My K-Pop Dream Chapter 6: Home


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While riding the car, I talked with my grandparents;

"Naihyo, from now on I don't want you to visit or meet you aunt and cousin, ok?

"Ok grandpa! Hhmmm? How about uncle? He always bring us food every time he visits. Sometimes he sleep in to." I said as I smiled to them innocently.

My grandparents seems to understand the hidden meaning of what I was said. So, I let them thought about it, they then looked at each others eyes with understanding.

Grandma then told me, "Yes Naihyo, including your uncle. Don't meet them again. Ok?"

I nod at them while eating the snacks in the car.

As I looked outside window, I thought;

'I did it! Now my life can finally be in the right path.'

'I will fulfill our dreams mama. Yes! I will.'

As we approach the neighborhood of my grandparents, I notice that it was located in a very wealthy area. The houses around are big and grand.

Then we stopped in front of a grand gate. After passing the gate, what welcomes me is a big house, and in front is a huge lawn with a very well done landscape.

Grandma then told me as we exit the car, "Welcome Naihyo. From now on you will live here."

The house was huge! Its a two story house with a modern design. As we went in, I saw a mix of modern and traditional designs. Some of the walls are made of wood and paper walls are use for decorations.

Grandpa and grandma showed me my room. Its in the second floor, the last door of the left wing. My room is facing a beautiful pond at the back of the house. What welcomes me is a small tea room, with chairs and sofa. In front is a big window further that is a small terrace facing the pond outside.

At the right side of the room is a traditional paper door. As I came in, I was greeted by a big four poster bed surrounded by big windows in the side and in front. A foldable door then is seen near the headboard of the bed. It was a walk-in closet, then in the right side of the closet is another door leading to the bathroom.

The bathroom is big. The right wall is a lavatory, in front of me is a bathtub facing the big window. At the left side, further by the wall and window is the shower area and beside it, is the bathroom bowl.

The design of the closet and the bathroom is modern. While the bedroom and tea room is a mix, just like everything in the house.

"Am I really gonna live here from now?" I enthusiastically shouted as I look around my own room.

Smiling, grandma answered, "Yes Naihyo, from now on you will live in this house and sleep in this room."

So, this was the room Sayeon had when she stole my identity. She is really lucky.

But! Not anymore, she will never stole my identity ever again.

This, is all mine now!

For a few weeks, I enjoyed the company of my grandparents. I was showered with their love and adoration. I am really blessed to have such a wonderful and loving grandparents.

I finally found a loving family.

As a spent my time with them, I notice that my grandmother was experiencing sudden pain all over her body.

Then, I remembered that when I was 8 years old before, after they visited me they went to America for grandma to undergo treatment. She stayed in America for 10 long years until they came back when I turn 18 years old, then Sayeon stole my identity.

But now I'm still 6 years old and I can already see the symptoms showing. I was really worried for her, she and grandpa is my only family I have, I cant let anything happen to them.

So I encourage grandma to go to the doctors to check if anything is wrong.

At first she was adamant, and said 'its just part of being old'. but I was relentless, I force her with everything I have, to go.

Finally, she was forced to comply. The three of us, went to the doctor.

After all the examination the doctor advised us,

"Mrs. Kim, its really a good thing you came to me this early. Because if you waited another year, I cant even guarantee a 50% success for your treatment here in Korea for this particular illness. I would even say I cant treat you anymore, but you came early. Fortunately, you came here fast as you could. I can treat you, but I can only guarantee 75% success rate. But if you want a more advance treatment which gives a 100% success rate. I can refer you to a colleague of mine in America. You need this treatment Mrs. Kim, and you need it as soon as possible."

Grandma then ask the doctor worriedly, "How soon is 'as soon as possible' doctor?"

He replied, "If you can start by next month, that would be ideal."

Grandpa then asked, "Would my wife really get better, doctor?"

He answered, "Yes, she would Mr. Kim. But I will suggest you go to a big hospital in America. Their treatment meathod is more advance that us. The advancement of our medical field here in Korea for this particular illness will be by the turn of the century, and in your wifes' case it would be to late."

So my grandparents decided to transfer abroad and undergo the treatment 2 years in advance.
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