Meow Travels Chapter 15: Bomb Flying Cat


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10 o'clock in the morning!

Conte Castle Lobby!

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: Now we can carry out our plan! Short-haired cat dregs: a plan between our two? Did you hide cookies or hide a bottle of milk?

Now that you're upset, do you want to share your hidden biscuits or that bottle of milk with me? Folding Ear Cat Maudan: Do you think I'm the kind of cat that hides good things?

Have I ever had an example like this? Short-haired cat scum: you did not have such an example before, but it does not mean that such a scene will not play out on you!

The future is still long, it is hard to say!

Folding Cat Maudan: Aren't you curious about what plans the two of us are going to carry out?

Short-haired cat scum: It's your plan, not my plan, so what plan do you want to implement, even if it's done, not to mention the plan between our two! Folding Cat Maudan: In the first place, when there are four cats here, the next plan I want to implement, indeed, is not a plan between our two, but in the present, there are only two cats here, the situation is different!

To be honest, at first, I didn't intend to work with any cat to implement my plan, but now, two of them are not here, which is the key to the problem! Short Hairy cat dregs: an aggressive!

This trick doesn't work for me!

Folding Cat Maudan: You know, I am very calm, but every time I think I want to carry out this plan, I will be particularly excited!

Short-haired cat dregs: That's just for you!

Folding Cat Maudan: Since you are so stubborn, it is up to me to carry out the plan! Short-haired cat dregs: Are you sure you can do this?

If you can accomplish this task, just think I didn't say anything!

Folding Cat Maudan: I am indeed one to carry out this task!

Short-haired cat scum: But if the two of us work together to implement the plan, then our chances of success will be great, won't it?

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: You said the same!

Short-haired cat dregs: Well, then you tell me, what is the plan that we two carry out?

The short-haired cat slag spirit enters a glass jar!

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: I think you should guess, why I let you do it!

Short Hairy cat dregs: Now I enter this candy glass can, the mouth of the bottle to be almost as wide as my head, and the volume is about the same size as my body, in this case, I will have a change.

Folding Cat Maudan: Because you are a cat, and when a cat is in a container about the size of its own body, the number of Deborah will be less than one, and at this time, the cat will change from solid to liquid.

Short-haired cat scum: But you don't have to bother so much, and now you're doing it!

Folding Cat Maudan: You know, now that you're in a glass jar, I hope you'll turn into a liquid and pour it into a canister with a bottle mouth that is one step narrower than your head, which, of course, is about the same size as your body.

Short hairy cat dregs: And only when I became liquid did I be able to be poured into a canister where the mouth of a bottle was narrower than my head.

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: This is done for the safety of your life!

Short-haired cat scum: Looks like you want me to be a warrior!

Folding Cat Maudan: is just playing a game, but you are also right, this is a brave person will play the game, the name of this game is called bomb flying Cat.

Short-haired cat dregs: Does that mean I'm going to experience the feeling of being overweight and weightless later?

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: Are you interested?

Short hairy cat dregs: Be interested!

When the number of Deborah is less than one, the short hairy Cat dregs, which turns into a liquid, is smoothly poured into a canister with a bottle mouth that is one times narrower than its own.

Folding Cat Maudan: In this way, when you are in this canister, by the solenoid cannon launched, your body will not be greatly affected by the force, you will be safely launched out!

Short-haired cat scum: In this case, I will be able to successfully penetrate the enemy inside!

Folding Cat Maudan: Because you have a weapon, I believe that even if you face each other with the enemy, you will be undaunted.

Short-haired cat scum: For a cat that dares to play with a bomb flying cat, I think the only thing that scares me is that I'm not doing a good job of security when I'm playing with the game that the brave can play.

Folding Cat Maudan: You are now wearing an electromagnetic suit in addition to one of the iron cans, so when you are fired as a shell, you will land safely after hitting the target.

Short-haired cat scum: After being treated as a cannonball, after hitting the target, according to inertia, I will still successfully penetrate the inside of the enemy.

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: And now, I'm going to use my robotic arm to send this canister you're in to the cannon of the electromagnet!

Short Hairy cat dregs: I'm ready!

At this time, the puppet cat Kangmong and Maine cat Dan Nell came out of the washroom.

Puppet cat Kangmong: Look what's going on outside the window.

Maine Cat Dan Nell: There's a thick fog outside!

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: It is conceivable that this is Conte's masterpiece.

Short-haired cat dregs: Since he wants people to take us into the cage and take them away and send them to his tourist destination, why didn't he tell them that he was in his own house and laid out a lot of institutions?

Puppet cat Kangmong: That's because he knew that if these people couldn't handle the many organs he had laid out, the same people wouldn't be able to take care of us, because he knew that all four of his cats were dangerous!

Maine Cat Dan Nell: I love it when you use the word dangerous to describe us, because if these people don't give up now, they're going to have a big loss with us!

Folding Ear Cat Maudan: Soon one of them will be facing up against one of US warriors.

Short-haired cat scum: There is no doubt that this warrior is willing to be fired as a shell of me!

Puppet cat Kangmong: Do you do a good job of safety protection measures?

Maine Cat Dan Nell: You know, in this electromagnetic iron cannon firing shells, an instant there will be a huge force on the shell, with flesh and blood of you, can not withstand this huge force.

Folding Cat Maudan: It is now in an iron canister whose mouth is more than its head, one times narrower.

Short-haired cat dregs: Just now, there's a fog out there, so now, it should be the best time to launch me out.

At the same time, in Conte Castle, there is a large courtyard with a football field!

Dindian, staff of the company, Webb: When we got out of the water dungeon, now, we're surrounded by thick fog!

Dindian Company Staff Buck: It seems that our intelligence has not been wrong, want to enter the scientist Conte home, it is not so easy!

Dindian, staff of the company Saul: but it was scientist Conte, who invited us to his house to catch his four cats!

Dindian employees Xinhua: Maybe he felt that if we couldn't get into his home, we wouldn't be able to deal with his four cats.

Dindian employees Dinghan: And now, we're going to deal with a few crocodiles that swam towards us while we were trapped in water dungeon, and those sharks!

Dindian Company Staff Dinsasia: that is to say, now we can not take it lightly, because we do not know, three meters in front of us, whether there is a crocodile to the target of attack, because now this thick fog is only two meters thick!

Dindian company Chairman Ding Li: We'd better not spread out! Dinghan's robot dog: As a robot dog, can act alone, of course, the robot cat can also act alone, if it can now act alone, the same, the machine mouse can also act alone, but I do not look at them two, because their two electronic components short circuit.
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