! As long as I don't die along the way, wouldn't I be able to become one of the strongest people in the world soon?"

[Ding! Host is correct. Absorb is a very strong skill. For example, if Host absorbs the Dou Qi or Magic from the body of a dead God, Host would instantly rise to Dou Qi Saint or Mage Scholar from it. The more powerful the body, the more results the skill gives.]

"As I thought... Right, why is my body completely healed right now? I remember I couldn't even lift myself earlier, but now I can move my body around perfectly fine?"

For the past few minutes, I have been sitting up while leaning against a tree, and I have been confused at why I could move properly when I couldn't move at all earlier.

[Ding! Host obtained the skill Passive Regeneration from the Beginner Pack. Passive Regeneration will heal any wounds Host has at all times, so of course Host would be fine after a while. Host can move fine now, and Host will be fully healed in a short while.]

"Oh yea, I forgot about that. Well, it works well for me either way. Status."

[Name: N/A
-Race: Demon
-Gender: Male
-Age: 17(24)
-Dou Qi: Dou Qi Warrior Stage 1
-Magic: Mage Apprentice Stage 1
-Strength: 10(9)(Weakened)
-Dexterity: 8
-Agility: 11(9)(Weakened)
-Endurance: 25(22)(Weakened)
-Vitality: 23(22)(Weakened)
-Magic: 1
-Spirit: 1
-Skills: Passive Regeneration, Absorb
-Points: 100
-Titles: N/A]

"Huh, my Stats are still weakened except for Dexterity, but they are barely weakened now, which is good. I am at Dou Qi Warrior Stage 1 and Mage Apprentice Stage 1 now as well, which is great. All of my Stats also increased, except for Magic and Spirit which stayed at one, which I feel makes sense."

My body currently feels full of strength, and the feeling is honestly wonderful. My body is much stronger than when it was on Earth, which is exciting, to say the least. Still, I am very weak, which I know.

"Right, can I buy clothes from the Shop? My current clothes are very torn and can't really be worn."

[Ding! Would Host like to purchase a basic set of clothes for 5 points?]

"Ah, yes please."

After I agreed, a robe appeared in front of me, and I picked it up. Checking my Status, sure enough 5 points disappeared, leaving me with 95. I look at my torn and bloody clothes and shrug, pulling them off and putting the robe on. Good thing my underwear is still fine.

The robe surprisingly fits perfectly on me, which is probably because of the System. According to the System, it is just a basic robe, but it is a lot more comfortable than those clothes back on Earth, which is surprising.


I hear a grumbling sound and felt my mouth twitch, as I am very hungry right now. Recalling the memories of this body, I found it has been 3 or so days since he died, and the last time he ate was nearly 6 days ago, so it makes sense I would be tired.

"System, can I buy some food from the Shop, please."

[Ding! Does Host want to buy a meal for 10 points?]

"Sigh, yes."

A steak with some vegetables appear on a plate in front of me, and I use a fork that was provided with it to eat the food up quickly, appeasing my hunger, thankfully. I let out a burp and rub my stomach while the plate and fork disappear, probably being sent back to the System.

"System, how do I raise my Spirit and Magic Stats?"

[Ding! The basic way for Host to raise them is meditation, which often takes a long time to raise. The other option is for Host to hunt beasts and kill them, then use Absorb on them and increase the Stats that way.]

"Right, no way I am going to meditate. In novels it takes them years to raise their strength most of the time, and I don't feel like taking years doing that when I can do it by absorbing from bodies."

According to my memories, this place is called the Jah Forest, and there are a lot of beasts within. Most of them are only at Dou Qi Warrior, but there are a few that are at Dou Qi Saint in the middle area of it.

"Well, I should sleep before that, I guess. The original owner of the body was running from those bastards for a few days, and Passive Regeneration doesn't heal exhaustion. System, is it possible for you to make a safe area for me to sleep?"

[Ding! I am not able to do so. Host will just have to be wary.]

"Sigh, figures. Oh well, I will just sleep on a tree for now, hoping nothing disturbs me for a while."

I stand up and climb up the tree I was leaning against until I am nearly at the top of it and I lay myself down on one of the branches. Thankfully the tree is very thick and so are the branches, or else I wouldn't be able to do this.

After I get into a position I won't fall off, I close my eyes and take a few minutes to fall asleep.
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