Melting the Cold CEO“s Heart Chapter 196: The Fox and The Turtle 1


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Larry's office was located at the top of the Chrysler Building, and he was staring out at the spectacular view when he heard a knock on his door.
Even before he said "come in," an assistant burst into the room, sweating buckets and looking like he had just run a marathon.
Larry was in a very good mood these days, due to his 'victory' over that renowned Keren Bradshaw and that woman who had gatecrashed his meeting in that badass way.
Now, the only thing left on his list was to gloat in front of her that she had failed miserably.
So, even though he would normally have screamed at the assistant for this breach of protocol, he just chuckled and said, "Slow down there, Tom. What's so urgent that you had to run here?"
After taking a few deep breaths, the assistant walked forward and handed a paper to Larry and said "It's Luke's Diner, sir. They are finally mounting a counter attack. They've booked Central Park for a large barbecue dinner where they'll be inviting even more critics and famous foodies who have enormous followings on social media to eat for free. We just received this leak from the same source who gave us the leak before, but by that time, we had already gotten news of the booking from our contact in the city whom we contracted to keep an eye on such things. They are going all out: for critics and foodies from other states, they are even paying airfare and chartering special flights. It seems that they are preparing to blow out the last of their budget, sir."
With an expression of extreme seriousness, Larry listened to his assistant and also went through the paper, in which was listed the same thing.
However, after he was done, he smiled.
"Sir? Shouldn't we be worried?", Tom asked, puzzled as to why his superior, who had been so strung up on this case for the past few weeks, was suddenly smiling instead of cursing.
"That's because this is a good thing, Tom! After the way my schemes beat them into the ground, they're like a fish which is dying, but is in its last throes! Just like you said, they will be depleting their resources for this, and I suspect that the reason they waited so long is that I might have my guard down, thus allowing them to get away with it. Not a chance! I'm going to spend even more! This is not the time to hold back! Get a list of all those who were contacted! Bribe, or threaten them if necessary! If that doesn't work, threaten the airline staff! Cancel the seats, or give prank calls to the airports anonymously to delay the flights! Whatever we have to do, this event must. Not. Be. A. Success! When is it, by the way?"
Startled by the list of plans that had just been rattled off by his boss instantly, Tom stood in a daze for a few seconds before finally answering.
"Sunday night, sir- 2 nights from today."
"What! Then we have no time to lose! Get moving!"
As Tom ran out of the room on hearing the familiar screams, Larry resumed staring out over the steel expanse of New York, smiling happily to himself that it was time for the final sprint.

Many people lost because they would relax, just like the fox in that tale with the turtle, who slept by the side of the road and allowed the turtle to win.
However, he was a fox who would never rest until the end, to make that that he had beat that turtle into the ground before letting himself celebrate fully.
While his smile took a sinister tone, he started to imagine the expression of that woman when she would found out that even this plan of hers was going to fail miserably.

Soon enough, it was Sunday Night.
The vast area in Central Park that had been reserved was filled with dining tables, and the aromatic smell of incredibly delicious food that was being prepared spread everywhere, even enticing the casual joggers inside the park who felt like crashing all of their diets just to have a taste of whatever smelled so good.
It was 6 PM, and the food was almost ready. This was the stipulated time, but sadly, most of the tables were empty.
As it was a special event, both of them were wearing stunning, matching dresses which were both a light green.
As they looked out at the empty chairs with dejected expressions on their faces, a round man walked up to where they stood and stood beside him.
He was smoking a pipe of tobacco, and after exhuming a puff of noxious smoke, he laughed and said, "Miss. Keren Bradshaw, I must say that I would never have expected that I will be bragging that I have beaten you-who is known to be the most talented in this business. And you- I didn't even bother to learn your name. You had the audacity to march into my meeting and claim absurd things? Now look who's crying! Almost all those you've invited have either been stalled or have canceled, and your event is a grand failure. Look! I've even asked more news stations to arrive, so they can transmit just how much of a failure this project was. Haha, I still can't believe it. The great Keren Bradshaw, defeated by me! I must admit, it cost a fortune, but it was all worth it."
Turning to Liz and Keren, who were still looking forward, Larry expounded on his victory in this way.
He was all but jumping with joy, but suddenly, he realized that something was wrong.
From up close, these two women looked nowhere as dejected as they had appeared.
In fact…were those small smiles on their faces?!
Quickly, Larry took out his phone to check: the flights were still being stalled, and almost all of the invitees were still not going to make it.
Then why the hell were these two smiling?!
Unable to control herself anymore, Keren burst out laughing, before nodding at Liz and saying, "Do it."
Turning to Larry, Liz also smirked for a bit before taking out a walkie talkie from her purse.
"By the end of tonight, my name will be branded into your mind, don't worry."
After saying this to Larry and making him open his eyes wide, Liz spoke into the walkie-talkie.
"Begin Operation: Reviving Luke's Diner."
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