MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 73: Infuriate


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"Sure. Leader Scum looks pretty handsome, so I guess I'll join Huashan." Li Yi agreed rather readily.

Scumbag Wang's expression lit up, but just as he was caught off guard, Li Yi gripped his Fine Steel Longsword and abruptly swung it at Scumbag Wang.

It was a misconception that Archers only knew how to shoot. In truth, Archers' melee attacks were not too shabby either, and their natural skill, Beast Strike, could deal 150% of their weapon damage.


Scumbag Wang fell back a few steps with a yelp, and a Blood Arrow chased him, hitting him in the face and dealing [−179] in damage.

Scumbag fell the ground with a plop. The whole process did not even take four seconds.


Li Yi activated the skill that came with the Inferno Boots and a pillar of fire burst from beneath his feet, allowing him to instantly break out of the barricade. Immediately after that, he turned his body around, leaped up, and shot fiercely.

"Chain Arrow Skill!"

"Crippling Shot!"

He shot out the Blood Wolf Arrows one after the other and instantly took down two others. Hua Feiwu was probably lucky. If it were not for the fact that he stood inside the crowd and his subordinates blocked Li Yi's line of sight, he would definitely have gone to accompany Scumbag Wang by now.


"Revenge for Leader Scum!"

Light Balls, Fireballs, Frost Arrows… Several attacks came flying at Li Yi simultaneously.

Li Yi avoided most of the attacks by getting out of their attacking range, but some skills had a lock-on effect so he could not avoid them. Soon, his HP had been reduced to two-thirds. If he had not consumed a Red Potion, he would have died on the spot.

He had been careless. These people were not chumps.

Li Yi backed up quickly and poured a bottle of Fury Potion into his mouth.

It was a Beginner-level Fury Potion. Upon imbibing it, his Crit Rate would increase by 10% for 20 seconds.




This was the most dangerous moment. Three of Hua Feiwu's subordinates were Warrior classes, and when they saw that Li Yi was trying to escape, they immediately used Charge. Their bodies were like lightning, crashing into Li Yi.


It allowed them to instantly approach their opponent and make the target Dizzy for 3 seconds.

All three of them used Charge at the same time. Even though the duration of the Dizzy effect would not stack, one stab from each person was already more than Li Yi could take.

"Dark Devour!"

A cloud of black smoke surrounded Li Yi and the Dizzy effect was instantly nullified. Li Yi dashed forward madly, extending the distance between them once more.

The Warriors' Charge was the one thing Archers feared the most, but now that the three Warriors had used up their Charges all at once, Li Yi was instantly confident again.

Li Yi took out another Fury Potion and downed it, running as he shot his arrows.

The Trickery Ring's additional skill, Dark Devour, nullified all buffs and debuffs equally. Hence, the effects of the Fury Potion Li Yi drank just now had also been removed.

The Blood Wolf Arrows flew straight for the three Warriors, and almost every hit dealt critical damage. In no time all, one of the Warriors was laid flat on the ground.

Do not assume that the 100% Crit Rate on the Blood Wolf Arrows meant that every hit would result in a Critical. In reality, this also depended on whether the enemy's equipment had the Null Crit attribute. If they did not, 100 points in DEF would also reduce the Crit Rate by 1%.

Against a Wizard in Cloth Armor, the Blood Wolf Arrows and Fury Potion together would be enough for him to achieve a guaranteed Crit Rate, but when it came to fighting Warriors with their extremely high DEF, the Crit Rate would no longer be so helpful. In the later stages, especially, players with more than 10,000+ in DEF were a dime a dozen. When that happened, the Critical Hits that had been the Archers' source of pride would become utter rubbish.

Their ATK could not break through the enemy's DEF, and their Critical Hits were nulled. As a result, many Archers grew extremely frustrated, and in the end, they had no choice but to cancel their accounts and try another class.

[You have successfully killed a red name player and obtained 1 point of Honor Value!]

[You have successfully killed a red name player and obtained 1 point of Honor Value!]

Li Yi could not care less about the system notifications now. He only had one intention in mind, and that was to take down all of these stupid wannabes.

