MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks Chapter 44: Major Cannon King


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The first checkpoint of Heart of the Fire Dungeon was to seize the enemy's fire cannon stronghold and terminate them with fire cannons.

King of Pantheon has a combo setting. When players continuously took out ten or more players or monsters in a limited time, there would be a combo number appearing on top of their heads. The higher the combo, the more the EXP and Honor obtained.

The fire cannon's cool down period was 8 seconds while the interval between combos was set at 10 seconds. Without a superb operational skill, it was impossible to execute a combo using fire cannons. 



Chen Yang's job was simple, transporting and filling up cannon balls. Fire Ice had it even easier. She just needed to pay attention to the back, watching as Li Yi clenched tightly to the handle of the cannon, blasting to the left then to the right. It looked as though he was firing at random, yet the combo number on top of his head was leaping higher and higher, so much so that it left Chen Yang and Fire Ice's jaws to drop.

"Your friend's cannon firing is really good!" Fire Ice sent Chen Yang a private message, gasping in admiration.

"I've taught him..." Chen Yang immediately boasted that Fire Ice stared at him in awe.

"Oh, I didn't think you're this good."

"Well, I'm just keeping a low profile."

"I'm talking about your big mouth."



With the combo on a rise, the Fire Dwarfs went into a frenzy. The first batch that appeared in the front had yet to be defeated, yet when another batch had already appeared behind, followed by the left and then the right. Armies of Fire Dwarfs came from four directions, encircling the barbette.

And it was during then that the fire cannon used by Li Yi turned red, sizzling in sparks.

"Change cannon!" Li Yi made a prompt decision to have Chen Yang fill up another fire cannon.


Li Yi had just evacuated when the red fire cannon blew up itself. Its debris scattered onto the trio, taking half their HP.

Chen Yang wiped his sweat away. "Thank goodness we got out. We'd probably be dead from the explosion if we didn't."

"One person's death will cause everyone to leave the dungeon because the rule of this checkpoint is passing without the death of any member."

"How strict!" Chen Yang cursed. He went to pick up a cannon before realizing that the pile of cannonballs had yet to be refreshed. Once he ran to a further pile, the combo time limit has passed. The combo above his head has ended.

3260 combo!

Li Yi found it regrettable, " Another 300 combo and we'll be able to receive a title."

"I'm sorry, it's my fault," Chen Yang blushed. If he had run straight for the further cannon ball pile, they would have made it.

Li Yi smiled. "There's bound to be mistakes in the first try. Once everyone's familiar with each other, there wouldn't be any."


Another cannon was fired and a new combo appear. 63 combo!

"This time, we'll keep it going," Chen Ying regained his spirits and even activated his Instant-Slip Away ability, doubling his SPD for 10 seconds with a cooldown of 5 minutes. 

Hauling one cannonball from afar, it was just in time for Li Yi to fire a cannon. The combo jumped to 139.

During then, the cannonball pile that was the closest had been refreshed, immediately relieving Chen Yang's burden.

The cannon was fired to the left, right, front and back. It was a guaranteed hit from Li Yi's cannon. Each blast damaged at least 50 in numbers. Fire Ice who was on guard at the back secretly tried it out and shot three cannons, killing only 3 Fire Dwarfs.

The first cannon took down 3 but the remaining two went completely out of range...

This time, the combo kept fluctuating and the siege by Fire Dwarfs became overbearing.

Mutated Small Wild Boar was long gone from fighting the monsters. Chen Yang could summon no less than fifty Water Spirits. Yet, even then, it wouldn't be able to stop the Fire Dwarfs from inching in. Finally, the Fire Dwarfs charged into the stronghold and the System Notification rung.

[Fire Dwarfs has seized the stronghold, you are forced to evacuate...]

With the change of scenery before their eyes, the trio was teleported to the entrance of the dungeon.


With a loud bang, Fire Dwarfs detonated the barbette stronghold.

The second combo was at 3417!

"No more than 100 and we could have gotten a title." Li Yi helplessly shook his head.

He had tried his best. Chen Yang, too, was exhausted. For the trio to hit up such a number, they were considerably skilled.

System Notification: [Fire Dwarfs are gathering forces in the front. Please be prepared. Fire Dwarfs will deploy a frenzied attack ten minutes later!]

"We're safe for now. Let's take a brief break," Li Yi sat on the ground.

Opening Pinnacle of the Fire Instance Dungeon's progress list, Li Yi found the combo ranking for Heart of the Fire.

Pinnacle of the Fire Instance Dungeon had been opened for a few days now. Various guilds had garrisoned the place, and the successes and rankings achieved in the dungeon naturally became the guideline in keeping up with the Joneses.

The combo ranking of Heart of the Fire was currently headed by Star Fire Guild with a 7832 combo. The second was God Creator Guilt at a 5530 combo. 

"Oh, it's not too bad. No one has achieved a 12000 combo yet."

Seeing the rankings, Li Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

There were three checkpoints in Heart of the Fire Instance Dungeon. They had passed the second checkpoint. As long as the combo reached 200, it would fulfill the requirement to enter the next stage.

Of course, Li Yi wasn't after the combo just for fame, it was also for that special prize.

Once the combo hit 3500, the whole party would receive a title of Firearm Master. Once the combo hit 12000, one would obtain an ultimate reward of Major Cannon King title and a skill point.

Anyone could receive the title of Major Cannon King. There was no restriction on that, except that only a handful could obtain it.

Continuous combos meant that no mistakes could be permitted for the one who was firing the cannon. In blasting that would last up to tens of minutes, any mistake of a party member would be fatal from succeeding this goal. 

Li Yi did not have to have this Major Cannon King title but the reward of a skill point was crucial to him.

The way he added his points was different from others. He was an Archer that added skill points in three paths. If there weren't enough skill points for him to learn then his account would be deemed useless.

As long as the party reached a 12000 combo, all of them would receive the title and skill point. The only difference was the world's first achievement.

The first party to reach a 12000 combo would receive an extra reward from being the world's first. In other words, the skill points to be obtained was 2!

Chen Yang moved over, "Brother Yi, why is that I hadn't received any EXP?"

"Apart from Frost Labyrinth, the EXP and rewards from other dungeons would usually be counted after exiting the dungeon. If we were to leave the dungeon now, then the earlier EXP will be gained then."

"Oh... I see."

Seeing the light, Chen Yang ran over to Fire Ice and explained it to her.

System Notification: [Fire Dwarfs army has been gathered. They will initiate an attack after 10 seconds. Please be prepared!]

"Stay alert now!" Li Yi got up.

From afar, thousands of Fire Dwarfs surged over like tidal waves, wielding their weapon in their hands while howling. They launched an attack at the trio.

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