Milady's Fine Gentleman Chapter 250: FARCE


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"We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want." Zhu Li Qiang read the proverb that was hung on the wall.
"Come here." Teng Man Rui motioned him to come closer. "Don't you have work today?"
Zhu Li Qiang wrapped his arms around her waist from the back and rested his chin on her shoulder. The lady was busy shaping clay into the turntable. She was sitting on a chair, yet Zhu Li Qiang managed to squeeze himself around the lady on a back hug.
"I can work anywhere anytime." He answered her query nonchalantly.
Teng Man Rui rolled her eyes but her lips curved up in a smile. "Tss…"
"I'll be going to the Teng Residence later. My parents asked for me."
They were in Teng Man Rui's apartment in Hangzhou. They spent most of their time there. Zhu Li Qiang frequently stayed there in the guise of a trip to Shanghai port. His stays would usually last for a week or two straight.
"Then let's go together. I'll arrange my flight back home. I'll drop you off first at the Teng mansion first." Zhu Li Qiang planned and thought loudly while the lady was busy with her craft.
"When are you going to introduce me to your parents? I mean, we're official now, and there's really no conflict with our backgrounds."
"Or is there?" Zhu Li Qiang suddenly felt jittery. All this while, he was assuming that everything is in order.
"Let me see."
"I don't think there will be any conflict aside from the initial reaction of my brothers." The lady's lips curved upward with clear amusement.
Zhu Li Qiang did a face-palm. "Oh, right, right! How can I forget?"
Teng Man Rui laughed.
"They're actually good people. Just a little strict with me because I'm the youngest. But, they will support whoever I choose. I'll make sure of that or else I'll throw a tantrum they cannot tolerate."
"Spoiled brat." He retorted acting annoyed, but of course, he was not.
Damn. Whenever Man Rui smiles or laughs, it's as if the clock stops ticking and the wind blows towards her face, her hair flutters in the wind, which was *ahem* non-existent a while ago.
Zhu Li Qiang was mindblown. He shook his head at the mystery he could never solve.
In the afternoon, they took the flight back to Beijing. They arrived at around four in the afternoon. Zhu Li Qiang dropped her off at the Teng residences before his chauffeur directed the car towards his own abode.
At the Teng residence, Man Rui stopped at her tracks utterly flabbergasted.
"What are you doing here?" She asked the guy who stood confidently in front of her, in the living room of her parents' house.
"Long time no see, my queen." That same familiar dark taunting voice, partnered with the gaudy lopsided sheepish grin and droopy eyes could not be mistaken as somebody else.
"Fan Hai. What are you doing in our house?!" Teng Man Rui repeated with such alarming tone. She wanted to run far far away, but why would she? She's inside her own home.

"We're here for your engagement." Master Shi answered from behind her. She turned around and greeted the elder accordingly; however, her face could not contain the shock and confusion from his answer.
"What engagement?"
"Oh, Xiao Rui you're here already, child." Teng Man Rui's mother greeted her. She descended from the stairs. The Teng Master followed behind the madame.
"Why didn't you tell us that you fancy the young master Shi? We should have arranged your engagement earlier." The Teng Madame acted a little upset from the late notice of her daughter's relationship status.
"But we're----"
Shi Fan Hai cut her short, not allowing her to reveal their relationship's real score. "She must have been shy about it. It's my fault, madame, I should have gone here in your home formally a lot earlier for her."
Teng Man Rui gritted her teeth and glowered at the Shi young master.
He smiled back sheepishly and shrugged off.
"But, I'm here now, to correct my past mistake. Actually, we are on cool off simply because of this."
"Milady, let's reconcile, mhmm? See, I even brought my father with me. They'll support us."
Teng Man Rui was shaking in anger. Her fists were balled tightly, quivering, and so ready to punch someone in the face if she would get violent. However, she's never violent.
"We're done aren't we?" She inhaled each word through seething anger.
"Mom, dad, I'm with someone else now. Not him."
"Oh?" Shi Fan Hai scrunched his face, full of evident hurt. If it's genuine, no one could tell. But perhaps he could sense that Teng Man Rui was telling the truth. He raised one of his brows and his dark eyes turned sharper, more deadly.
"Am I indispensable to you, Man Rui? I thought our bond is strong, strong enough to endure the test of time and any challenge that will come our way… Master Teng, Madame Teng, my father and I would like to apologize for the earlier arrangement with the Xue's. See, I fought against it. That being all in the past, I could say, that I really fought against it."
'Yes, you fought against it by capsizing a whole cruise ship with at least one hundred crew members on board.' Teng Man Rui answered back spitefully, angrily.
'Yes, you fought against it by bullying your ex- fiancé's family and by keeping me by your side without any clarity of my status. You were determined to make me your mistress! And to even think that your ex-fiancé is my best friend!'
Teng Man Rui was silent all this time, but her chest heaved up and down in total disagreement and rebellion. The downside was, she couldn't really argue back openly. It was against proper decorum.
Old Master Shi added fuel to the fire. "Seems that your daughter already found someone else to replace my son? How unfaithful. With just a small misunderstanding she easily turned her back against my son? Is that how you raised your daughter? I heard she's raised well, and I heard she's the perfect daughter-in-law. I'm actually disappointed with what I'm hearing today. Tsk."
Teng Man Rui gasped in horror. "Huh!" Then she turned towards the direction of her parents. They were frowning in disapproval.
"Xiao Rui, tell them it's not true."
Teng Man Rui pursed her lips. 'But it's the truth.'
She bit her lower lip and lowered her gaze towards the floor. 'Just when I'm so ready to get away from you… Why?'
'I don't want you in my life. Go away.'
Without saying anything, she rushed up towards her room. She threw one arm across her face to cover her sobbing face. She didn't realize that she had started crying.
The last thing that the Teng household wanted to experience was losing face, especially in front of their guest, especially inside their own home. This very instance, Teng Man Rui's actions deeply bothered them and caused such great humiliation to them.
"The children are just having a little lover's quarrel. The other perhaps misconstrued what the other meant. I'm hopeful that they will put their act together." The Teng patriarch commented rather optimistically.
"Especially our Man Rui. She's the most loyal person we have ever known. I'm sure you're mistaken, Master Shi." Madame Teng nodded apologetically.
"Let's give our children space to fix it between them."
The Shi father and son looked at each other knowingly. They couldn't help but snicker between themselves as they found their way out.
"That was easy." Old Master Shi remarked, highly pleased with their meeting. "But the girl, she's showing resistance."
"I'll manage her." Shi Fan Hai committed.
"Then I'll leave the rest to you." Master Shi boarded the car and left. Shi Fan Hai looked back towards the window on the second floor where Teng MAn Rui's room was located.
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