Milady“s Fine Gentleman Chapter 317: IMPRESSIONS 2


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"This is the dream!!!"

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"Right, honey?"

With one hand on her hat to prevent it from flying with the wind, and the other arm outstretched upward freely as the wind swept her in place, Xue Jinxu turned around to face her husband who was closely following behind her.

"Agree." The meek Chen Linyun retorted with delight.

Xue Jinxu and Chen Linyun flew out of the country for a vacation of their dreams, with the intent to expedite the recuperation process of the husband. 

Xue Jinxu borrowed the private jet from her family, and using it and a well-planned escape plan, they left the country for a sort-of honeymoon trip.

Because they wanted to keep mum regarding Chen Linyun's consciousness issues, nobody knew that he had already woken up.  Therefore, he was transported lying down securely and in a helicopter from the hospital in the South to the nearest airport, and from there, he was transferred, together with the wife, to the Xue Family's private jet.

Aside from Xue Jinxu, only Butler Lee, Jin Yuan, and the doctor knew that Chen Linyun had gained consciousness already.  The group of five made the connivance possible until the jet soared high onto the clouds forty-one thousand feet above the ground.

Part of the connivance was the press release to the family that the couple would spend an indefinite amount of time in the paradise of Bali and Thailand for Chen Linyun's healing. 

However, it was false.

More or less nineteen hours above ground, the Chen couple, so eager with their trip, had reached their destination in Havana, Cuba.  They planned to partake in some heated, romantic Hispanic-American escapade in the Caribbean with itinerary in Cuba.

At first, Mother Chen wanted to go with them.  Providentially, something came up with regards to her business in Canada so she went home instead of going with them.  She had been away for over a good month already, and so she decided to go back to her business sooner rather than later and left the taking care of Chen Linyun to the rightful wife.

Although Chen Linyun's legs had been weak, after receiving therapy in secret during the last days of his stay at the hospital in the South, it had gotten a lot better and stronger such that his legs could already support his own weight, and take some stable steps.  It was a good development, and timely too, for their trip.

Going to Havana, Cuba was akin to time-traveling to the distant past.  The place seemed frozen with time.  Rich with history and culture, the colorful buildings and architecture of the place portrayed Hispanic and American influence of years past. 

After resting for a bit, the Chen couple rented a classic, vintage, convertible bright green car with white accents and drove around the city in style.  The rented car was with a driver and tour and so they simply relaxed at the back seat like the seniorito and seniorita that they were.  By the end of their city tour, they stopped at the neoclassic Hotel Nacionale along the El Malecon and sipped some cocktails while indulging in the view of the setting sun.

Even if they had the means to stay in a hotel, they opted to lodge in one of the casas particulares or the privately-owned inns and hostels for better appreciation of and immersion in the culture.  It was a double room with a private shower and bath.

Their hosts were a pair of a widow and her son.  They called the widow 'Nana' as she was already in her mid-forties and was the main mother figure of the house.  Her son, a lively young lad aged twenty years, was named Niño, who volunteered to tour them around town.  In Cuba, it was better to know and roam around with a local, and the Chen couple was just lucky to have met the mother and son. 

Nana was too kind for preparing good Cuban delicacies for them, even if it's not part of their accommodation package.  In the coming days, the Chen couple even had cooking lessons from her.  Some meals they would cook with Nana and eat together with harmony.  At times, the couple even literally spoonfed the spouse with little morsels of fresh sumptuous Cuban food.

The boy reminded them of Guangxi.  His energy was contagious.  Even if he wasn't boisterous or didn't joke around much, he was generally happy and in an optimistic outlook almost always.  Anyone who would meet him would end up smiling not due to flattery but because the other person on the receiving end would feel so much lighter after interacting with him.  There were people like that whose very nature of talent was innate to them, and they might not even know they have it in them.

At night, after their tours, and living the Cuban life by day, the culmination was a trip to the La Bodeguita del Medio and just chill out indulging in a fair amount of jazz music playing live in the background.  They would order mojitos which originated in that same place, or so it claimed.  Some nights they swayed, body entangled, to the sultry jazz music until they were ready to warm their beds by the end of it all.

Before closing their eyes at the end of each day, the wife would request the husband to pledge her one thing every time.

"Promise me you won't leave me again." With horizontal lines on her forehead, she could not rest without hearing his answer, though she asked every single night.

"You must be traumatized too, no?"

While cradling the missus in his arms which she called her 'security blanket', he would whisper in her ears, "I promise."

"I have a proposal.  What if we just stay here and live a good life together here?"

Chen Linyun scratched his head and reluctantly answered, "Honey, we don't belong here.  We're only mere tourists here in passing.  It wouldn't do us good to escape from our realities."

"We can make this life our reality if we settle here.  Mhmm?" The lady tagged onto the husband's sleeping shirt as she tried to convince him.  "You can do your trading anywhere right?  As for me, I want to fully withdraw from the business world and for once just enjoy living.  Do you know what I realize on this trip?"

Xue Jinxu looked up at her husband's countenance despite the darkness in their private quarters.  They were lying on their sides facing each other and entangled in each other's warmth.
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