Milady's Fine Gentleman Chapter 318: SECRETS


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"We can make this life our reality if we settle here.  Mhmm?" The lady tagged onto the husband's sleeping shirt as she tried to convince him.  "You can do your trading anywhere right?  As for me, I want to fully withdraw from the business world and for once just enjoy living.  Do you know what I realize about this trip?"

Xue Jinxu looked up at her husband's countenance despite the darkness in their private quarters.  They were lying on their sides facing each other and entangled in each other's warmth.

"What?  Pray, tell."

"That life has so much to offer.  What if we travel to more places and see the world together?  I would love that."

"I want to see the world."

"Well, love, we can do that.  I would love it too, as long as you're with me.  But honey, we can do that without truly leaving our life back home for good.  Just think of our dream house, our family, and the business."

Xue Jinxu grew silent.

"Are you upset?"

"Perhaps." She turned to face the other side away from the husband.


"I'm just tired.  Ever since I assumed the position in Xue Shipping when I was eighteen, I had not been able to indulge in the goodness of this world.  I'm still young, and I'm a lady who also wants to go into a shopping spree without worrying about how the stock market would go the next second or wonder what my business partners' next move would be.  It's tiring.  During your absence, as your substitute, I was reminded of how it all was before I met you."

"I am drained, Chen Linyun.  So far, this trip has recharged my energies, but I wouldn't mind if this temporary state would become our reality - something permanent."

Chen Linyun sighed.  "Even if we do what you say, at some point in our lives, we would have to still go back."

"Let's think things through a little deeper.  For now, let's call it a night." He stamped a kiss on her forehead.


"Goodnight, love."

The lady was frustrated, but she let it slip in the meantime, for the sake of peace.  Pushing it further in an escalated argument would not be worth all the pleasure their trip entails.

Their new lifestyle was refreshingly good, and the change in atmosphere contributed a lot in strengthening the couple's individual souls as well as their bond with each other.  Their bodies were filled with good hormones – oxytocin and serotonin alike, and the others less known – as they were all smiles throughout the days and nights.  They were intoxicated with their love for each other.  Nana and Niño's hospitality and favorably reception and keen attention also felt s if they gained another form of family in an unfamiliar place, which also added in the already perfect setting.

It wouldn't be such a surprise if Xue Jinxu's wishes fell into the lines of staying in that surreal place for good.

But the husband was right.  They had a predetermined path to take.   Fates are real, and as he said in the hospital, they would have to face the crossing of the several intricately interwoven paths of the people they know.  It's inevitable and it will happen soon, even if they run away from it.

One blissful Sunday afternoon, Xue Jinxu went down from their room to the open street just outside the casa particulares that they were staying in.  Chen Linyun was already there, waiting for her.  Typically, she would end up dressing up longer than the husband would.  It was enigmatic to her because even if she hurriedly attempted in cutting out her preparation time, he would always get dressed up faster.  Realizing that she could never win in this battle of speed, she had given up and allowed herself to pamper herself more and indulge leisurely in the pleasure of choosing her wardrobe and applying make-up and tiny accessories of her liking without being pressured, yet still being mindful of the time.

Xue Jinxu saw Chen Linyun's back first.  She reached out her hand as she wanted to cling to his arm and join him.

However, she stopped on her tracks as she heard him speak.  He appeared to be speaking with someone on the phone.

"I understand.  Let's take it easy, alright?  I'm afraid it will be hard on her even if we break it to her gently.  Jinxu might look resilient, but she's delicate too… I will prepare her for that first."

"Prepare for what?" She uncontrollable blabbered out loud, announcing her presence.  Chen Linyun turned around and his countenance paled as his gaze landed on her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Chen Linyun dropped the call without even saying goodbye.  He grew tense.  Xue Jinxu squinted her eyes in suspicion.

"What is it about?  The call."

"It's nothing." Chen Linyun grabbed her by the elbow but she did not budge.  Instead, she freed herself from his grasp.

"It's something. You were dead serious on the phone.  What is it?  If you didn't want to get caught, you should have been more careful.  Now, you have to let me know or you'll see."

"Hehehe… Jinxu… Don't be like that!  I'm just preparing for a surprise for you~"

"It doesn't sound like it."

'Geez.  She's being quite difficult.' Chen Linyun gazed on the ground as he tried to search a way out.

"Spill the beans."


This time, Chen Linyun attempted to act tough.  He only stared at her intense eyes without saying anything."

"Chen. Linyun."

Xue Jinxu voice was lined with a threat.

The husband's eyes grew darker as his tone ominously turned serious.  "Are you sure you want to know?  It isn't something trivial, Jinxu.  Once you commit, there's no turning back."

Xue Jinxu shuddered.  She instinctively wrapped her arms around her as chills ran down her spine.  "What do you mean by that?"

Now, she wasn't too sure if she wanted to know.  If it's good, no questions would be asked whatsoever.  However, if it's indeed bad, then it would take enough courage to face it head-on. 

They were so far enjoying this vacation.  If whatever secret Chen Linyun was keeping would bring peril and even potential end to their sensational, incredible vacation when revealed, then she would have to take a step back.  That was what's playing in her mind.
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