Milady's Fine Gentleman Chapter 270: BLOOD TIES 2


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Xue Jinxu blinked several times in bewilderment. 'Did I hear it right?'
"Honey, what did you just say? I'm afraid I misheard it." The lady pulled herself back as she scrutinized her husband's face.
Chen Lnyun took a deep breath before repeating his revelation. "I recently discovered that I have a sister." He said stoically.
Xue Jinxu's eyes bulged as if it would pop out at any moment. She automatically cupped one hand on her taking mouth.
"Biological? Which side, Chen Lnyun? How? I mean, how did this happen?" She kept on shaking him through the shoulders.
Chen Linyun arrested both her hands and steadied her. "Dear, I don't know from which side of the family we are related... At least not yet... But yes, it is biological. I have initially discussed this sensitive issue with Wenbin. He's shocked as hell, too, but he welcomes the fact that we potentially have another kin in our generation..."
Chen Linyun trailed off.
Xue Jinxu wrapped her frail arms around his waist. "How about you? How are you taking it?" She rested her chin on his shoulder.
"Me?" Chen Linyun hugged her back. Her hug was so comforting. Her hug was his home, his sanctuary. "Honestly, I don't know, Jinxu. But if it's true, then, I would have to step up and reach out to her. I would have to at least minimize the gap."
"Oh, Chen Linyun..." The wife could feel this much weight it has on him. 'Perhaps he's more troubled by it than by any work-related stuff.'
"How did you know about it anyway? It is something that doesn't appear randomly out of thin air." The wife curiously inquired.
"I received an anonymous text informing me about her existence. I had been investigating since."
Xue Jinxu's brows raised. "Is that what the anonymous numbers are all about??" She challenged while studying his face.
Instantly, Chen Linyun's visage contorted and reddened with some guilt. He looked down as if he was caught doing what he's not supposed to.
Xue Jinxu pulled his chin up with her hand and nudged him to look at her in the eyes. " Hmmm? Answer me, please?" She was demanding, but her tone was soft and soothing.
"Part of it. The others... Well, I simply don't save others' numbers in my phonebook as a security measure. I've gotten the last four numbers memorized and matched it to my contacts."
Xue Jinxu rolled her eyes. "You're putting unnecessary workload in your brain cells. You don't have to waste your precious brain cells for that function. That's why your mobile phone has its own memory!"
"But my phone will be much more susceptible to hacking and information theft, then. I can not afford it."
"Whatever. Suit yourself. That matter is trivial compared to the matter of your... uhm...sister..."
"Have you met her? Older or younger"
"Are you comfortable talking about it?"
The wife bombarded him with questions.
"Yeah, it's okay. At least I have someone to vent it out to. It has been weighing me down the last few days."

The lady hugged him even more tightly.
"To answer your questions, she's younger. I've already checked her DNA record from the ministry. I pulled some strings. Theoretically, our records match. But, of course, it would be better if there's a fresher run. That's the problem. It's quite impossible at the moment since she doesn't know about me yet, and I haven't really reached out to her yet. I don't know how. You know how I am with girls. I do not know how to approach girls..."
"Hmm?" Xue Jinxu blinked, making sure not to miss out this rare opportunity of making fun of the husband and at the same time, attempting levity to make the atmosphere appear lighter. "Well, you approached me just fine, as I remember it. A little demanding and crude, even. Didn't you demand ten meals from me, when I had only promised you one? And, as I remember it correctly, you so courageously and shamelessly hugged me that night, the first time we saw each other again after several years when I was still in my man clothes."
Xue Jinxu raised a crooked brow, a hint of a grin evident on her playful countenance.
Chen Linyun covered her mouth with his hand. "Stop, it's embarrassing!" Chen Linyun's cheeks felt warm as it reddened just how it used to whenever he's getting bashful or uncomfortable.
Xue Jinxu tugged at his hand which covers her mouth and removed it. "It's not embarrassing. It's cute." She giggled after her baby-talk. She pinched his flushed cheek slightly.
"If you need help, I'll gladly lend you a hand. I happen to be useful in that department. Just tell me who the target is." Xue Jinxu offered.
Relieved, the husband heaved out a breath. "You save the day. but, honey, maybe you can stop referring to her as the 'target'." He scratched his head at her word choice implying as if it's someone to be eradicated. Perhaps the wife was really too bored already that this piece of news made her a little bit overly... enthusiastic. She's making it her top project.
"Now, Jinxu... Don't be too flabbergasted, alright?"
Chen Linyun leaned in and whispered a name. Xue Jinxu stared back at him with popping eyes but was quite speechless.
After a few minutes of silence, she nodded and murmured. "I'm on it. Leave it to me."
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