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The green light had surrounded Qianye from all directions, and it looked like Ji Rui had the advantage, but his shock only kept increasing.

Drawing upon the origin power of the world was a telltale sign of a divine champion. Building a visible domain was the first step, but materializing tangible worldly phenomena was another level entirely.

Ji Rui was only one step away from the divine champion realm. Be it his attacks or his domain, it would flood the entire area with green light. Should his cultivation take a step forward, he would be able to comprehend the logic behind certain objects and conjure them—that was the power of a divine champion.

At this moment, there were numerous sharp arrows flickering amidst the green light, a sign of Ji Rui’s comprehension of origin power. By the time he had fully formed myriad arrows, he would have crossed into the divine champion realm.

However, Qianye was merely rank-twelve, yet he could already project his origin power! Gazing at the indistinct Oceanic Vortex in the air, Ji Rui was overcome by a vague feeling of terror.

There was also a distinction between materialized origin power.

It was widely accepted that lifeless objects were inferior to living things and that living things were one grade below worldly phenomena. Ji Rui’s myriad arrows were superior in number and could be considered the peak of object materialization, but it was still a lifeless object.

The sanguineous beasts in Nighteye’s domain were living things. As for Zhao Jundu’s Extreme Violet and Wei Potian’s Thousand Mountains, they could be considered worldly phenomena. It was just that the Thousand Mountains could only be considered to have merely touched this level. Nighteye’s beasts, however, were highly spiritual and sentient. They would eventually form a beast lair in the future and become an extremely powerful type of worldly phenomena.

Hence, just from their domains, it was apparent that their talents and potential stood above the divine champion realm. That was also why they were lauded as geniuses.

There was no need for further elaboration about Qianye’s domain. It was a majestic worldly phenomenon that was two major levels above Ji Rui’s.

The city lord activated his origin power with greater urgency as killing intent flashed through his mind. Some of the arrows turned tangible amidst the numerous illusions and shot toward Qianye!

At this moment, the great ocean was right on the verge of pouring down. The ocean tides and the green radiance collided and began wearing each other down. The green light covered over a hundred meters and seemed to be ten times as abundant, but Ji Rui could feel during the clash that the tides contained countless tiny particles slicing his green light into pieces.

Ji Rui’s expression immediately turned ashen after the clash of domains. He needed to sacrifice a fair amount of his green light to wear down a portion of the ocean tides. This ratio almost made Ji Rui cry.

Although he would still win, the easy victory he had imagined was never going to happen—he would really need to go all out.

Qianye was, after all, taking a loss due to his low cultivation, so his vortex gradually became thinner and thinner. However, his punch was still moving forward against the flow of green radiance! There was no turning back!

Ji Rui didn’t hesitate, either. His body erupted with green light as he struck down with his palm.

A loud rumble echoed through the air as the fist and palm came into contact. Qianye’s Oceanic Vortex was no longer able to hold out and was immediately dispersed. The green radiance was also scattered like strips of cloth fluttering away into the wind.

Qianye was flung dozens of meters back. After landing, he took several steps backward and let out a muffled groan, a stream of blood seeping out of the corner of his mouth.

Ji Rui remained motionless in the air but did not follow up with his attacks. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, in a grand display of style. However, Guan Zhongliu had noticed that Ji Rui’s right hand was trembling slightly and still hadn’t come under control.

The city lord was badly shaken at this point. Just now, a terrifying yet formless power had surged out from Qianye’s fist and shattered Ji Rui’s origin defenses.

This kind of power, Ji Rui only remembered seeing in vampire marquises and arachne virtuous counts. There was no way a human body made of flesh could exhibit this kind of strength. Qianye could now slaughter a champion with relative ease even without a shred of origin power.

Having lived his entire life in the neutral lands, Ji Rui knew just how frightening such an innate constitution was. Although he could suppress Qianye by means of origin power, it would still be a bitter fight. Considering his terrifying power, it would require ample preparations to capture or kill him. There was clearly no such arrangement at the moment and the outcome would be unimaginable if he were to escape.

However, Qianye didn’t escape as Ji Rui had expected. Instead, he stood there staring coldly at the city lord, his aura rising sharply all the while.

Qianye’s origin power burst forth after a momentary confrontation, his aura climbing madly as the newly-formed fourth origin vortex unleashed a bright radiance!

Qianye cupped his fist at Ji Rui. “Thanks for the help.”

Not knowing what to say, Ji Rui replied awkwardly, “It was nothing.”

Qianye was already on the verge of a breakthrough, only waiting for his origin power to complete its condensation. The all-out clash against Ji Rui had tempered his origin power from both the inside out, rapidly clearing away all impurities and helping it condense into a new origin vortex.

