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“Young Madam, I don't know which family you are from, but this is the residence of Great Elder Princess Rui'an. Not just anyone can seize me!” the stout old woman cried out.

Seeing that Qin Wanru had no intention of releasing yet, she began to struggle again. However, Yujie, who was holding her, was strong and twisted her arms fiercely behind her.

“You are from the mansion of Great Elder Princess Rui'an?” Qin Wanru looked the old woman up and down and her eyes fell on her tight clothes.

The old woman servant robes were several sizes too small for her. She loosened the toggle-and-loop b.u.t.ton around her neck, revealing a white coat inside. It was not a way any decent woman would want herself to be seen.

When Qin Wanru entered the gate before, she had seen the professional behavior of the servants in Great Elder Princess Rui'an's mansion. Two rows of servants had stood beside the door, and, even with so many people, they did not make a sound. Great Elder Princess Rui'an was clearly very disciplined in her family management.

The old woman was not only wearing a poorly fitted outfit, her whole look was sloppy. Today, when Great Elder Princess Rui'an invited guests to dinner, an old woman like this would have embarra.s.sed Great Elder Princess Rui'an House.

The old woman couldn't move, and she struggled against her captors again. As her face turned red due to struggling, she shouted, “Yes, I am. If you don't believe me, you can ask Great Elder Princess Rui'an!”

It was ridiculous for her to ask Great Elder Princess Rui'an on purpose about this most inferior old woman. How ignorant Qin Wanru would be to do that.

Or, the old woman was sure that Qin Wanru would not trouble Great Elder Princess Rui'an over such a triviality.

Until now, she thought that Qin Wanru was just a Young Madam who pa.s.sed by and was being officious. If she was fierce, the Young Madam would not dare to meddle with her.

Moreover, it seemed that the lady was too young to meddle in the affairs of others.

Even though she was seized, the old woman did not panic much, but struggled vigorously, cursing the several servant girls around her.

“Are you also from Great Elder Princess Rui'an's Mansion?” Qin Wanru ignored the old woman, who cursed while jumping on her feet. She turned her face to the young woman, whose face had turned white and whose whole body was weak.

In fact, when she came out just now, Hao'er already told Qin Wanru the ident.i.ty of this woman. As Qin Wanru had guessed, she was the wet nurse who had left Hao'er alone.

666 “No… I am not!” the wet nurse said in a coward way, and her face was so white that she almost fainted.

“Tell me which family are you from?” Qin Wanru looked at the wet nurse calmly, with the corners of her lips raising up slightly. A palpitating mockery flashed through her eyes. “The victim's wet nurse?”

What she said at once shocked the wet nurse, who was too panicked to stand. If it weren't for the two servant girls holding her, she would have almost fallen to the ground.

From the time she saw Qin Wanru, the wet nurse felt bad. Although Qin Wanru looked young and was a weak Young Madam, she had brought so many people with her. As soon as they came out, they rushed over to her and the old woman without any hesitation.

This kind of behavior could not be done by a Young Madam from an aristocratic family.

The wet nurse's eyes fell on Qin Wanru's face involuntarily, trying to see which family the lady was from, and then thinking about what she should say.

Qin Wanru was very delicate. Her beautiful, small face looked gentle but charming, and she still looked childlike. The long eyelashes flashed twice, and there were two uneven shadows on her small pink face. However, this beautiful scene made the wet nurse feel a sly danger.

“Miss… Miss…” the wet nurse stammered.

“Tell me! Tell me everything, and you can probably live!” Qin Wanru sneered.

“Don't talk nonsense…” The old woman on the side found it bad and jumped up to say.

“Cover her mouth!” Qin Wanru said coldly.

Yujie responded and pulled off a dirty pad hanging from the old woman's lap and covered her mouth.

The old woman whined, but could no longer speak.

“What do you want to do? Do you want to sell the young master? How much does he cost? Is he more valuable than your own family? Or, your own family can be sold at a better price!”

Qin Wanru spoke slowly. She looked gentle, and the glow in the sky seemed to fall into her eyes. But there was a glimmer of gloom shuttling in them, as if her anger was circulating inside.

“I didn't… Miss, it's not me. It had nothing to do with me. I just accompanied Master Hao out to play, and then went away because I had something to do. It was this old woman who came here… She said she would take him away… She also said that someone was waiting at the backyard wall to get Master Hao out of the mansion.”

The wet nurse burst into tears, crying and pleading.

“I really don't know anything. She… she said that she would just take Master Hao outside to play for a while. Really, I don't know. I really don't know!”

