MMORPG : Rebirth of the God Slaying Blacksmith. Chapter 1: Rebirth.


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"Ha" Alex woke up all of a sudden. His breathing was rapid and he was holding a girl in his embrace.

"Master Alex is there any trouble?"
Seeing the man who was holding her in his embrace wake up all of a sudden the girl asked softly.

"I am fine there isn't any trouble, Please leave now I have a bit of headache"
Hearing this the girl got up and went out of the bathroom.

"Why am I not dead yet? Is this a dream?"

Looking around he found that he was in his villa which he lived during his time studying in university. He got up from the bathtub and picked up his phone lying nearby. Looking at the date he was shocked, It was the year 2034 June 30th.

Six years!!!

He now had the chance to alter his destiny.

In This moment Alex Gray felt anxious yet exited. He didn't know how he came back to the time where he was supposed to start his collage life but he knew that this was an opportunity for his comeback and this was the paradise for this technically 'dead person'.

He was sent from England to China to assist his older sister with their family's company and also to complete his collage course. In a few hours the Second life would be launched and if all goes according to past then he would start the game and soon join his family's guild in a few months and later become one of the managers in the guild.

Initially Second Life had a player count of 8 million people connected simultaneously but it later drastically increased to billions playing online at any time of day and also the count was increasing everyday drastically!! The World Software corporation the company which launched Second life soon set up Superstars championship, Country championships and Guild championships, Providing professional players to compete and show off their skills.

Like any other E-sports scene, The fame of champions brought great advertising effects and changes. Soon all the global corporations began to invest in Second Life and it went so far as to players using brand names printed on their equipment. A few players establish their own teams to participate and the income of a professional player increased drastically rivalling that of celebrity.

In the later stages of the game the revenue generated from Second Life by the companies became most valued in industry. The amount of money spent in Virtual transactions made even the richest companies envious and soon these companies began to nurture their respective guild to enter the commercial world of virtual reality.

Alex Gray was a hot head, He continuously got into fights in England and his family to control his behavior ordered his guards not to involve in his fights unless necessary, This caused Alex to be motivated to train in martial arts to win his fights hence resulting him to be extremely fit.

Only after the guild began to form did their family began to invest in Second Life and formed their own guild. He later met Catlin White whose IGN ( In-Game-Name) was Rose, He was the leader of the team which she was in and soon they became a couple but little did he know he was honey trapped. He shared all his company's secrets with her which was later found out by his family when they faced a huge loss and thus he was expelled from his family.

Later Alex joined a lifestyle guild and started his new gaming career as a blacksmith and became quite famous one at that. He later found out the guild Catlin worked for and started his revenge plan, He thought that slowly but surely he would deal a massive blow but things don't always go as one intends to. Luke Castell the Guild leader of Angel's Wings the one who Catlin worked for found his plan quickly though his new teammates resulting in his plan's failure and in depression Alex still tried his best but he was constantly suppressed by Angel's Wings so he purchased a truck and waited for opportunity. Soon he found Luke and Catlin driving on an highway, He immediately drove the truck into his car ending his life as well as theirs.

Alex went out of the bathroom into his bedroom, His finger was on call option thinking of whether or not to call his mother. Even after he was exiled his mother still supported him even when he caused her a load of problems when he was younger. Tears silently flowed from his eyes and he pressed call button eventually.

"Hello mom"
The call finally connected and a lady's voice was heard after he spoke.
"Alex how have you been? Is everything alright?"
"Mom I'm fine, Just wanted to hear your voice"
"Oh my that's so sweet of you Alex, How is China?"
"Its good mom been enjoying myself and soon university will start but I'm already feeling exited"
"Hmm its good that you've been enjoying yourself but Alex please don't get into fights and make a lot of friends"
"Ok mom I will not get into fights and have a great day mom, Talk to you later bye"
"Have a great day as well Alex"
Listening to my mom's voice brings back memories, This time I will become an existance which no guild can touch.
I put my phone down and start recalling the incidents and hidden and legendary quests in the begeining phase of the game.
Suddenly there is sound of my house bell. I go out to find my sister waiting at the doorstep.
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