Miracle Doctor Abandoned Daughter The Sly Emperor is Wild Beast-Tamer Empress Chapter 526: The Unkillable Monsters”


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As soon as the explanation was done, two of Chen MInzhi’s bodyguards promptly moved and attacked. Brandishing a steel blade in hand, two dark blue arcs of energy flew out, slicing apart the Corpse Dragon into multiple segments that’s still squirming grotesquely on the floor after being killed.

“Who allowed you people to do that!” Hong Ming Yue’s pretty face was a ghostly white after seeing this scene.

Although the parasitic worm was a demonic creature of the nastiest kind, its still the ultimate manifestation of her older sister Hong Yu Ying. Though she’s known as an ice beauty by most of her peers, slaying her own kin was still beyond the girl’s ability at this current time and state.

“When the Corpse Dragon has just broken free of its egg, the thing is still weak. However, once it continues to consume more victims to increase its strength, it will become a genuine undead dragon once matured. By then, the thing can then soar into the sky and continue its carnage upon this world.” Casting a brief glance over to the two emotionless guards, Ling Yue then went ahead to explain the information she knew about the worm, which promptly earned her a stare from the disguised demonic entity.

Regarding this strange parasitic worm known as the Corpse Dragon, the girl only read about it from Lady Jade Poison Hand’s records.

According to the rumor, the egg would disguise itself as a Dan pill during the first stage of its life cycle. If the victim’s careless and consumes the item thinking it’s a great medicine, then sadly, the end results would be what they saw today. Of course, in this case the worm proactively entered the girl’s body instead of waiting, which was likely caused by the Star Cave’s strange environment.

“Ye Ling Yue, you insidious bitch! You knew exactly what that thing was and still stood idly by as Yu Ying fell victim to the parasitic worm! How can you do that. No matter what she is still your half-sister!” Shaking all over now, the ice beauty lashes out at the heroin without realizing how ridiculous her accusations were.

“Ho~ You seem to have forgotten something Hong Ming Yue, my surname is Ye and not Hong. If you want to play the relationship card then why didn’t you people do it a decade ago? Furthermore, I already gave that stupid girl a warning, she didn’t listen so why are you blaming me for her own folly? I will say it once again, I suggest everyone leave behind everything to save your own lives.” Curling a snarky grin now, Ling Yue didn’t bother to hide her scorn for the other party who’s now shooting piercing daggers in their eyes.

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Sure enough, most of the group’s complexions had turned green over those words. They saw what happened to Hong Yu Ying already, however, the treasures in their possession just won’t stop calling out to them like a devil’s whisper.

“Yu Long, Grandfather, hurry and throw those things away!” In the end, the most logical remains to be this ice beauty as she would rather be on the safe side.

It’s one thing for Hong Yu Ying to perish here in the Star Cave, after all, she’s but a female while Hong Yu Long was the only boy to their side of the family. No danger could come to this boy less their parents go nuts on the ice beauty for the failure of protecting her siblings.

As for the dumb boy himself, he’s still hesitating after staring down at the martial jade tablet in his hands. But as the scene of his twin sister dying so horribly replayed itself in his head, he finally bit the bullet and tossed the thing away.

Thankfully he did so too. The second the item fell to the floor, the thing visibly cracked and exploded into a puff of yellow smoke to form a grotesque monstrosity!

This scared the daylights out of the boy to the point where he actually forgot how to run. For one, there were many hair-raising colored spots on the damn thing’s body, almost like festering puss boils, and even worse, the monster actually wanted to make a grab for Hong Yu Long’s left arm just then as if trying to infect the living!

“Let him go!” Zipping over like a lightning strike, Hong Ming Yue unleashes a barrage of energy blows to send the thing sliding backwards and smashing it into the wall behind it.

Make no mistake, the girl’s already a reincarnation level martialist, her offensive should’ve been devastating and more than enough to destroy any rock monster to dust. However, instead of reaching an acceptable result in that exchange, her following blows with the creature were the polar opposite of desirable results.

Sure, she did eventually manage to smash the grotesque thing apart with her final blow, but that’s at the cost of her arms going numb and her internals churning with discomfort.

Unfortunately for them all, that wasn’t the end of it either.

Looking around, the various treasures that the other people picked up earlier have also transformed into differing monsters. Many didn’t even have time to react before being torn apart, thus sending them to the afterlife following the first exchange.

Though they’re all capable in their own rights – these participants – but such a bloodthirsty scene still left many lost on how to react before its too late. For example, Princess Qing Bi who had the weakest heart among her group could literally faint over this horrific picture that’s constantly happening around herself. If not for the royal guard captain keeping the princess safe, the pampered girl would’ve perished by now when she tossed the treasure in her hand mere moments ago.

Hong Ming Yue and Luo Song as well, their wariness was now at a all time high by this point after saving Hong Yu Long from the first monster. It couldn’t be helped. The whole place was a mess and things are getting hectic and unmanageable.

Then that’s when the true horror unfolded….

From the shards of the defeated monster that once made up of the grotesque creature Hong Ming Yue defeated, there now stood two instead of one! Apparently, these lumps of smashed up earth had the power to collect itself and multiple!

Now that the was here, its not looking good. If the creatures are able to procreate on their own and at such an incredible speed, it meant the fight had just become a never-ending cycle. No matter how strong their stamina was, its bound to run out eventually.

“Feng Shen, have you noticed anything here that can help us solve this crisis?” Cong Lu (royal guard) asks, well aware of his friend’s knowledge in traps and labyrinth formations, which was exactly what this long-time friend suspected.

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For one, the chamber was oddly laid out like some kind of diagram, very different from how a normal room should be. Secondly, Feng Shen’s been inactive ever since the whole battle started. If he’s worried for Ling Yue’s safety then there’s no way he would stand idly by and not come up with a plan to secure the girl’s safety. The latter being the biggest giveaway.

“Everyone, we must choose four individuals to close the switch levers that was pulled earlier. This is an eternal trap array. Unless we restore the formation back to its original state, the four secret compartments will continue to spew out the same monsters until we are exhausted.” His words only raised some dubious doubts instead of trust in light of his goodwill.

It couldn’t be helped. Ignoring the boy’s terrible health condition and impression being that of a useless prince that couldn’t protect himself, those switch levers are already surrounded by the monsters, making it a very dangerous maneuver. If a single person charges under such conditions, its very likely they would die in the process.

As a result of this hesitation and fear of being torn to shreds, none would move, leaving the party in a standstill of inactivity.
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