Mo Qun's Journey Chapter 2: God's Wrath?


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The man continued staring at the young Mo Qun for a while.

"System you said before that I can transfer the system by sacrificing a bit of my system level?"

"Yes, with the sacrifice of system levels, decreasing current system advancement and intellect you can initialize a transfer based on the amount sacrificed."

After a slight hesitation,"System initiate transfer."

"Are you sure? Yes/No" An option display pops up.


"Taking necessary funds for transfer..."


"Wait! Tell me how much are you taking!" he had a bad feeling...


"Shit, you never answer my questions!"

"System-level decreased by half..."

"What! Half?" he felt his heart slowly break, sweat slowly drips down his neck. But he calms down," It is necessary I guess."

"System what level does the boy have now?" wondering how much half of his resources could transfer.

"The resources used was able to replicate a level 1 system."

"Only level 1! But the resources were worth 48 levels! System are you cheating me?" So many years of hard work now gone. His life's work, his many sacrifices. Day, night he worked to upgrade the System. He could see them flying away into the sunset.

. . .

"I'm breaking up with you! I don't like this relationship, I feel threatened with your higher status!" feeling defeated and cheated.


"Wait! I was kidding! Please don't go, I need you," his tone softens and he anxiously tries to persuade the other.

"..." the system didn't reply but the man felt it was mocking him.

"It's just a few materials, helping a friend matters more right?" growing more and more worried as his mouth twitched when he saw its 'reply'.

Mending System's Broken Heart

(Mission details: you have broken your awesome and best system's heart. As the benefactor of your lowly life, how could you break its kind heart? You shall kotow 100 times as an apology and you might be forgiven!)

[Reward] 50% chance of obtaining divorce papers

"I fucked up..." and he slowly gets into position, for he knew a simply weak kotow wasn't enough based on the system's style.
In the bedroom of Mo Long. . .

rumble... rumble...

"MoMo, you are so rough..." a red-faced lady sighed. But Mo Long frowned from atop, "That's not me, there is a random earthquake."

But his face turned into horror as building collapsed. But most of all, he could tell that this earthquake was causes by an expert who was more powerful than him, the titled most powerful of this world.
Miles away. . .

rumble... rumble...

"Sir! There is a big earthquake! Our walls have collapsed and the Zhang Clan are invading!"

An old man stood up from his seat, a frown on his face," I don't think there has ever been an earthquake this big but those lowly Zhangs dare are taking advantage of it!" This man was the clan leader of the Li Clan; one of the top clans under the heavens.

"Li Fan,I advise for a retreat into the backup void and fighting the Zhangs in our own territory," walking out from the shadows, this was the genius, Li Feng who was famous for his wise tactics. He is said to be able to beat a whole army of soldiers with just his intellect!

As a growl escaped him, Li Fan stands up, a murderous gleam in his eyes," Such a well-timed attack! I suspect that this giant earthquake isn't coincident!"
At the Zhang Army camp, a young general stood in front of his soldiers.

"It must be a blessing from the Goddess! Men this is the approval of the Goddess, today the Li Clan will fall! Charge!"

"Charge!" Men of thousands yell as they charged into the city.
In a place far far away...

A young man swiftly flowed through the forest, he was Feng Yang, a genius in the late 3rd Step in his cultivation. He was currently following a group of men in the forest, a dark gleam in his eyes.

rumble... rumble...

To his horror, the tree he was on started to collapse. He swiftly jumps off and falls towards the ground. In mid-air, he throws an ice shard towards one of the men, instantly penetrating his neck, killing him.

When the men noticed, it was already too late, Feng Yang gave no mercy and killed with lightning speed.

It was quite an enchanting scene, one lone man killing with beautiful techniques, swiftly and mercilessly taking lives. As if plucking petals.

One by one, bodies fell, not even knowing who killed them. Before their demise, all that was seen was a blur and then death.

Atop the hill of bloodied corpses, one man stood as petals fal from the sky; falling gently to the ground. Each petal, dyed with a bloodred spot in its core.

Calm and collected under the bright moonlight.

No one would be able to tell that this pleasant looking man, had just mercilessly slaughtered his enemies.

"This earthquake..."
This was the biggest earthquake in history, causing many in the world to suffer, while experts lay in fear. Was this God's Wrath? This strange event became known as God's Wrath and the 100 rumbles was a warning that after 100 years, the world will end.

The man who caused it was full of panic and anxiousness.

[Mission complete]
"Receiving rewards. Rolling for chance reward"

"Shit, 50% chance. Please, please," what if he didn't get it? Would he lose his precious system?

His life flashed before his eyes. The wonderful times he spent with his beloved system. The enemies they fought together, the times the system helped him, the times it ignored him. The painful times and the happy times. He smiled thinking about it.

"Divorce papers not received, roll failed."

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