Magical ties Chapter 106: Uktena 2


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Yona saw a light in the corner of his eye,turning towards it he noticed that Uktena had reappeared. Beside him was Aisling but she looked very different. He tapped the chief's shoulder to get his attention. There Aisling was standing with the horned snake God ,she has a white shimmering light surrounding her. Her clothes have changed to a white shimmering dress. She looks like a ray of of moonlight. As she walks past they notice that's it's a white light and golden light almost like the light of the sun swirling together protecting her. She goes and takes Onacona's hand and as if floating they go to the tree and bury the stone. As they bury stone the energy surrounding Aisling flows into the tree And brings it back to full life. Yona knows now she truly is the goddess that was spoken of. Just as Uktena had spoken the tribe knew she was the one their ancestors spoke of and that she was chosen. They accepted her into their tribe as one of them no fear or judgment. They embraced her as one of their own. After her energy was spent she looked at Astila before falling into Onacona's arms sound asleep.

Astila's family,with the urging of Aisling decide to go back to West Virginia with them. Onacona and Maureen as well. Aisling is excited to show him his beautiful lake and to have them together for their first Christmas. Onacona is excited to see his old home and to show her some of his favorite places on the property. Aisling wants to give them a very special Christmas. Inola let them know that since Moll practice is at the university hospital he will be moving to West Virginia with his love. Aisling lays her head on Astila's shoulder and sighs.

"What is it? " she smiles up at him her happiness shining through her eyes.

"I'm overjoyed ! We have so much to be thankful for this year. I want to give Inola and Moll a small wedding on Christmas Day. I know they are adults and that in today's time it's ok for people to live together. It's just they waited for so long and been through so much. Do you think you can ask him if it's ok. I know to most it seems things have happened in such a short time. To us though it's been through a long time. When we were in Moll's time we were there for several years though it was only three days here. When we were at the encampment it was several weeks though to you it was a day. I'm so grateful for you and the love we share. Can I ask you something?" Astila looks at his small wife wondering what more can she want to know.

"What is it?" She looks up at him sadly.

"Why did you never ask me about the scars on my body?" He smiles at her and laughs.

"I'm serious , it's not funny." She smacks him and pouts.

"I never asked because it was not important to me. Your uncle had already told me about the transplant so I knew that scar. The others I figured if you ever wanted to tell me you would. I know some of your childhood from your uncles. Debra and Dude told us some when they took their little dream trip. To me you are perfect and that Is all that matters." Pulling her back to his side he tells her to sleep. That he will wake her when they arrive home.

Yona was driving the other car with the others. He asked them what exactly happened the night before. Onacona decides to tell him .

"Aisling I'm sure you guessed is the sun goddess from your family's stories. She and Inola went back in time a few months ago to return the Uktena crystal to Unole . It was not the proper time to return it. Instead she found your grandmother pregnant and sick . Using medicine that Astila had packed for her she was able to heal your grandmother. I am actually her ancestor reincarnated. So are Moll and Maureen. Maureen and I were spirits that stayed close to her as a child . Moll was both Maureen's and Aisling ancestor. She and your uncle fell in love when he and and Aisling were in her time . We all were given the choice to accept our original fate or comeback with our memories of both lives. . Maureen and I came back to be together and to be with Aisling. The same with Moll she wanted to be with her soulmate and to be with Aisling. So here we are. Aisling is of both worlds she was stillborn and through the prayers of both her ancestors and her family she was allowed to live. Waya spirit is the one who gave her the Uktena crystal now that Uktena has blessed her with a part of him . He can come to her or send for her at anytime. The piece left behind will protect the tribe. " Yona knows that he has only been told the condensed version of the story. That there is so much they are not telling .

"So how does all effect her twins. " Yona has wondered this since last night. Inola answers for Onacona.

" the twins most likely will have magic in them. How much we don't know and won't till they are older. Aisling knew she was different since she was a child. She just didn't know she had actual magic til Astila unlocked it. Anymore questions we do still have four hour drive?" Yona shakes his head no . Truthfully he is afraid his head will explode if he knows anymore.

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