Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 528: The Divine Weapon”


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Everyone’s eyes are filled with madness right now as they stared off into the sky.

Each of those light balls weren’t just for show either. There are ten treasures in total. Spirit artifacts, martial tablets, and extremely rare and priceless medicine herbs. But of them all, the most valuable and eye catching had to be the Spatial Piercing Bow.

“It’s a Heaven rank spirit artifact. What are you all standing around for still, hurry and go grab the bow for me!” The one screaming out first was Princess Qing Bi.

Regardless of the girl’s upbringing and superior background, not even she could remain indifferent before such a treasure. After all, its not everyday a Heaven ranked artifact just comes rolling around the corner.

Under the command of Qing Bi, two reincarnation level warriors from the North Qing team promptly heeded the order and charged forward. However, they didn’t make it far before two guards from the Kai Jiang Manor came running over to block off their path following a heavy sneer from the devilish man himself.

“Chen Minzhi, how dare you get in my people’s way. Don’t get ahead of yourself. You are nothing but the second son of Lord Kai Jiang. Even if your brother was around, he would never dare to block my way. If you don’t order your men to move this instant then watch how I will have you beheaded for treason!” The princess became so irritated that she’s now openly lashing out at her interloper.

“Princess, I like to remind you that this is the Star Cave. Your status may be prestigious but its of no use while inside this place. In front of a Heaven ranked artifact, all are equal.” In response, Chen Minzhi only fired back a sarcastic remark with a momentary glint of murderous intent.

Though brief and short there, Cong Lu (royal guard) didn’t miss the dangerous change in the opposition. This greatly alarmed the captain for sure. He’s not all that familiar with the man and could hardly say his impression of Chen Minzhi to be all that strong. However, what he’s seen thus far has subverted all of his opinion about the man, especially the dismissive gazes he’s been showing towards the royal family.

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This Chen Minzhi is a true character. I must report this to the king after leaving the Star Cave.

While Cong Lu’s busy thinking far ahead into the future, Luo Song of the Three Life Valley has decided to move as well. It couldn’t be helped. The young lord of one of the nine major sects has had his precious gourd damaged during the battle with Bo Qing back at the Underground City. Though its been repaired by a master weaponsmith, its nevertheless dropped from a high tiered Earth ranked artifact to a low tiered one.

Just think about it. As a young lord of a powerful sect as well, Luo Song was still carrying around a broken “urinal pot” while Bo Qing’s armed with two Heaven ranked artifacts. Just the thought of this great injustice was enough to infuriate the arrogant young man from the Three Life Valley.

Greed always win for those in power. After all, if he does snatch away the Spatial Piercing Bow today, that would mean he would likely able get payback on Bo Qing who humiliated him in front of the public.

Understanding there’s no better opportunity to strike now that Chen Minzhi and Princess Qing Bi were stuck in a scuffle, that’s when Luo Song’s figure disappeared in a flash. His target, the bow still hovering in the air!

Unfortunately for the young man though, he’s forgotten there are still others around. Just as he’s about to draw close to the valuable treasure, a powerful wave of spirit force had come flying over, creating an invisible wall to block him off.

Annoyed by the interference, Luo Song promptly glared over to Alchemist Wen Xu of the North Qing team.

“Old fart, how dare you block my path!” He roars, clearly enraged by the old senior’s action.

For a time, dangerous tides lurked in wait once again, destroying all of the harmony that once kept the party together and free from self destruction.

While everyone was back to their hostile self, Ling Yue and Feng Shen on the other hand were rather quiet and calm instead. It couldn’t be helped. The boy himself weren’t much of a fighter so its useless to even get his hands on the bow. As for the girl, she’s not so stupid to be oblivious to the situation.

If she tried anything out of the ordinary while the other parties were shot in the eyes, so much as an indication of her desire, then its almost guaranteed the others would squash her first as the weakest link among the thirty people here.

Then just as the four powerhouses were stuck in a deadlock after exchanging several blows to stop one another, something else occurred. It was the Spatial Piercing Bow hovering in the sky. A burst of bloodish light had erupted from the weapon and came arcing down at the group like a blade of death.

This sudden interruption defintley frightened the four combatants as they watched the spatial space being torn apart attack came flying down.

Hastily jerking back, none wanted to test what would happen if that deadly blade of pure energy so much as ticked their skin.

“Highness, Miss Ye, careful!” Exclaiming out in great fright, Dao Nu also knew the blood light mustn’t be underestimated.

“Protect Feng Shen.” In a blink of an eye, Ye Ling Yue has already mustered up her Blink Shield as the first line of defense to take the brunt of that hit.

Then looking around at the others, the scene was literally a carnage after the light arc struck.

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Feng Shen was of course fine with Dao Nu protecting him, however, only those at the reincarnation level and the protected individuals like Qing Bi were safe and sound. As for the rest, they’re either sliced in half through the waist or they’re completely turned to mush as a result of the overwhelming force.

Of the thirty people who entered the second cave passage, only around a dozen remains after this incident, thus leaving the air nauseating to the nose due to the blood mist.

The first to puke naturally fell upon Princess Qing Bi. It couldn’t be helped. The other people’s complexion wasn’t all that much better either so demanding a princess to behave well was beyond her capacity. Instinctively, they all gazed up at the bow again with fear in their eyes.

To be clear, none of them wanted to rush up to snatch the bow because this Heaven rank artifact was filled with malice and killing intent. If anyone so much as dared to move forward, the same result would occur. Therefore, ordinary methods are not going to work!
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