my dream game Chapter 2: There is no wrong choice


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Main character : at the end I chose Casual Gamer
Main character : I want my partner to be beautiful woman
Main character : the character That I Controls is not me
Main character : the character is a partner

system : You connect to the character in
system : 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ....

The screen turns black
Still nothing
Main character -I'm going to take a snack and come back
nothing on the screen
Main character : Maybe the game bug
Main character - ;asl{kdu&7m;iwaunf^8v ioasgas5hgl;a ( Pressing buttons randomly )

system : Thank you for buying an opportunity
system : You want to use it now
system : " yas " " no "

Main character : what is this
Main character : I do not remember opening the store
Main character : Or paid in any way
Main character : I will click yes before Illusion Industries Remove it

Suddenly letters began to appear on the black screen
???? : ignorance is a sin But it is also a blessing
???? : Truth is something everyone wants
???? : But the truth usually has a price
???? : What do you choose ?
???? : " blessing of ignorance " or " truth Worth one life"
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