Misadventures of a Thousand Year Old Immortal Chapter 3: Yuan An Bia


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"His name was... Qin Xing..." he relented. "Qin Xing?" I wrinkled my brow, turning to Calypse. He nodded. Seems about right. I waved my sleeve. "Okay then. Descendant of Qin Xing, we will need a place to stay, and a suitable high ranking identity. We have a mission." I said. "W-What?" "You didn't hear me?" I rolled my eyes. Stupid mortals. How did he become Emperor?

An orb of pink light appeared in my palm, and I bobbed it up and down. "Im-Immortal!" he cried. "That's right, stupid mortal! Are you going to serve us or not!" I said in exasperation. "Let me." Calypse beckoned. He leaned and whispered something in his ear. He paled and immediately dashed to the ground, kowtowing. "This subject understands! This subject understands!"

Calypse and I sat in a study, opposite the Emperor. In the dead of night, most of the palace was asleep. We had gained some information so far, thanks to Calypse. Apparently, his name was Qing Shi Long, the current Emperor. He had been on the throne about 10 years, so he was about 30 or so. As suspected, he had an extremely diluted bloodline of immortals. We didn't have to mention too much about our mission – it wasn't like he could refuse us anyway. He had arranged identities for us. We would be crowned Honorary royalty. Which meant we would have the same status of the Qing imperial family although we were not Qing by birth.

I sat stone faced in court as Qing Shi Long officially bestowed us our titles. There were some objections and plenty of shock, but one glance by Calypse and they shut up. Due to Calypse's advice, we restrained our auras a little bit. Or else these mortals would probably not be able to stand us. We had been here for about 3 days. We had each been granted a palace, servants, land and what else. I had also picked some satisfactory dresses from a pile of luxurious items. These mortals sure lived lavishly.

The official story was that Calypse and I were siblings, royalty from the other side of the sea, and we had come for a short stay. There was no short of people trying to curry favour and offer congratulations. It was getting a bit tiring. Calypse had gone off to find information about the elixir, which left me to my primary task of... inciting fear in mortals. However, I had nowhere to start. I decided to take a look around first. Mortals had indeed come up with all sorts of interesting food and instruments.

I came to realise that I attracted a lot of attention, whether it be playing instruments in the pavilion, or sipping tea in the teahouse, or watching performances. But no one dared to approach me. Whenever I glanced, people would freeze or flush. Even my servants took awhile to get used to it. I guessed it was because this time I hadn't bothered to put on a disguise. My task was to kick some ass anyway. Should I still be courteous? I doubt Nova referred to petty tasks though. More like collapse of countries.

Finally, a figure approached me. "Princess, may I join you?" a gentle voice asked. From the whispers around me, I deduced this must be Prince Qi Yi, the "deity like", clean heartthrob prince, devoid of worldly desires. I took a good look at him. He was indeed handsome and well mannered, but being a deity myself, I could only see him as a fake deity. "Prince Qi Yi. Of course. Please sit." I said. Right, I'm a mortal princess now. It can be fun to play anyway.

He sat down. He was in white and jade robes. He looked especially tranquil. "I heard that you come to watch performances these days. I didn't have a chance to greet you at court the other day (of your bestowment of title), I'm sorry about that." "Yes, they are interesting. Not at all. Were you busy?" "I was in the South heading disaster relief." Hmm. This Prince Qi Yi looked a bit familiar. Like someone I knew when I came to Gaia years ago. Could it be? No. Time passes differently here. My old friends are no longer here. In the end, I can only mix with immortals who will never leave me.

"Oh? Brother Yi-" a voice called out. The owner of the voice froze as she came into view, then respectfully added "Princess Yu Tian greets Princess Bia." I turned my gaze to her. Princess Yu Tian, the most outstanding of this family's princesses. It is said that instead of sitting idly or causing trouble, she is honest and steadfast, is an advisor to the Emperor and Crown Prince and has some business and negotiating skills. Seems to be less annoying than the other princesses. If Calypse and I have to stay here for awhile, we will need to put up with them. At most, its just for a couple years anyway. I subtly approved of her.

Princess Yu Tian had heard that her older brother, Qi Yi was in this theatre and came to greet him. He was one of the more mild mannered of her brothers and had a gentle temperament. While approaching, she had heard an enchanting woman's voice and wondered who it was that dared to approach her brother. Usually, this brother was like a monk. Women wouldn't even dare to go near him or come onto him. Even she had accepted he may never marry in this life.

She was struck dumb as she entered the room. Beside her brother was a woman of extraordinary presence. She had black hair that ended with amber, blue and purple. Her eyes were a mix of purple-blue and seemed to stare right into her. She was wearing a simple pink outfit, but it only seemed to highlight her beauty more. Her off shoulder dress was tinged with gold, and as she moved, it seemed to ripple and shimmer with her, looking very ethereal. Her headpiece and simple jewellery similarly had a godlike feel. She looked like the embodiment of spring come to life. She had no idea how her brother was able to sit calmly next to her.

In the private room, there was an ever bigger distance than usual between the masters and servants, as if they were repelled and unable to take even a step closer. She somewhat suspected that this woman wasn't easy to deal with. According to her Father and Crown Prince Brother, she and her brother, Shi Xin (Eclipse) were visiting royalty from a land across the ocean, Yuan'An (they just made up a name) and would be here for a long stay for diplomatic relations as they had underwent a long journey. Thus, they were conferred titles of honorary royalty. As far as she knew, no one in her Qing Empire nor neighbouring countries had even been across that ocean, though they knew there were people there.
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