Money is just another number Chapter 1: Restarting


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"Ey, Wake up! Time for school!", a loud voice shouted.
on"Ay, mom"
There he is.
After the accident, he received a second chance in life. He wanted to do things again, but with other choices.
John was still himself, but the 'China' is different from the one he knew before.
He could use Google, Youtube, and other social media. The social system is a democracy, but not communism.
It felt similar to Germany, where he lived before.
The year he was sent to was 2020. When he was still 16.
"It feels great to be young again!", he thought after looking at himself in the mirror.
John's skin was so smooth that it could get girls jealous. His face was what one could consider handsome. But one thing didn't satisfy him.
It was his body build. It was a bit thin in his opinion.
"I need to spend some time working out!"
John worked out before, in hope to motivate him through the day. Therefore he was very serious when it came to such things.
"I had no caring wife, so I grew independent!"
One of the few good things about being single - still sad.
John went downstairs to eat breakfast. His family lived in Shanghai. His mother works as a professor and his father is a successful businessman.
Their family owns a big house in Shanghai, so they are doing great compared to the average citizen.
Downstairs, he only saw his mother. She looked far younger and more cheerful than she was in Germany.
Back then, his mother couldn't easily get a job, because of the foreign language. It would also waste too much time if she had studied again. That's why she was stressed about.
But now, look at her again. She's cooking and humming a folk song.
John's dad was on a business trip, so he is rarely home.
The reason their family moved to Germany was because of his father's business. He was offered a great deal. It benefited his company, so they all moved to Germany.
Later on, they went back because of the economic crisis in Europe in 2026.
The big system and things that influenced John's life was changed, but everything else was still the same.
The houses in Bejing are still expensive and the school system in China is still strict.
"I'm off. See you later."
"Take care."
On the way to school, he had to take the metro. Thank god, that he still knew a part of the way. The blurred memories of John here and those that he was now are merging little by little.
After getting off the metro, he was kind of lost. There was all kind of shops, the smell of a different kind of street food was caught by his nose.
Although it was still 7 AM, many people flooded on the streets.
"Shanghai is much bigger than Berlin ..."
The street was filled with Chinese. Their black hair reflected the light of the rising sun. The scene was something John had never seen before.
It was his first time in a big city with 26 million inhabitants.
The skyscraper blocked part of the sunlight. The glassy surface shined under the sky. It was a magnificent view.
While he was walking and staring at the skyscrapers with an open mouth, he attracted a group of guys.
"Hey, the guy over there looks like a country bumpkin. Let's see if we can rob him of some money!"
After that, they walked over to John.
"Hey little pal, we are a bit lost. Can you lend us some money, so that we can buy tickets? We can repay you the next day if you come here again."
The stranger all noded in sync and gave off a weird smile.
John lived in Germany. His personality was not as shameless and dirty as the people who lived in big cities.
He did not even think of being tricked.
As John started to hand over 100 yuan, he was pulled back.
"Hey! Get lost! Don't try to trick somebody like this! If you want to hurt us, I'll shout."
A delicate female voice said.
John turned around and saw a girl like his age.
She had a perfect lob, her black hair was sparkling under the sunlight. Her deep dark eyes were very charming. Her lips were blood red. Her skin just enough pale, that it contrasted the red lips and brown eyes.
John was immediately attracted to her beauty. Now she looked like a summer goddess.
His gaze went down from her face to her body.
"It's the same uniform as mine! She goes to the same school!", John thought and was inwardly happy.
the uniform was well-fitting. One could see her slender figure. Her long legs were perfect!
Even John, who never really looked onto the girl, felt she was great.
"Tsk. Let's go!"
The scoundrels left and were very upset about her interruption.
"Geez, how can you get tricked by those guys. It was so obvious."
At this moment, John felt the warmth inside his heart. Never did somebody stoop up for him, this was the first time.
"Oh, you're going to the same school? Are you a freshman?", she asked.
"Uhm, yeah."
"Cool. Then let's go together. "
"By the way, what's your name?"
"Oh, English name?"
"I'm Ying Yue. Second year student."
"Tell me, why were you just standing there? Is Shanghai new to you?", she ran a bit forward and turned around to look at John.
"Well, I live here, every time I walk into these places, I always think: "Wow, the humans are great to build such buildings." "
"Hm, you are a strange one. Your appearance and thinking is a bit strange.", she pouted.
"Of course I'm different. I never actually lived here. My thinking is based on Germany logic.", John thought.
"Oh, I get it. It must be because of your education and parents. I read that one's personality is based on your education, your parents and friends, and your environment."
"Hm, I agree to that, my father works abroad, so I may have experienced a different childhood.", John replied.
"Is anything wrong?", John asked.
Ying Yue thought, that John is different from the normal boys.
His aura and character seem very blunt, but somehow charming.
After walking and chatting for a bit. They broke the ice and changed from acquaintances to friends.
"There we are. It's your first day at school, so be sure to get on the good sides of the teachers. I'm off. See you around."
With that, she walked off.
John stood at the front gate and looked after her image. The situation looked like a scene from a movie.
"Did I just made a friend?", he thought and walked towards the gym for principal's speech.
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