Milady's Fine Gentleman Chapter 343: LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST 4


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Zhao Feiyan took Chen Linyun's right hand into hers and clasped it.  Her eyes reflected solemnity of a mother who's simply grateful to the person who saved her son.  "Then we owe you a lot, son.  If it weren't for you, Minhe would not be able to go back to us."

"I had not done anyting out of the norm, Mother.  Even if it's not Brother-in-law I would still have done what I have done.  The first time I heard about the pirate attack at that place I had alrady been quite interested.  I vowed to myself to go check on it."

"Actually, going there was just a side itinerary during my business trip.  Xue Jinxu didn't know about this place.  I wouldn't want to keep a secret from her but if I had told her, she would have thrown a fit and would not have allowed me to go there out of worry."

"Her worry was not unfounded, though.  My accident seemed to be connected to it as well, although we couldn't be so sure."

"Right." Xue Minhe agreed.

But, Xue Guangxi pouted and complained, "How come Jie-Jie knew about you if you hadn't told her?  How come she knew first before all of us?"

"She's my wife, Guangxi." Chen Linyun chuckled lightly.  "Some perks of being my wife."

Xue Guangxi harrumphed and pouted even more.

Since Xue Guangxi was within Xue Minhe's reach, the latter extended his arm and rubbed his younger brother's head.  "Seems that you've just grown bigger physically but you're still as childish." 

The famly laughed a bit.  Even Man Rui smiled.

"Don't worry, you somehow know more now.  Xu'er still doesn't know what I have become.  Or perhaps Chen Linyun had told her already?"

"Not yet."

Xue Guangxi gaped.  "I wonder how she would take it."

"I'll explain it to her.  I have high trust that she'll understand."

The Xue Family talked about some other things after that, such as how Grampa Xue had known that Xue Minhe is alive even before all of them, and how he had given back his credit cards and bank accounts, and all that were due to him.  That was how Xue Minhe was able to support his lifestyle overseas when he met with the Chen couple in Cuba.

Again, the other family members were dumbfounded.  Xue Minhe explained, "I was being careful just in case some evil would want to inflict harm on me.  We wouldn't know, right?  Look at what happened to Chen Linyun.  There are evil in this world which we couldn't see."

When they've settled, the Xue elders bid their farewell.  Xue Minhe and Teng Man Rui stayed behind since Xue Jinxu wanted to talk to Xue Minhe alone.  Chen Linyun sent the elders and the other guests off.


At the master's bedroom, Xue Minhe and Xue Jinxu talked privately.  Xue Jinxu had succumbed into slumber when the twin brother came.  He sat at the chair near the coffee table and waited patiently until his sister woke up.

"Have you been here for a long time?" Still groggy from sleep, she stretched and rubbed sleep off her eyes with her knuckles.  She sat up, rearranged the pillows behind her back and leaned on it.

"Doesn't matter.  Time's relative."

"Whatever.  Being profound like you always were."


"Pull the chair nearer, brother.  Can I just stare at you for a while longer?"

"Stare all you want, I will be here."

"Mhmm… Brother… I don't want to be the bad cop but… Man Rui… you don't know her…"

"Actually, I do know her.   You don't have to worry, hmmm?"

"The child.  It's not yours right?  I'm acting like this because I know the truth." Xue Jinxu looked intently at her brother's face, aiming to relay her message across.  "Is she really your wife, or did you lie to our parents?"

"I didn't lie.  You can check the records of the marriage."

"BUT WHY????!!!" The thumped her fists on the bed beside her.  "You're smarter than this!"

He stood up, stooped, and kissed her on her forehead.  "Yes, I'm smarter than how you think of me.  I have everything covered, Jinxu.  Just worry about yourself.  I've heard about the good news.  I'm happy for you, sister.  Don't stress yourself too much on my matters or your little baby will get stressed as well.  Let mother get stressed over my affairs.  Don't overdo it." He smiled teasingly and rubbed her head as if she's a child worthy of being doting on when throwing tantrums.  Oh, how he loved his younger siblings. 

"I just wish you'll forgive me for what's to come." He mumbled under his breath when he was about to turn the knob of the bedroom open.

"What's that, Ge-ge?" Xue Jinxu inquired curiously.

"Nothing.  Rest first."

She rolled her eyes, but there's nothing she could have done since her brother had already left.


While waiting for her husband, Teng Man Rui roamed around unrestrictedly near the koi pond.  She interestingly watched the colorful fishes cross each other indifferently when she heard someone approach her from behind.  She froze without turning her head.

"Man Rui."

She inhaled sharply, but did not reply.

"Teng Man Rui."

Zhu Li Qiang repeated imploringly. "Why did you return?  You're not safe here."

Finally, Teng Man Rui turned around and faced Zhu Li Qiang head-on. "I am.  Xue Minhe will not let anything happen to me and my child."

He flinched.  "It's so unfair.  Didn't I offer the same protection?  How come you whole-heartedly accepted his offer when you've refused mine?"

"Did I?  I have allowed you to help me leave the country, if I remember correctly.  But as I also recall, that was the last time I allowed you to do that.  We cut the ties that time.  There's nothing between us now."

"Why are you doing this to me?"  Zhu Li Qiang gripped her by her shoulders and shook her slightly.

"Don't touch me!" 

"We were supposed to be married.  I proposed to you, and you accepted.  We were engaged.  And then all of a sudden you sent me a letter saying you're sorry and then you left.  The next thing I knew you were marrying another man, and carrying another man's child!  I understand that you conceived by force, and so I accepted you and the child, and wanted to still push through with the wedding.  We could have started our own family with the child!  But you still refused.  Why?"

"And then now I will see you in another man's arms?  Are you playing with me?  Have you ever loved me?  Come on, Man Rui!"

When she realized that she could not free herself from his strong grip, she just let him be.  She turned her head against one side and stared blankly as if she wasn't hearing anything that he said.

"Man Rui!" Zhu Li Qiang was almost pleading for her so speak up, but the lady was headstrong.

Zhu Li Qiang winced in pain when a stronger hand twisted his arm.  He had to let go of Man Rui.  "Keep your hands to yourself.  Don't touch my wife."


Zhu Li Qiang repeated with hostility.  With bloodshot eyes, he glared at the Xue young master threateningly.

"I dare you say it again."

"That's right, she's my wife."

"Man Rui?!??  Zhu Li Qiang begged and begged, but the lady would not budge.  At long last she concurred meekly.  "That's true."

"I'll let this pass because you don't know about it, but this better not happen again." Xue Minhe imposed his authority over Zhu Li Qiang.  He dragged Man Rui away towards their car.

Zhu Li Qiang stood there, dumbfounded, 'Wife?'

Inside the car, Teng Man Rui broke down.  She sobbed and wailed and soon enough she was out of breath.

"Uhuhuhuhhu.  Huhuhuhu.  *sob* *sob*"

Xue Minhe exhaled then wrapped one arm around her in consolation.  "I'm sorry."

She shook her head as she helplessly wiped her never-ending tears with her hands.  "No, I'm sorry.  It's my fault."

The young master Xue tapped her shoulder comfortingly as she continued to bawl her eyes out.  Their car drove away towards the Xue mansion.
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