MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 561: I’ll Give You Half of I


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Li Yi only had one final unused Dark Contract Scroll on him. As for the other two, one of which had been used to seal the Holy Light Envoy, Elenor; whereas the other one had been used to seal the Spirit King, Nikolas.

'Be it success or failure, this will be my final chance!'

A black mist poured out of the Dark Contract Scroll which rapidly shrouded the Fire Dragon Sword. Then, the vapor tugged the sword towards the scroll.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The Fire Dragon Sword constantly rocketed around, and it attempted to fly in the opposite direction to free itself from the Dark Contract's pull. Neither forces were letting up, and even Li Yi — who was holding onto the scroll— was unwillingly dragged forward.


The Fire Dragon Sword directed a vicious swing towards Li Yi, and a crescent-shaped flame came flying over. With a crash, Li Yi then dived onto the ground, causing the crescent-shaped flame to miss.


The Fire Dragon Sword still intended to resist. However, at that moment, the Dark Contract's power reached a crescendo, and the Fire Dragon Sword's strength had been completely suppressed. The now weakened Fire Dragon Sword was no longer able to carry out any more attacks, and all it could do was to helplessly get dragged into the scroll.

Clang! Clang!

The Fire Dragon Sword let out a cry of anguish as if it did not want things to end that way. Just as it was about to be devoured by the scroll, an irregularity occurred.

Fire Dragon Sword used up the vestiges of its strength to fly towards Caitley's bones, and with an energetic spin, it sucked Caitley's soul into its hilt. It planned on using Caitley's remaining soul power to resist the Dark Contract Scroll's pull.


Once Fire Dragon Sword had absorbed Caitley's soul power, it suddenly radiated brightly, and its strength was amplified by several magnitudes. It even had the strength to drag Li Yi dozens of meters forward, and it was close to breaking the black cord of the Dark Contract Scroll which bound it.


A long ancient incantation emanated from the Dark Contract Scroll, causing the black cord to gradually thicken. Not long after, Fire Dragon Sword's blade had returned to its former dull shade.


Fire Dragon Sword was sucked into the scroll, and all irregularities from the surroundings vanished.

'Sealing successful!'

Li Yi was ecstatic, but when he unfurled the scroll to take a look, he was in for a shock.

There was indeed an image of a Fire Dragon Sword within the scroll, but that was not all. Aside from the sword, there was also a faint figure of a gorgeous-looking elf which had the Fire Dragon Sword firmly in her grasp.

'Th-This is… Caitley's appearance when she was still alive!'

'Weird, Caitley's soul fragment was obviously devoured by the Fire Dragon Sword. So why would it look like this within the Dark Contract Scroll? Plus, she's holding the Fire Dragon Sword as well. This…'

That was not the only part that surprised Li Yi, as the images within the scroll had abruptly changed while he was still observing the scroll.

The vague silhouette of Caitley had suddenly turned opaque, with her lustrous hair flowing and the Fire Dragon Sword held inspiringly in hand. She had completely returned to her form when she was still alive, and it was truly a sight to behold.

Li Yi gave an astonished glance at the pile of bones on the ground and then back to the Caitley within the scroll. He was both fascinated and ecstatic.

Having Caitley sealed within the Dark Contract Scroll was definitely not a bad thing. However, what Li Yi still could not figure out was, why could Caitley wield the Fire Dragon Sword?

'Did she possess the Royal Fetched Moon Bloodline?'

Still flooded with euphoria, Li Yi tucked the Dark Contract Scroll neatly into his inventory. After all, the scroll was a consumable item, and he had taken great pains to subjugate it. Should he accidentally activate it, it would be gone for good.

Li Yi held his 'Reusable Teleportation Stone' and returned to the Invincible Continent.

'My visit to Flaming Dragon Lair this time is pretty productive. Aside from obtaining Overlord Arrow, I had even sealed both Fire Dragon Sword and Caitley together. Now that I have three Super Scrolls with me, I'm pretty confident that no one could overtake me once Soul Gate opens.'

Li Yi had just appeared at the teleportation point of the Celestial Capital and had yet to even observe his surroundings when his leg was embraced by someone. He lowered his head to take a look, only to see the black-hearted chick, Autumn Love miserably looking at him with puppy-dog eyes that were rimmed with black circles.

"Brother Dark Wing…"

"What do you want? Let go of me, quick."

"You MUST help me this time. I-If not… I-I'll never let go."

Li Yi activated 'Teleport', only for the system to state that it had no effect. He then ripped open a Random Teleportation Scroll, only for the system to state that it had no effect again. In the end, Li Yi was out of options, and all he could do was to make a compromise with Autumn Love. "Whatever it is, it can wait till we get to the palace. There are too many people here."

"I want you to agree to it now. You aren't allowed to escape."

"I won't…"

"If you really have the gall to flee, then I… I'll…" Autumn Love's eyes drooped, and she did not finish the rest of her sentence. Her face was starting to go red.

"You'll what?"

"I'll tell the whole world that you slept with me, got me pregnant, and then abandoned me!"

"You sneaky b*tch…"

"I think I'll continue to hold on to you. Hihi, this makes me feel much safer."

Autumn Love stood up, clung onto Li Yi's arm, and ignored the gazes of the surrounding players as they made her way to the Celestial Capital's palace.

"Sigh… Did you see that? Perverted Wing's back in action."

"This punk's a winner in life. The ladies beside him get prettier by the day. It's really vexing."

"That's not all. From what I could gather, the punk has slept with at least ten thousand women by now."

"Over ten thousand?"

