Milady's Fine Gentleman Chapter 316: IMPRESSIONS


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In no time, Xue Guangxi identified the function room where Kang Sola met her father.  The function rooms were equipped with the authentic, thin, translucent paper walls over wooden lattice which held it in place – an essential component of the traditional Japanese architecture.  Likewise, the room was enclosed with a sliding door made with the same material. 

Due to the sparseness of the walls, he could make out some hints from the indistinct chatter inside.  Easily, Xue Guangxi traced the room where Kang Sola was through identifying her voice.

He silently slid the door ajar and took a peep.

He saw Kang Sola's back, so stiff that he could have guessed how nervous and uncomfortable she could be feeling right now.

He sighed deeply, wishing he could accompany her, sit beside her, and hold her hand just to boost her confidence and make her feel better.

The young lad's eyes moved on from Kang Sola onto the people seated across her, one of which was Mister Yamazaki. 

The guy who was insolent before was nodding with the utmost respect towards the other person – an older man – beside him.  He could not see much, though, because Kang Sola was blocking his view.


'Is it safe to leave her alone in this meeting?'

'All this time they were just sitting there and talking?'

'Well, there's food too, but then…'

'She's a teenage girl alone with these strange men.  So what if the other man is claiming to be her father?  He's no more than a stranger.'

'How can she validate their claim of paternity?'

'Oh, what to do?  Should I barge in?'

'Should I call Xu-Jie?'

He fidgeted back and forth quietly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.


A lady servant stopped at her tracks upon seeing the Second Young Master.

"Do you need anything, Sir?"

"Are you alright?"

"Shhh!!!!" Xue Guangxi furiously whispered at the lady.  "Keep it down!"

The lady, picking up the pace, whispered back, "Is there anything wrong, Sir?  Anything I can help you with?"

She slightly bent forward, too, matching Xue Guangxi's stance.

"Don't mind me.  Just leave me.  Ignore me.  Pretend that I am not here."

"Oh, okay, Sir, but…" The lady servant hesitated.  "I would have to remind you that the safety of our guests is a top priority."

'What is she insinuating?  Am I someone dangerous?' Understanding that his intention might be misconstrued, he cleared his throat, as he explained his side of the coin.

"That's my priority, too." He hooked one arm around the lady servant casually, beguilingly luring her into his charming entrapment.  "See, that girl in the room is my close friend.  We went here together, but those men tricked her into going inside alone.  I'm just worried about my friend."

"If you are in my position what would you do?"

"Would you leave your underaged, outnumbered friend in an enclosed, private function room with strangers that could be potentially dangerous?"

"See there, my friend is so meek and flimsy.  I'm just worried.  That's all."

He ended his guilt trip with a wink.

The lady servant's knees wobbled at the proximity with Xue Guangxi.  When he winked, she was completely swayed off her feet.

"Aahh!  Haha!! So that's it!!! Of course, of course… You're such a gentleman, Sir.  Your girlfriend is so lucky…"

"Too bad… He's already taken… He's exactly my type!" The lady retorted as she faded away around the corner.

'Phew.  That was close.'

'Now, what were they talking about?' He tried to press himself closer to the door.

At this moment the sliding door's gap grew wider.  The bewildered peeping tom named Xue Guangxi stared face-to-face with Mister Yamazaki which greeted him with contempt at the door.

'I will never like this guy, ever!' He thought sadly as he was caught red-handed.

'Will I be thrown onto the streets?'

'He wouldn't dare to touch me.  I'll sue him!'

Xue Guangxi's countenance displayed so much spirit of rebellion.  Full of angst, he faced Mister Yamazaki, so ready to fight back if need be.

He heard Kang Sola speak from inside of the room, "Don't hurt him, Father.  He's my friend." Her voice had gone an octave higher, full of panic and unease.

"I see.  Then, let him in.  Let's not hurt my lovely daughter's friend."

Receiving clearance from his boss, Mister Yamazaki opened the door wider.  Without speaking, he led Xue Guangxi inside.  He had not changed even slightly his behavior towards Xue Guangxi.  He remained unperturbed by his proud prince-like demeanor.

Passing through, Xue Guangxi shot the man a smug see-I-told-you look and gestured dusting off his shoulders with his hand even if there wasn't any dirt on it.

As he went closer, Xue Guangxi was given better and clearer access to the man that claims paternity over Kang Sola.

He tilted his head in deep thought.  'I think I've seen him before, but I cannot quite point out where and when.  Tsk.'

"Sit down."

He did what he was told to do.  He found a vacant cushion beside Kang Sola.  The cushions served as seats on the bare tatami mat.  The whole architecture and interior design of the restaurant were purely Japanese.

"Help yourself with the food.  Do you perchance eat raw fish?"

"Y-Yes, Sir.  T-Thank you."

"There's lots of food.  Don't ever hesitate.  We can order more if you want something else."

"It's enough, Sir."

Truth be told, he did not have quite the appetite to eat anything, but in front of Kang Sola's father's imposing manner, he could not say no.  Maybe because he was Kang Sola's father, or so he claimed, that Xue Guangxi was overcome with unprecedented nervousness.  If he's telling the truth, then, Xue Guangxi was sharing a meal with his future father-in-law, or so he hoped him to be.

At present, being muddle-headed that he was, he had not thought clearly about it in his head, although the feeling that his body was pointing at was going to that direction, and so he stammered and hurried in picking up the unused chopsticks on the table onto his right side.

He nervously threw a side-glance at Kang Sola who looked worried as well.

Just as Xue Guangxi put a piece of sashimi into his mouth, the older man spoke.

By this time, Mister Yamazaki had found his place again beside the older man around the food-filled table.

"Thank you for looking out for my child all this time.  It's the best time to nurture friendships.  You are both on the glorious peaks of your youths."

"Ahh, no worries, Sir.  It's quite effortless between us, friends."

"She's like family.  Especially now that she's also brother-in-law's sister." He stopped immediately after and froze in place.


'Did I say something that shouldn't be said?'

'I'm not careful enough.'

The older man's already curled up lips spread even wider.  His eyes glimmered with something undecipherable.

"Tell me more about your older brother, Sola.  I see you've met.  Luck would have it that you've found each other."

Xue Guangxi and Kang Sola looked at each other.  This had been a new development.  'What does he mean by it? He knows brother-in-law too?'

Obediently, Kang Sola nodded first and retold good memories she had with her biological older brother.  At times she laughed and giggled – enjoyment apparent in her animated voice.

Xue Guangxi itched to ask, 'Why are you so interested, is he your child too? Are you even related to him?  Maybe he's just phishing for information?' But that would be beyond being respectful and he wouldn't want to be offensive or impudent in front of Kang Sola's parent.

He shook his inquiries away and decided to just sit still, eat heartily, and focus on leaving an outstanding first impression.
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