Milady's Man is too Gentle Chapter 8: FAMILY DINNER


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At the Xue mansion. All the maids and helpers were busy in the kitchen for the upcoming family dinner.
"One more dish and we're done."
It was the madame who spoke. She was so excited because her lovely daughter will finally go home. It's been so long since the last time all her family members saw each other. She dearly loved this family.
Xue Jinxu was living separately from the rest of her family. The Xue Mansion was located in the suburbs of Beijing, and she felt that with all the activities she had to take part in the company, it would be such a waste of time if she still live there. She decided to get a lush apartment in the city, instead.
"Mother, is Sis here yet?"
An excited face of a teenage boy appeared along the doorway.
He just came home from playing baseball with his friends from school. Upon entering the house, he immediately ran and looked around the house and straight to the kitchen where his mother was. Her favorite Older Sister is going home tonight. Of course he only had one sister.
"Xue Guangxi. Your sister is not here yet but soon she will arrive. Go take a shower first and fix yourself. Make yourself presentable. Go now. I'll call you back in a while once all the food is ready."
"Yes Mother!" He was smiling. He gave his mother a rough peck on the cheek before running towards his room. He's simply full of youthful energy. He was only sixteen.
"Hmph. So sweaty." Mother Xue said, irritated. But she deeply enjoys this show of affection of her youngest son. She was touched.
Finally, Butler Lee announced the arrival of the Big Miss. It was already seven in the evening.
All the family members gathered in the dining hall. It was a simple dinner composed of Old Master Xue, Father Xue, Madame Xue, the Big Miss and the Second Young Master.
Xue Jinxu arrived and greeted all the elders. She was wearing a light yellow chiffon dress up to her knees, and some chic high heels. Her hair was let down up to her waist. Her appearance was so refreshing. All the elders were delighted by her presence. She really is their darling princess.
The Second Young master was notified of her arrival as well. Just like before, he came running down from the second floor and rushed towards her. He gave her a very rough bear hug. She almost lost her footing. They laughed anyway.
The elders watched joyfully as the two children interacted with each other. The sibling really missed each other.
Just to keep order, Father Xue scolded his son. "Guangxi, behave yourself this place isn't your playground. He scoffed and added, "Don't be too rough with your sister." 
Xue Guangxi ignored him.
"It's fine, Father." Jinxu shrugged and hugged the young lad back, her hand ruffled his hair.
"How have you been little brother?"
"Can't you just live here with us Xu-jie?"
"You know very well that it's not practical. I'll visit often. Or you can visit me too. Just let me know. Either way we can see each other anytime."
"But you are always on the run! Always too busy such a busy-body!"
The elders looked at each other with serious faces. They are also worried about this lovely daughter.
Mother Xue seconded her son's argument out of her sheer concern, "Guangxi is right, Xu'er. Can't you slow down? The business is going steady. W-We're very worried about you. It pains me to see you with so much burden on your shoulders." She sighed. There were traces of unshed tears in her eyes.
"That's right, Xu'er. Although I cannot focus on the day-to-day concerns, I'm still strong. Let me handle the management. You can rest now dear daughter. We've talked about it, we can hire an expert to be the interim COO of Xue Shipping."
"Father, Mother, thank you for your concerns. I appreciate it. But I cannot let important matters such as running the business be handled by an outsider no matter who the expert is. This is our family's legacy we are talking about. I promised Big brother before to take care of it in his stead. Just wait a little bit longer until Guangxi is ready."
All this time Grandpa Xue was silently observing his family.
"How about you consider marriage now, Xu'er? You are of that age already. Let a husband take care of these things for you. You have to focus on your future now, not be dragged on to the complicated world of men in this business. This industry does not suit you, princess. It's a world of vultures outside."
Xue Jinxu was eating heartily when she heard Grandpa Xue's remarks. She could not help but choke. She drank water first before replying, "Grampa, I'm still young. I still don't want to be married. And even a husband won't do. In the future if that's going to happen, that person's still an outsider. He would not understand our family's interests."
"And.. I'm no less than a man.. I can do it." She added.
She smiled confidently.
"Haven't I proven it yet?" She was asking for praise with puppy eyes. She was adorable.
The elders were helpless.
"Yes, yes! You are doing well. We are all proud of you. This family and all our employees are blessed to have you. It's just that…"
"I'm fine Grampa, Father, Mother." She said with her usual full grin. Her bright eyes and dimple on the left cheek added effect on her sentiment. "Don't worry."
"In the meantime, I'm relying on this little brother of mine." She tapped his head again.
Guangxi gave her a side-glance. During this conversation he did not utter a word because it was also a sensitive topic for him. He was only sixteen, yet he knows what he's supposed to face in the very near future.
'Sis, I..' Even in his thoughts he couldn't bring himself to verbalize his worries.
"I can't.."
'I don't want to..' he sadly thought.
All of them were initially speechless.
Then Father Xue roared, "Rascal!!! What do you mean you can't??!! Man up you useless fool! You are the only one your sister can rely on yet you're saying you can't? Y-You ingrate!!"
He stood up ready to throw his hands on his child, but both Mother Xue and Jinxu blocked his way and protected the child.
"Father, calm down! He's only sixteen anyway."
"Hmpph, that's not an excuse!! You were eighteen when you took over!! And you did it voluntarily too. While this bastard.. You're a girl and he's letting his sister do it for him! How shameless!"
Mother Xue started crying. "Stop it all of you please. Let's discuss this matter some other time. Guangxi hurry apologize to your Father. Say that you will assume in time. It's no rush, honey. We can wait."
Father Xue was still fuming mad. "Wait? How long can we wait for him? He should start training by now! He should have started training earlier! I can't believe I've raised this ungrateful and useless child!"
"Father, please, I'm begging you. Please calm down. I'll talk to him again, hmm? Please Father, think of your health." Jinxu was more worried that something bad will happen to her father if he lost control of his emotions.
"En." Father Xue tried to control his boiling anger for his daughter's sake. He took series of deep breaths. "You've suffered too much already Xu'er."
Guangxi was biting his lower lip. He was trembling. He was so afraid of this looming future his family designed for him. He really was not ready to assume position, and he did not know if he will ever be ready. He's their only hope. He knows it but he still couldn't man up and face it head on, just like his sister did. He was ashamed of it himself but that's the truth. Whether he voiced out or not, it will not change. He only tried to speak up now so that they would consider the option on not relying too much on him.
Grampa took note on everything but did not say anything.
The dinner soon ended after that.
Because it was already late, Mother Xue begged Jinxu to stay for the night. "Let the chauffer take you home tomorrow morning. You just sleep here tonight. All your things are still in your room. Rest now, Child."
She nodded her head. "Good night Mother."
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