My dream of another world Chapter 1: My Wish


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I was the type of person that loves fantasie to the core . i don't dare confirm but i probably watched 95% of the fantasy works that are worth watching out there . i am exactly the type of guy that you can depend on to confirm if a novel is worth reading or not when i comes to the fantasy genre.

It was another day of normal mondain life for me . i was lazing around in my bed when a sudden idea got into me .< if i could choose cheats in another world what would i consider ideal for me >
and thus i starting thinking about the most op cheats out there and at the same time i didn't want to be invincible at once but yeah ... who would want to suffer any ways leets max this sh*t out Aahahahaha

*Ehem* i will set some goals for myself while i am at it :X
And so My ideal Life in another world came to be .. or so i hoped . in the end i fineshed wrting my ideal requirements for another start in life (personal perspective )

I deceided on ==
World Setting :

Peacefull western fantasy with all races (no wars)
Adventurer guild available
available dungeons
wild Monsters and monster zones = on
Cultivation = on for me only :^

My 5 Cheats :


2-Infinite mana + all element affinity (SPace included )

3- Rpg system + system store + all the option unlocked + upgraded + unique skills (Skill Devoir + Skill create )

4-Character custumisation X4 ( Able to transform any time to any of the 4 character (2males and 2 females ) )

5- Memories of the full life of the stongest (Warrior / mage / assasin /hunter /blacksmith / alchamist ) and being able to use them in the best condition

Inventory started pack :
10000 Gold + 1000 Silver + 1000 Copper (coins assuming Gold coins are valuable )
X10000000 low level energy stone for cultivation

X100000000 Mid level energy stone for cultivation

X100000000000000 High level energy stone for cultivation
X100 Of every time of food and snack on earth

Fire Ball skill book
Water Ball skill book
Lightning bolt Skill book
fly Skill book
Teleport skill book
Blinck Sill bock
Cultivation Manual ( Unlimited levels /SSSSSS+ Rare)
Automatic pick up and Dismantalling options for inventory
Mana blade skill book
Mana Shield Skill book
Anti-Laziness Skill book
Expert THrowig skill book
Identify Skill book
Guide Skill book
Unique skill Negative effects immunitie skill book

Goals in Life :
Marrying an elven beautie
World Tour
Contacting at least 3 Spirtual beast (prefurably a *wolf+ a dragon or a griefen+ some kind a a sea Monster )
Living a leasurly life :D

A/t : if you guys know better cheats comment in the description bellow ( for any god that's interrested in sending me to another world < We can negotiate this you know *Please * >
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