"Yep, that's totally not fabricated."

"F*ck me…"

With Autumn Love still clinging onto his arm, Li Yi walked back to the palace. The two NPC guards standing at the side saluted at him, and with a loud voice, they shouted, "Good day, Lord Military Advisor!"

It was a custom greeting that Queen Jiao had designed only for the Military Advisor, Li Yi.

Normal players were not allowed entrance to the royal palace, as only Government Officials held that right. Thus, the Celestial Capital's royal palace was usually very quiet, and only when there were important Iron Alliance matters that required plenty of people to discuss would the royal palace be used.

"Brother Dark Wing, take a look at my eyes. It's all because I'm thinking of you…"

"You're thinking about me so intensely that they can't even sleep? Do you really think so? Are you sure you're not just taking advantage of me?"

"Ahem, how could that be? How could I dare to take advantage of you…"

Ever since Autumn Love had defected to Li Yi's nation, the chick's business plummeted. She was out of smart ideas, her reputation was soiled, and everyone distanced themselves from her, only empty reception awaited whatever business she tried to start.

She was like a rat attempting to cross a road, inciting fury wherever she went. With a reputation like that, could she even carry out any more businesses?

Li Yi stopped at the palace gates. "This is far enough. Now tell me what you have in mind."

"Let's talk inside…"

Autumn Love dragged Li Yi into the royal palace and entered the sleeping chambers. She then cattily lay down onto the bed and let out a purr of comfort.

"What now? Since you brought me here, do you really want to sleep with you?"

Autumn Love yawned, "I'm really in a pinch man. Just for you, I've been camping the teleportation point for almost three days now."

"So, are you going to sleep or are we going to talk business?"

"We'll talk business!"

Autumn Love leaped up from the bed and flashed a faint smile at Li Yi. Her smile was different from others, as it looked extremely fake. Anybody could have figured it out at first glance that it was an act…

"My business losses are killing me…"

"You win and you lose some, that's just how it is."

"My losses are over a hundred million…" Autumn Love's puppy eyes were tinted red.

"An average player couldn't afford it even if they wanted to. How would they even get that much money?"

"I… I have not a single penny on me now."

"This should be good news. You still have a long life ahead, it ain't hard to make a comeback."

"Brother Dark Wing!!"

"Persevere and put in the hard work. You can do it; I know you can."

"I'm about to cry!"

"Cry then, as loud as you want. There's no one here and I'll make sure to keep it a secret."

"You… Y-Y-Y-You… You heartless monster!" Autumn Love pointed at Li Yi. She was so mad that her words had become incoherent.

"Just spit it out then. How can I help you? If its money you're asking for, then my apologies, cause I'm even poorer than you."

"You… stingy miser." Autumn Love gritted her teeth with vehemence.

"I'm not stingy okay. Fine, lend me 20 million to spend first." Li Yi extended his hand outward.

"I'm so poor that I can't even afford clothes now. Where on earth should I find the money to pay you?"

"SPEAK WOMAN SPEAK! What's your true purpose for coming to me?"

Autumn Love blinked rapidly. "Promise me you won't get angry."

"Out with it."

"Promise me you won't get angry first."

"Fine, I won't get angry."

"I've used your name to make a bet, the one regarding the Conquer's dungeon progress at the official forum."

"Yeah, and what of it?"

"I bet on Ashy Sky achieving 80% dungeon progress first, and as a result… he lost."

"How much are we talking about?"

Autumn Love squeezed a wry smile and lifted a finger.

"A million?"

Autumn Love shook her head.

"Ten million?" Li Yi gasped in shock.

"You're getting close." Autumn Love whispered softly as she curled her finger.

"A hundred million?"

"Brother Dark Wing, how astute of you." Autumn Love clapped her hands.

Li Yi was bewildered by Black Autumn's actions. A hundred million yuan in a single round, this woman's a pretty audacious gambler.

"I only have Fifty million on me now. Tch, Ashy Sky assured me that she definitely wouldn't have a problem, but who would've thought that Little Elf from the Magical Realm would've suddenly surpassed him. Everything after that is just tragedy…" Autumn Love wanted to cry, but she was all out of tears.

"Hold on, don't cry first. Wind back to what you said just now, something about my name? What do you mean?"

"It means that if I win, I would have given you half of my winnings. I swear to god, that I'll definitely split half of the winnings to you if I win!"

"Bah! I'm not asking about your winnings. What if you lose? What happens then?"

Autumn Love squeezed a faint smile and curled her little finger. "Err… You'll tank half of the costs with me if I lose."

"So what you're saying is that I need to fork over fifty million to help you cover your debt?"

"It's not to cover my debt. Since this is a joint bet made by the both of us, you'll get half of the winnings as well if I win, and if I lose, then we'll both… Brother Dark Wing, don't leave me! Don'tttt…."

Before Black Autumn had even finished her sentence, Li Yi stormed out. What joint bet? Isn't that just a fabrication? He didn't even know beforehand. The darned Black Autumn came crying back when she lost, but would she come to him if she won?

Even if one used his butt to think, they could have figured out the answer as well.

"Brother Dark Wing, I really don't have any money this time. You really need to help me…"

"How can I help you? Fork over 50 million Gold Coins so you can pay the fees?"

"I can make do with 10 yards of Celestial Capital land as well if you don't want to fork out the 50 million Gold Coins."


Before Autumn Love got a chance to lunge at him, Li Yi cast 'Teleport' and left the place.

He did not want to get caught up in Black Autumn's schemes any longer. It was better to distance himself from the gambling-loving chick.

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