Milady's Fine Gentleman Chapter 220: KICKASS, SMARTASS


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"I've heard our OIC will report to the office today!"
"Really? That's great! I heard he's a super tycoon. Who would have thought that he's just humble but he's sooo amazing?"
"I know right! I'm a fan! He's my idol in real life!"
Employees seated in cubicles were discussing among themselves when the news of the Xue Shipping's hope for growth came from Chen Linyun's businesses. In a sense, in the eyes of the employees, he appeared a hero who saved Xue Shipping, and cascading the effect, saved their lives and future too.
With the ruckus that the executives were causing, it was inevitable that the employees would hear some hearsay – which was not appealing to the ears. It made them worry about the security of their jobs initially. Now they could all heave a sigh of relief.
In the few instances that Chen Linyun went back to the office, he himself detected the positive change in the feedback that he received from the company. It's not too difficult to notice the shift in the attitude or behavior of the employees. He acknowledged their warm welcome during his short trips to the office through nods and through returning their greetings.
In turn, the employees had become even more persevering because they felt appreciated. Truly, he had become a role model, a celebrity – someone they looked up to. Because he was persevering, the employees were bound to follow his footsteps too.
During the executive meetings, even the executives had a transformation in perspective. They no longer impose their power and authority over the newcomer. Although young and inexperienced as he may be, Chen Linyun was not lacking. He had proven it to them in such a short time.
After securing contracts with various companies under Chen Holdings, the executives went mum one by one until their 'voice of solidarity' was no more than a whisper.
They knew better now to shut their mouth and observe first rather than be ruled by prejudice.
Apparently, they were in good hands.
On Chen Linyun's side, there wasn't much of a change. He was still the same meek, humble, low-key leader that he was, always trying to quietly perform and deliver results. Perhaps, the only change that was visible on his visage was such weariness from alternately watching the wife's recovery in the hospital and fulfilling his chores as the OIC at Xue Shipping. In a day, his itinerary was mostly hospital, at most around 60%, Xue Shipping office at 30%, and his own home ranking third at 10%. He had not gone anywhere else.
These past few weeks, his own body was on the brink of collapsing already, but the thought of the missus finally opening her eyes anytime made him stronger and last longer. In the meantime, his own mother, Jiang Ying Yue, who went back to Beijing from Canada upon hearing the bad news, had been hands-on in catering to Chen Linyun's everyday needs such as food and ration of clean clothes and toiletries. While both the master and madame of the house were out, the mother-in-law made sure that her son's house of dreams was maintained as per the madame's, her own daughter-in-law's standards. Of course, as the mother, she would have wanted to relay some suggestions too, but at least she tried not to change anything through her uncalled for meddling.

At Xue Shipping…
Chen Linyun was catching up in signing various documents that were piled up on his desk. Every single day, he tried to drop by at the office just to sign these documents, or have them delivered to the hospital via Butler Lee.
It's actually easy to sign, but the burden comes AFTER signing those documents. Affixing one's signature, especially at Chen Linyun's level as the OIC, meant his involvement or approval in that transaction.
The accountability of that transaction fell on his shoulder once the document is signed.
Therefore, Chen Linyun took time to read through, ask questions and study thoroughly each of the documents that needed his signature. Being the analytical type that he was, he wanted to know every story behind each document – for what, why, how much?
He asked lots of question such as…
"Why do we need it?"
"Is there a budget for it?"
"Is this strategy the best? If it is, how can you validate it? What are the other options?"
"Where are the supporting documents?"
"How did you come up with these values, this decision? What are the assumptions taken?"
The list went on and on.
In the end, the directors, the managers, and down the line, as well as the other business units, grew tired and exhausted with him. He was extremely particular with details.
However, they were appreciative of his efforts because it meant that he was taking the time to learn everything and be on-board in everything. And, as fast as he could, he learned the business well.
The norm would be for the top leader to be looking at the whole picture only and not delve into minor, specific, day-to-day details of the business. They were instead interested in profitability and growth.
In the case of Chen Linyun, he wanted to understand every aspect of it, to the last detail. In the process, the inefficiencies were made known to him.
The next step became apparent – addressing inefficiencies.
When finally, the growth in the market had been secured, and the external factors were taken care of, Chen Linyun's next step for process improvement was to look internally, into the processes of Xue Shipping. As he learned the technicalities of shipping, as well as how things work, he also began giving inputs and feedbacks, into the company procedures and policies. Being the OIC, certainly, he had the power to change whatever he deemed unnecessary or overly rated.
Change had come to Xue Shipping in the persona of Chen Linyun. It was like the company was facing a total makeover.
Not that he wanted to change everything, but there's a burning intention deep in his heart and soul to set things right and optimize. What had been good and okay already might still be better. What's rotting silently in a corner might still be salvaged, but if not, they might as well review the option of replacement. Some technologies might already be obsolete and must be updated with the latest trend.
Of course, Chen Linyun acknowledged the fact that the old, traditional and ancestral ways of running the business still has its own advantage. "I am not here to flip the whole company upside down. I'm here to make the company stronger." He clarified one time in one of the meetings.
Of course, when there are changes, adjustments are inevitable.
In every change that he implemented, Chen Linyun always made sure to discuss it with everyone involved, for a consensus. Consequently, most, if not all, were starting to love the leadership under Chen Linyun because employees' opinions matter while improvements are underway.
In the end, although the employees were tired and exhausted, it was clear that they somehow felt that every effort they took was definitely worth it because they became more optimistic, and closer to a better and brighter future ahead.
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