Qianye’s body was extremely strong. This allowed him to swiftly complete a process that would’ve taken an ordinary person months.

Ji Rui’s mouth opened wider and wider. In the end, he broke out into a wry laugh and lowered his right hand. It was still possible to detain a rank-twelve Qianye, but it was practically impossible now that he was rank-thirteen.

Ji Rui landed on the ground and took a few steps toward Qianye. The latter remained motionless and watched on with cold eyes.

Ji Rui was alarmed to see Qianye so calm. He finally retracted his origin power and said with a smile, “General Qianye, what is the reason for suddenly charging into my manor and attacking people? Who in my residence has offended you?”

Qianye smiled indifferently. “I want Red Lotus.”

Ji Rui’s eyelids twitched. “Red Lotus? That’s a Highbeard Shieldmaiden-candidate. What does she have to do with me?”

Qianye kicked the autocannon on the ground away, saying, “These people ambushed me on the streets under Red Lotus’ orders. According to them, she’s still hiding in Madam He’s courtyard.”

Ji Rui’s expression changed drastically. “T-This, how can that be? Men, go and check Madam He’s courtyard and see if there’s this so-called Red Lotus!”

Guan Zhongliu affirmed the order and was just about to leave when Qianye stopped him.

“Just let me go and see!” Qianye said coldly.

Furious, Guan Zhongliu shook his shoulder free and rammed into Qianye. “Insolence! The city lord’s inner courtyard isn’t a place you can go into!”

Qianye made no move to evade. He took a step forward and, with a muffled thud, collided fully with Guan Zhongliu!

The two parties weren’t just contesting in strength, but their origin powers also clashed without any fancy moves. Guan Zhongliu felt as though he had rammed into a giant mountain—all of his origin power was jolted back at him, flipping all of his innards over. He took several steps back and collapsed after spitting out a mouthful of blood, no longer able to stand up again.

“General Qianye, what’s the meaning of this!?” Ji Rui asked furiously.

“City Lord Ji, I’m the one who should ask you this question! Last time, you tried to capture my daughter Zhuji in the Black Grove, and then sent imperial troops to kill me and rob my goods. Now, I was ambushed just after entering Southern Blue and you want to protect the culprit. Don’t tell me that anyone who tries to kill me will be immune if they just hide inside your manor?”

Ji Rui snorted coldly. “The empire has nothing to do with me, and I don’t have the faintest idea about that interception. Now, you charge into my manor just because of a single person’s words. Where do I put my prestige as city lord?”

Qianye looked at Ji Rui with a spurious smile. “City Lord Ji, you had no intention of leaving me any face when you attacked just now. Why would you think I need to leave you any face?”

Ji Rui’s brows rose in anger. “Are you intent on making an enemy out of Southern Blue?”

Qianye wasn’t moved. “City Lord Ji, you know my character. If you do no hand Red Lotus over today, I can only be your enemy from now on.”

Ji Rui broke into laughter. “Good, good. It seems the heroes are born of the younger generation. I have underestimated you. But, are you so confident about winning against me?”

Qianye sized the city lord up and said with a smile, “City Lord Ji, even if I can’t defeat you, do you think you’ll be able to break through to divine champion in just one year?”

Ji Rui felt a rush of frustration in his heart. He couldn’t help but retort, “And you can?”

“Whether I can or not isn’t important. You need to remember that not being able to defeat you doesn’t mean that I can’t kill you. Besides, your Southern Blue can forget about doing any business before you breakthrough to the divine champion realm.”

Ji Rui’s expression was gloomy. “Are you really that confident about killing me?”

Qianye replied, “You can wait and see if you don’t believe me.”

Ji Rui was livid. He stomped down heavily and said, “Fine! Come with me, we’ll go to Madam He’s courtyard together and see whether Red Lotus is there. What will you do if she isn’t?”

“I’ll apologize and ally myself with you.”

“Fine! Come with me!”

Ji Rui headed into the inner courtyard, slapping away everyone who came to greet him along the way. No one dared to come up anymore since they knew he was absolutely furious.

The duo moved swiftly and arrived before Madam He’s doors in the blink of an eye. The two maids at the door walked up and, intentionally or otherwise, blocked the path forward, saying, “Master, how come you’re here?”

Ji Rui was in no mood to humor these scheming lasses. “Scram!” With a wave of his hand, the two maids were sent flying into the wall and knocked unconscious.

Ji Rui stepped up and was just about to kick the door open when he turned back at Qianye. “General Qianye, aren’t you afraid that I’ll ambush and kill you once we’re inside?”

Qianye smiled. “You’re welcome to try.”

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