my dream game Chapter 1: the beginning


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system : Welcome to LIFEaDESTINY version 1

system : choose a difficulty level for you first attempt
system : There is no such thing as Tutorial in life or in LIFEaDESTINY

system : 1. Casual Gamer - The goal in life is to live and be happy.
system : 2. gamers - I know what that means. you do not have to tell me.
system : 3. masochist - A person who enjoys in feeling pain. (The term is not necessarily sexual.)

Main character : wtf how cam up with it !
Main character : it mess up !
Main character : is it They think because it is FREE ( pay to win )
Main character : It's okay to write something like that On the start
Main character : It is not even a mmo (Massively-Multiplayer)
Main character : sighed ...
Main character : I do not think the game will tell me the difference

Main character - pick up My cellphone. and Entered the official forum of LIFEaDESTINY
Main character - And I found it fast
Main character - The game only started an hour+ ago and There's already information about it

* difficulty Research. The game is lying. *Saga *XX/X/XX
* Saga : I and 2 of My friends did a lottery
And each of us begins the game in different difficulty level
My friend got masochist Then he began to cry
And beg me to replace him
Or made such a drama. but in the end The only difference That we found is
in Appearance of the character ....
No I'm not mistaken .
The only difference is
Casual Gamer = beautiful looking / gamers = Average look / masochist = Ugly cross-eyed man
yas tis all ....
The background of the character
the start item
skill progress
and npc dialogue are the same
is all the Same in all 3 difficulty !!!!!
After that I tried to talk to every npc
But the only qwest I found was to Protect the fields from pests like rabbits and mice
Not to mention Having access only to the first island
and There are only 20-30 npc in the game now
And they say only one thing
I can not even grind-leveling Like I'm used to
Because there is not level system
And when I want to learn sword skill He told me "I was 10 years too early"
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