Meow Travels Chapter 16: Masquerade Person


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Am12:00 Conte Castle Football Stadium as big as the yard is still covered with thick fog!

Dindian Company Staff Dinghan: We have been in several laps, did not find any crocodile!

Dindian, staff of the company, Webb: If we can't kill those crocodiles, we're in danger at all times!

Dindian, staff of the company Buck: aren't we in danger now?

Dindian, staff of the company Saul: if the crocodile initiates acting, we are in danger, but if we irritate four cats, it is not possible that our lives will be in danger!

Dindian Company Staff Dinsasia: that may be, after all, we came here, caught these four cats are scientists Conte.

Dindian, chairman of the company Ding Li: But Conte first gave us a difficult problem.

Dindian, staff of the company Xinhua: He didn't tell us the answer, it was obviously testing us, but at least until now, he hasn't tested us.

Dinghan's robot dog: that might be!

The robot dog fired six electromagnetic cannons and knocked Webb, Buck, Saul, Ding Li, Dinsasia, Xinhua to the ground!

Dindian Company Staff Dinghan: This is a great opportunity for me!

Dindian, staff of the company, Webb: Kill us?

Dindian Company Staff Buck: We are just partners, and there is no enmity.

Dindian employees Saul: And we can always work together in the future!

Dindian, chairman of the company Ding Li: Do you want to root out all the stumbling blocks that you will be at the helm of the Dindian group in the future at this time?

Dindian Company Staff Dinsasia: It's hard to imagine that you would do something like this, and it's hard for me to imagine what you're going to do next! Dindian Company staff Xinhua: You just don't have the confidence?

So in this way, to become the future of the Dindian group at the helm of the people?

Dinghan's robot dog: any one of you can survive, but these people who survive among you will be exiled with the four cats of Conte!

Dindian, staff of the company Dinghan: Soon there will be a helicopter to pick you up. Dindian, staff of the company, Webb: It's easy to pick us up because we're all on the ground now, but Conte's four cats are still not catching them now!

Because in this thick fog, any detector will fail, including the compass, so you want to enter the home of Conte is very difficult, want to take his four cats, it is more difficult, so that you can not frame the conte!

Dindian, staff of the company buck: I hope you can recognize the situation.

Dindian, staff of the company Saul: the situation is not good for you now!

Dindian, chairman of the company Ding Li: When did you decide what to do?

Dindian, staff of the company Dinsasia: Father, should I say that you teach son lawlessness?

Dindian Company staff Xinhua: Everyone has their own free will, now he used their free will to choose this road, so can not complain about others! Dinghan's robot dog: Dinghan and I will be here to watch you until the arrival of the big troops!

Then our troops will surround it and expand the carpet search, that is to say, the four cats in Conte, we are going to get it!

Am12:30 Music Restaurant!

Police Blanche: When I got here, the first time, I didn't think of ordering, but I was really hungry.

Scientist Conte: I am the same, I do not want to order food!

Police Blanche: It seems that we all have thoughts in mind, what are you thinking about?

Scientist Conte: I'm thinking about Kangmong, Maudan, Scum, Dan Nell, how are they doing now?

Police Blanche: Aren't they now in our homes, eating the rice that the robot housekeeper, Hess, cooked for them?

Scientist Conte: I know they won't go on a trip with us, but I still hope they can travel with us, at least I hope we can see them four when we arrive at our travel destination!

Police Blanche: That is to say, you want to take them away by force four, don't you?

Scientist Conte: It's not up to us to take them by force, it's for the people of Dindian to take them away!

Then Conte took out a tablet!

Scientist Conte: With this tablet, we can check the situation at home at any time, as well as some situations outside the yard!

Police Blanche: Then I will go with you through this tablet, to see if our four cats have been successfully caught in the cage by the personnel of Dindian Bao Group!

Scientist Conte: Now the tablet, white a piece, it seems that the Dindian group of people successfully triggered some of the organs I laid out.

Police Blanche: But we can still see what's going on in our home at the moment, and in the yard of our house!

Scientist Conte: That's right, because these cameras all have X-ray scanning capabilities!

Police Blanche: It doesn't look like things are going well!

Scientist Conte: Dindian Group's personnel, should not easily be Kangmong thinking, Maudan, Dregs, Dan Nell They these four cats to knock down!

Police Blanche: That is to say, are they being bothered by the organs you have laid out?

Scientist Conte: The many organs I have laid down have only the ability to trap people, but now six of them have fallen to the ground.

The policeman Blanche: But the man who did not fall to the ground did not help the six men who had fallen to the ground.

Scientist Conte: Through the X-ray scan of the situation, we can use this tablet to calculate the appearance of this person, after getting his kind of information, we can get more information about this person!

Police Blanche: It seems that this tablet is running fast, because in this more than 10 seconds, it has deduced the person's appearance of information to come!

Scientist Conte: I have seen him, he is Dindian Bao Group is now at the helm, Ding Li's second son, Dinghan!

Police Blanche: It is puzzling that infrared thermal sensing images cannot be displayed when an X-ray monitor with infrared thermal sensing is scanned to Dinghan, but an infrared thermal sensing image of six other people can be displayed. Scientist Conte: I seem to understand what this is all about!

Now standing in front of the dingli of the Dinghan, is a robot, it disguised as the appearance of Dinghan, and camouflage is very similar, because it is originally in accordance with the appearance of Dinghan was made!

Police Blanche: That is to say, Dinghan now murderous?

Scientist Conte: It depends on what this robot has to do with Dinghan, but now I can probably guess, this robot is made by Dinghan, I believe Dinghan in the manufacture of this robot, must be some specific instructions into this robot computing computer! Police Blanche: For example, you can't kill!

Otherwise, the six people who have been knocked down now will probably have their lives in danger!

Scientist Conte: But that doesn't mean that this robot can't kill our four cats!

Police Blanche: And it's possible that this robot kidnapped the Dinghan that made it!

Scientist Conte: So this is a criminal case.

Police Blanche: Now this case will be handled by the police.

Scientist Conte: Now, I want to rush home immediately, because I do not know the puppet cat Kangmong, fold the ear cat Maudan, short-haired cat dregs, Maine cat Dan Nell will be life-threatening! Police Blanche: Now as a police officer, I will arrive at the crime scene and rescue the hostages, I hope you can cooperate with me, because you also play for the government department, but you have many other identities.
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