Qin Wanru was silent for a while and then said coldly, “Take her away!” It seemed that the trap was not made by one person and that she was pressed into doing it by someone more than just accidentally.

Originally, there was only herself in this plan.

And these people intended to harm Hao'er. They were so vicious to deal with a motherless child.

She inexplicably thought of her own past life. There was more and more anger in her eyes. When she sat in the corridor, one could almost feel the cold shadow around her.

So a child who lacked a mother's love should be schemed against? Even though it could be seen that Hao'er was not from an average family, he was still plotted like this!

“Sister, what's wrong with you?” Hao'er came out from behind the Moon Cave where he hid before. He came up, pulled Qin Wanru's hand, and gently shook it. He turned around and his thin eyebrows were twisted. Looking at Qin Wanru, he spoke in an uneasy way.

A child's heart is the most sensitive. Even if Qin Wanru did not say anything, he also sensed the anger in her heart.

“Come, go out with sister, Hao'er!” Taking a deep breath, Qin Wanru suppressed her anger, holding his little hand to gently pinch it, and then slowly showed a faint smile.

“Hao'er will leave with sister!” Hao'er raised his head and laughed, showing his shallow dimples, which was very cute.

Qin Wanru took Hao'er out with a large group of people, and soon arrived at the road of Great Elder Princess Rui'an's Mansion. It was conspicuous for such a large group of people to bring a child, who was the Master Hao that everyone was looking for. Besides, there were two women tied up behind them. It was obvious that someone had already reported to Great Elder Princess Rui'an.

What Qin Wanru did not expect was that she did not meet the people of Great Elder Princess Rui'an, but first met Di Fenglan, the Young Lady of Duke Yong's Mansion.

“Hey, aren't you Second Miss Qin? Why did you become like this again since we met not long before? Did you really take the kid away?” Di Fenglan stood under a tree with several young ladies. They seemed to be talking about something. When she heard the sound on the road, she turned around and saw Qin Wanru coming with someone.

Di Fenglan was a little stunned, and then she pouted her lips and came up to speak to her.

Qin Wanru looked up at her, as if she were examining her, then slowly smiled. “Miss Di, what a coincidence that I should meet you again when I show up! It's really destiny!”

“It is not destiny. You are good at blowing your own trumpet !” When Countess Yong was not around, Di Fenglan was very flamboyant. She raised her face and glared at Qin Wanru as if her nose and eyes were not hers.

Di Fenglan snorted, “You are brave enough to seize people in Great Elder Princess Rui'an's Mansion. What do want to do? Is this the child everyone is looking for? He's just a kid, and you are really angry with him and will sell him. How vicious you are!”


She was the Young Madam who grew up in an aristocratic family in the capital city, who surely looked down upon Qin Wanru. Qin Yuru said that Qin Wanru was a b*tch who came from nowhere, and that she thought of herself as a Young Madam of an aristocratic family.

“Hey, who are you!” Hearing Di Fenglan scold Qin Wanru like this, Hao'er was not happy, and he raised his head to glare at Di Fenglan fiercely. He taught her a lesson like a little adult. “Which family are you from? You know nothing about the rules. Didn't your family teach you that? You are ignorant of boudoir lessons!”

Di Fenglan didn't expect that she would be scolded by a child. She looked at the child with his angry face, who was pretending to be an adult. Di Fenglan was instantly annoyed. She seemed to see Qin Wanru's figure on the child's face.

“Which family are you from? You are so rude. Why didn't your parents teach you?” Di Fenglan had never been scolded like this before.

Even if she really did something impolite, people would not blame her too much for Di Zhaoyi's sake. Even Yan Xufeng, who was at odds with her, was never so straightforward.

“Which family are you from? Did your parents teach you to respect the old and love the young? Look at what you are now. Which family would want you? Even if you will be poor in the future, no one will want you!” Hao'er shouted with his little waist twisted. He hated being told that he had not been taught by his parents.

This was the taboo after he was sensible.

“You… you…” Di Fenglan's face turned red and white for a while. If there were no one here, she would almost hit him. The more he said, the more annoyed she got.

“What? I am talking about you! You are a bad person because you look so ugly!” Hao'er didn't show mercy to her but said this while rolling his eyes at her.

Although he was young, what he said was very annoying and heart-breaking. Di Fenglan had been praised as one of the beauties in the capital city. It was unexpected that one day he would say she was ugly. She could not bear it anymore.

“Today I will teach you, an uncultivated child, a lesson for your parents!” Di Fenglan said and stepped forward. She was ready to slap Hao'er, but her hand was quickly grasped by Yujie!

“My child doesn't need you to teach!”
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