Meeting Earth Chan (R18) Chapter 3: Her name


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I watch her carefully as she walks round the store, as much as I love this girl already, it wouldn't be the first pretty face I've seen try steal from me. She has a graceful walk, almost as if she's gliding from place to place. I notice that she often picks up organic products, such as fruit, vegetables and packaged meats, she then brings them up to her eye level for a second, as if judging the food for a haenous crime and then either putting it back down in disgust or smiling a little and putting it in her grocery bag draped around her arm. The smile she makes always pleases me, it's like a little rat of sunshine in this lonely store.

After about 20 minutes or so she comes up to the counter with a full bag. She lays out all her food on the counter. I go to start scanning and bagging the food when she suddenly interrupts me.

"h-hey wait!" she says with urgency. Taken aback I look at her
"I'm sorry Mrs, is there something you want?"
"y-yeah... can I use my own bag for this. I'm sorry if it's a pain but I just... I care for the environment you know?". I do get what she means, and it is painful to switch the bag on the automated rings we have for bagging, but for such a pretty young lady I can't say no

"okay then, sounds good" I say as I grab her bag and begin scanning and packing

"thank you so much, you're such a pure human. I need more people like you" she says thankfully. hold on a minute, what did she just say? aside from calling me a human like she wasn't one herself, she said she needed me!

"Haha" I reply "if you need me you should give me a call sometime" I say noticing the opportunity to get her number.

"wait really" her head perking up in an excited manner "oh wow you really are amazing"

I dont understand what I did to impress her, but I'm not about to complain. She seems to really like me!

I finish up bagging all of her groceries, we exchange phone numbers and wave to her as she heads out. Just before she leaves, a thought shoots through my mind

"hey wait!" I exclaim. She turns around
"hehe, yeah?"
"what's your name?"
"well, that's a hard question to answer. But I think for you, you can call me Earth" she says walking out with a smile.
"Earth" I think to myself. What a pretty name.
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