Although Hua Feiwu had not said anything just now, Scumbag Wang had made it perfectly clear. Either you join our guilds, or we kill you.

What a joke. Li Yi had never feared anyone, be it in the past life or the present. Now that Hua Feiwu and Scumbag Wang dared to provoke him, how could he possibly let this slide?

The SPD +5 shoes allowed Li Yi to perform his kiting strategy to near perfection. The enemy players kept dying, and he always managed to drink a Red Potion and boost his HP before it went down to zero.

On Hua Feiwu's side, they were yowling out in fury. They would only assume that Li Yi had just got lucky, but what they did not know was that he would not be able to accomplish this without some careful calculations.

He ran and stopped at intervals, taking the amount of damage he could withstand while also putting his all into defeating the enemy.

"Brother Dark Wing, the Pinnacle of the Fire Mountain is surrounded by members of our two guilds. You can't escape. Listen to me, Dark Empire won't last very long, so this is your only chance to leave the guild."

Hua Feiwu yelled as he chased Li Yi, ticking off Li Yi for good.

Li Yi forcibly withstood two large fireballs so that he could close the distance between himself and Hua Feiwu. Then, he used the Chain Arrow Skill and Crippling Shot to instantly kill off this guy that was getting on his nerves.

The situation was getting worse and worse. Hua Feiwu had not been bluffing; right now, the entire Pinnacle of the Fire Mountain was surrounded by the players from Century Flower and the Huashan Guild.

More and more people ran this way, and Li Yi was finding it slightly hard to cope.

He was no Superman. If there were not that many enemies, he might still be able to deal, but once the numbers mounted, even he would not be able to take it.

Li Yi did not run around aimlessly. He shot as he retreated, and just when everyone was sure that he would not be able to escape, he turned around and entered the dungeon.

"Don't you dare get away!"

Scumbag Wang, who had returned via corpse running, was so angry that he rushed into the dungeon…

"Brother Wang, give it up…" Hua Feiwu massaged his temples. He was not afraid of god-like enemies, but he was afraid of idiotic allies…

Li Yi safely rubbed the Return City Stone in the dungeon and returned to Shattered Frost City.

It was only when Li Yi opened the Guild Channel that he found out that several hundred members of Dark Empire's members had already been killed by Century Flower and Huashan.

"What happened?" Li Yi sent Delicately Cute a voice call.

Delicately Cute was ankle-deep in problems. "I don't know. Those two guilds have been killing our guild members like crazy since this morning."

"Where's Guild Master Chu?"

"He just went to negotiate with them…"

Not long later, the latest news came through the Guild Channel.

Their Guild Master, Chu Tiange, had been ambushed by Old Green on the way to Pinnacle of the Fire and was now being spawn camped, so he could not get up…

"Whoever's free right now, come with me to save the Guild Master!" Delicately Cute hurriedly led a rescue team over.

Li Yi was stunned.

"Kill any member of Century Flower and Huashan on sight. I'll give you 300 Gold Coins for every kill, just come to me with photos as evidence. For every time you kill Old Green, I'll give you 3000 Gold Coins."

Chu Tiange's furious voice came through the Guild Channel.

He was killed out of nowhere and then spawn camped. Anyone would be infuriated by that, and naturally, Chu Tiange was no exception.

"The Century Flower Guild and Huashan Guild have joined forces, and we hereby officially declare war on the Dark Empire Guild. Friends who do not wish to die in vain can still choose to leave the guild, our two guilds will always welcome you with open arms!"

Hia Feiwu's conceited speech appeared on the World Channel.

"What on earth happened? Why did the two guilds put aside all their past grudges in an instant and point their hostility toward Dark Empire instead?" Li Yi was still utterly mystified.

Something like the Century Flower Guild and Huashan Guild joining forces had never occurred before in the past life, so he naturally had no idea how this would turn out…

'Could this be the so-called Butterfly Effect?

'Could it be that my appearance caused the cooperation between Hua Feiwu and Dark Empire to end prematurely, and so he had the chance to meet the Huashan Guild…

'Urk, it might actually be that way.'

Li Yi shook his head, smiling wryly.

What he did not know was that the target that Century Flower and Huashan had joined forces to take down was none other than himself!

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