Mage“s Odyssey Chapter 1: Prologue to a New Life


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To many, Monday's symbolize the start of a week filled with work, school and more work.

Kaito was no exception, he would sigh upon thinking about Monday, recalling the beautiful weekend filled with him playing games on his bed all day long.

To Kaito, school was something that he wished he could skip. Before he had joined his current high school, Ryuji had a reputation amongst many in the small town of Kamakura when he first arrived here when he was a kid due to his chuunibyou syndrome.

Yes, Kaito believed he was a hero sent by the gods to save humanity from a crisis that was incoming.

When he had joined high school, he believed that he would turn over a new leaf. A start that finally made people recognise him as a normal student rather than a mad kid who would begin ranting over a demon lord.

But reality is cruel, and he was constantly bullied for it.

As years went by, and Kaito finally stepped into his senior year, he was still reminded of a past, that he wishes for no recollection of.

Kaito felt alone for a long time, with no friends nor acquittance to think of, he felt depressed.

But, after a fateful weekend at a convention, he met a few guys from his school who accepted him into their friend group.

"Hey Kaito! How was your weekend?"

"It was nothing big, Ryuji. I finally finished Chrono Trigger though, it was an amazing experience!"

Ryuji was one of Kaito's friends from that group. He was a nice guy, who was popular in the class due to his athletic build and outgoing personality.

He never discriminated Kaito and treated him like he was a close friend of his, which caused Kaito to finally feel a sense of belonging.

As they walked to their classroom together, everyone stared at Kaito. They didn't feel good about him being friends with Ryuji, some even starting rumours that Kaito was going to pollute Ryuji's mind with weird ideas like slaying a dragon and saving the world.

But Kaito did not care, he was used to it already. Ryuji who was behind Kaito tapped his back with a smile before walking to his chair. Kaito did the same, and as soon as he sat down the bell rang, and the class was about to begin.

Class was as usual, teachers explaining equations while students either take down notes or daydream. Kaito was the latter, and he continued to daydream until the bell rang for lunch.

Lunch was usually a bad time for Kaito, but now that he finally had friends he can talk to, it felt like the best time in the world.

He went to the canteen to grab his lunch and walked straight back to the gym where he would meet with his new friend group.

But as he walked towards the gym, he heard people in the gym discussing something.

"Hey, Ryuji. You said that you'll get that little weirdo to be our little errand boy but yet he hasn't done a single thing for us"

"Now, Sora... It's a work-in-progress. We can't just force the guy to work for us, so we got to just keep playing nice with him before we make him do stuff for us."

The conversation between Sora, another member of Kaito's friend group and Ryuji caused Kaito to halt. His hand which was holding the tray began to shake.

"Yeah listen to Ryuji, Sora. That kid looks at us with idolizing eyes like we are his friends. The nerve of that little weirdo believing that he could befriend us is actually sickening."

As soon as Hajime said that, the entire tray that Kaito had in his hand fell. The trio that was in the gym looked to see who that was, and as soon as they saw Kaito they began to curse.

"Damn, we now ruined our perfect plan thanks to you two!"

"No, it was your goddamn fault!"

Kaito ran, he left the school in a hurry and went back home.

'Home... Home is the only place that I belong...'

As Kaito came home, he opened his door to see someone that he did not want to see.

His father.

Kaito and his mother have been together alone for most of his life, the only recollection he had of his father was him abusing him and his mother due to his drunken rage.

His mother ran away from the home one night, taking the young Kaito with her. She finally settled in the small town of Kamakura, believing to escape the wrath that was his father.

But now...

"Kaito? Why are you here this early! Get back to school, quickly..."

"Mom... what is he doing here?"

"Please Kaito, get back to school..."

As his father turned around and saw Kaito, a smirk appeared on his face.

"So, this is my son, you little bitch you ran away with him causing him to forget what it means to have a father!"

"Don't! Don't you dare lay a hand on him Daichi!"



A loud slap landed on Kaito's mother. Kaito stood there frozen from shock, and his father grinned in happiness as he done the deed.

"Finally, that woman can shut up!"

Kaito stood there frozen, watching the man walk towards him closer and closer.

"You hurt... mother..."

Kaito's mumbling was heard by his father, who nodded his head in glee.

"You goddamn right I did! What you going to do about it, she owed me some money since she stole everything when she ran away with you!"

Kaito couldn't hear anything however, as his mind began to shut down slowly. The only thought that was in his head was to fight back, but Kaito knew that he was no match for his dad.

"Now... before I beat the living out of you, tell me where she stores all her money!"

His father reached his hand towards Kaito, but as the arm nearly reached the shirt that Kaito was wearing he blacked out.

Kaito was in darkness, he could not see anything.

"Hello! Where am I?!"

Kaito screamed from the top of his lung, trying to attract anybody from the darkness.

"... So, you have finally awakened, young Magus..."


As Kaito heard the deep, enchanting voice from thin air, he began to turn around trying to find something in the dark space he was trapped in.

There, he found a light that shined brightly on a door.

Guarding the door, however, was a creature that could not be considered anything from Earth.

It was 13 feet tall; it was a fox that had rabbit ears and sharp fangs sticking from its mouth. The majestic white fur and the red and green eyes caused Kaito to stare in awe.

"Magus... I've been guarding this door waiting for you to awaken since you were born. I am Brundhilr, your ancestor."

"What? Ancestor?"

Kaito was confused, how could this creature be his ancestor when he was human.

"You might be wondering; how could such a being be my ancestor? But it is true, you are not Human. You are now the tenth Earthling Magus to have awaken and will soon be transported to the Mage Academy."

"Wait, what? Why must I go to this academy, why must I give up my life to be a magus?"

Brunhilr who heard this slowly stood up from his seated position. His huge bunny ears stood up while he stared down at the small Kaito before him.

"Magus are the people who protect humanity from threats across the sixteen planes, we are the minority that guard the realms of men for the sake of peace and prosperity. The Three Guardian Deities create offspring creating Magus that could rival threats that could undermine the whole of reality. You are my tenth offspring, and the only offspring that is alive..."

"You wish to stick with your mundane life? I have been watching you since the day you were born. No friends, you were abused by your drunken father at a young age, yet you wish to stick with such a life?"

"Tell me, young Kaito. You wish to continue such a path? Or do you want to be something that you had once dreamed of as a child. A hero..."

Kaito stood there in silence, a single tear drop rolled down his cheek as he remembered his life of constant bullying and abuse.

"Brundhilr, my mother... could she come with me?"

"Your mother does not need to come with you to the academy, but you can visit her in this plane as much as you want. She will be protected by the headmaster and would gain the life she wants."

"Then... I accept..."

Kaito finally made his mind up. He wanted to be rid of his current life, he wanted to be someone he can finally be pleased with.

"Excellent... Now I shall awaken your bloodline. Remember, you are not human. You will gain features that you might be surprised with. I shall see you when the headmaster picks you up from the house."

"WAIT! My... my father... he was about to grab me"

Brunhilr who was about to send Kaito off finally remembered, and with a swipe of his paw a circle orb floated in the air revealing his father grabbing Kaito's shirt.

"When you awaken, your father will grab you. But as soon as you are grabbed, the police shall arrive and take him away. Remember Kaito, you shall transform to your true form soon so find a small room and lock yourself... Now, goodbye and see you when you arrive at the academy!"

As Brundhilr said that, a large circle surrounded Kaito causing him to fall dizzy then unconscious in a matter of seconds.

"Young Magus... let us see if you are truly the hero of your dreams..."

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