Mana The Great Warlock Chapter 1: Hell on earth ! Rebirth


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On the west side of the City the nearest place to the city port, where a building was being surrounded by a group of men in black clothes.

The deathly silent night peace was destroyed with the first Buzz sound of the bullets.

In the sea of havoc that occurred suddenly inside the building, no one knew who was fighting who, who was the enemy and who was the ally. all the men inside started shooting like crazy everyone fighting for his life.

At the top of the building stood a man with three other men in black he wore a white suit and silver glasses on his eyes that seemed rounded as his face gave the calm feeling of a kind teacher who listens to his student words.

"Third Master! the fifth young master was indeed found inside but he is already dead." One of the men behind him spoke with a little shiver.

"Mhm...Little Qinger once told me... that his only wish was to protect all of the family...What a great seed...unfortuantly...Ai...I'm sorry Little Qinger I couldn't protect you as I promised your father...But all I can do is to give you a great ceremony...A feast at that.." That man in White voice started to turn warmer and warmer as if he was telling a story to a little kid before his sleep.

"I shall give you one last feast of...Death."Mana then turned his head to the men behind him and ordered sternly: "Order all our men to return leave the remaining five for me...Time to stretch my hands a little..."

"YES!"One of them complied with his words, seeing his orders being relayed Mana nodded as he jumped off the roof inside the building which was filled with blood.

Over the roof, one of the men in black suddenly killed his other two comrades before making a call: " Second Master! Everything is done. He is inside the building now. What are your orders."

A cold snort came out:" Hah!. Well done, tell him my exact words before destroying him together with the building...Let it end here." Even so, the voice seemed cold it carried a hint of sorrow and sadness.


Inside the building When Mana was about to start his feast of torture on his first target he heard a loud whistle, when he looked back at the roof he saw his 3rd bodyguard standing there as he said a few words loudly.

Hearing the guard words at first didn't catch Mana attention but when he focused on it his face suddenly changed and a crazy look crept into his face as his calm and warm face entirely changed into a maniac look.

However, he couldn't respond to these words because a loud sound happened before his vision gone hazy and his mind gone black and he died on the spot.

Even though he died he still remembers the words that guard said.

"Big Brother! Yani feels the most hurt, but the family needs a smart leader, not a crazy one, For the sake of the family you must forgive me...Little Yani Will always remember how big brother always held my hand and backed me up while everyone was against me...Yani will never forget you. rest in peace "


Even though the building was burned into aches and body remains were found, over there at the skyline one could see a wandering soul with closed eyes and suddenly a strange black hole appeared out of nowhere as it absorbed the wandering soul into it...

In the Likral Kingdom's Sky A visible light appeared and disappeared before anyone can notice it.

Inside the Likral Kingdom's West Bird City's great clan Sanji clan, which was one of the best clans in the whole west bird City the clan was known as one of the best clans as it has almost 3 Mage Alchemists as well as hundred of fighting mages from different elements and roles.

Inside a small wooden room, a sleeping youth suddenly woke up with a crazed look in his face but when his eyes landed on the place where he was his mind buzzed with confusion.

"Where Am I.? what was that voice...? AH..." Suddenly Mana felt pain as rushed memory started organized itself inside his mind forcefully.

"heh...heh..."After some time Mana regained his normal state of mind as he caught his breath

"Mages...? Even cultivators? GODS ?.... Is this some kind of novel or what...?"Mana was too shocked to notice that someone already opened the wooden door and was standing in front of him.

"Stop being noisy you trash of a trash how dare you to shout like that huh ...?"

"Huh.?"Mana Attention was directed at the fat man in front of him as his eyes locked with his.

The fat man was the chief of the guards' squad of the Sanji clan and he always treated this Mana harsh and always bullied him because he couldn't even cultivate out of the initial stage of Meridians creation realm, which was the basic realm to cultivate.

However, Mana was now blankly staring at him with dull eyes that seemed deep like an abyss. which scared him a little but then he remembered that Mana was just a cripple which made him feel slight anger and hatred. he lashed at Mana with few words and left the room.

"Little Yani!... Mana is here for you..."Mana mumbled these few words before bursting into a crazed laughter" Yani you bastard! Gods helped you this time you little bastard! good move, really good move...But I swear If I ever have the chance I will hang your head on the tallest tower on earth....HAHAHAHAHA" his eyes turned darker and darker but his face still held its warm look which gave him a special aura.
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