My K-Pop Dream Chapter 5: Leaving


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"Of course child, I am", my grandmother said while hold me close.

Grandfather then approach us in the door and told me, "From now on, you will call us Grandpa and Grandma. Ok Naihyo?"

Both of them looked at me dotingly. I wanted to cry so much. I never experience being loved after Mama was gone. And never felt the love of grandparents.

"Grandpa! Grandma!" I shouted giddily then hugging them.

Finally! Really finally!

"Yes!" Grandma said while laughing at my state together with grandpa.

After the emotional reunion, my aunt finally reacted and said;

"Oh, its the Kim elders. Come in, come in.. We should talk inside."

As she usher everyone inside, grandma hand me a very pretty comb. She said its a gift. She said when she saw the comb she thought of me directly.

Grandma was talking to me animatedly while grandpa was examining the room as we sat at the living room. While uncle followed us sheepishly.

I noticed the eyes of my aunt full of greed, while she was serving drinks to my grandparents. She can see another opportunity coming her way after the last failed one. Another way for her to extract money from my paternal relatives. She was also talking about how hard it is taking care of me in this economy..blah..blah..blah..

But Grandpa interrupted her, directly saying;

"Don't worry Miss Ji I will compensate you for taking care of our Naihyo." Turn his face towards his secretary then nod his head.

Seeing the signal. Sec Jeon open the case he was holding and facing it to my aunt.

As she saw what's inside the case, my aunt open her eyes to wide to explain. The case full of money, shocked my aunt to death.

Grandpa then continue,"I think this will be enough to compensate you, right Miss Ji?"

This was really effective in shutting my aunts mouth.

As if lossing her mind, she continue to nod her head as if her life depends on it.

With a smile in his face grandpa added, "Good then, Naihyo will come and live with us from now on. I hope you understand that Miss Ji." He continue to stare at aunt Jaeyin looking at her reaction. While my aunt was nodding nonstop for a while now. Grandpa added another condition.

"You can have this compensation if you sign these papers Miss Ji and were out of your hair." He took the paper from Sec Jeon then hand it to her for her signature.

Grandpa turn to me and asked, "Naihyo will you come and live together with grandpa and grandma?"

"Yes! Naihyo will live with grandpa and grandma!" I answered while nodding my head and smiling heavily at them.

My aunt was so happy on her own world, she didn't know that she change her own future full of luxury.

My aunt grew up very jealous of my mother, she think that she was neglected by her parents because of her. Because of jealousy she got caught up with the wrong crowd, from then on she became very vain and opportunistic. She become angry with her parents, she hates them for being poor and commoner. Ever since then, she wanted to live in luxury. And she did before.

But not in this lifetime. I will never let it happen!

Before, she lived luxuriously becuase I still live with her. She received my monthly allowance. But now she just accepted a minute fraction of what she had before.

She herself change the future. Haha!

She was smiling ear-to-ear while signing the papers grandfather gave her without reading it, very oblivious to the dark face of uncle Bongye. She then hand it back to secretary Jeon.

'Ha! This is your retribution my dearest aunt! You can never experience that kind of luxury ever again!' I thought.

At the same time Sayeon came back from playing outside, she saw all of us in the living room. She came in showing her questioning face.

When I saw her, I thought and smirk, 'the game continues.'

I ran to her and hand the comb I received from grandma, "Sayeon here, I got this today. Its really pretty," then cowering away from her showing nervousness in my face and body.

Sayeon was so fascinated with the gift that she did not see the glare from her father.

My grandma noticed my unusual reaction and ask me, "What's wrong Naihyo?"

I did not answer and stayed silent.

Grandma then looked at Sayeon then to me, and continue her inquiry, "Why did you give her my gift Naihyo?"

"Becuase Sayeon whould get angry if I did not. And you don't want Sayeon angry." I answered with a small voice, cowering even.

I wanted to show them what kind of people my relatives are.

And I was successful. Grandpas' face darken very much. He then stood up and told his secretary, "Good! Secretary Jeon take Naihyo's things, let us depart from this place our business is done!"

Both my grandparents left without saying goodbye. We waited in the car for a few minutes until Sec Jeon came carrying my things. He sat at the front seat of the car as the driver drove away from the house and my past.
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