My K-Pop Dream Chapter 4: New Future


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I plan to change my future.

And for me to do that, I need to start with my aunt. She's scheming but she's also dumb to some extend, it was uncle who plans more. So I will use her this time around, not her using me.

Then the day did come, aunt Jaeyin met again the father of her child, Kang Bongye. From then on uncle started to visit her every weak. And they discovered my connection with his young master.

So they started their plan to get money from my father.

Before,I was already 8 years old when my grandparents learned of my existence, and I have already went through much suffering from my aunt and Sayeon.

And I dont want to experience that again, so I need my grandparents to know about me earlier. This plan rides on my belief of Secretary Jeon Kwang Jie, he was the one who learned of my exitance before so I really hope he can to now, just much earlier. He looked for a reason, for 2 years, for my father, so I hope he will look into it now.

So, I will help him.

I started by displaying my picture with my mother in the living room together with the pictures of my aunt and Sayeon. I also wrote "My Daughter" at the back.

I then put the idea in my aunts' mind that showing visual proof are more solid. I did this because before they did not give my father my picture. My father just trusted the words of uncle Bongye with his information about my mother.

So, when they were planning the scheme, my aunt suggested they use a picture of mine for proof. My uncle did not see anything wrong about it, so they finally acted on their plan.

When I saw the picture gone from the living room, I knew my plan succeeded.

So now, I just wait!

But, I really do hope Secretary Jeon is competent in his job and found the picture.


My father received the picture and he brought it on his way to the meeting point. I was lucky that he did because Sec. Jeon found it much sooner than I planed.

When I learned of the funeral I was saddened, I cant do anything about it. I cant prevent the death of my mother and now, even my father. Even if I already planed it ahead, it still hurts when I heard the news.

Now, I'm orphan again.

I just felt really helpless.

Few weeks after the funeral, my grandparents finally visited me.

A knock was heared all over the house. As I looked outside from my room window in the second floor, I saw a middle age man wearing a suit and two elderly rich couple. I then deducted it was my grandparents. I thought;

'Yes, finally their here. I'm still 6 years old now, which means I will never go through that painful experience before. My aunt cant torture me and Sayeon will not scar me any more. They cant take away my identity anymore. My plan succeded.'

When my uncle opened the door, he was shocked and become speachless. Curious, my aunt approach the door and saw uncle's shocked face.

She then turned to my granparent aggressively and ask, "Who are you?!"

When I saw aunt Jaeyin ask my grandparents, I ran as fast a 6 years old can ran down to the door way without anyone noticing my presence.

I smirked, 'the show begins!'

"I'm Mr. Kim and I'm looking for my granddaugter." Answered my grandfather regally.

"Ha!?" Shocked, aunt questioned incoherently.

Grandfather then turned his head to uncle Bongye and asked, "Why are you here Assistant Kang?"

Then, my aunt finally understand who the old couple was.

I then walked to them and asked uncle, fiening innocence;

"Who are they uncle? Are they your guest?"

I heard a gasp from my grandmother and noticed my grandfathers eyes watching uncle with a glint on it. He then turned his head and look at me hard and long, then saw his eyes soften.

My grandmother approached and embrace me with a fierce hug, "My granddaughter! my granddaughter! GrandMa wanted to see you so much." She said while crying.

I thought, 'Oh, grandma it was me who wanted to see you so much, but I need to act as if I don't know you, sorry grandma."

Still in her embrace, "GrandMa? But my Grandmother(Maternal) is gone, aunt said so." I said innocently like a 6 years old who dont understand what's going on.

"I'm your grandma(Paternal). What is your name child?" She answered me full of patience and love in her eyes.

"Ji Naihyo", I answered her with a smile and mirth in my eyes.

"Naihyo…. A beautiful name for my beautiful granddaughter. But from now on you will be a Kim. Kim Naihyo. Ok Naihyo?" She told me.

Giddy, I asked her;

"Are you really my grandma?"
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