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Bai Jie was looking around all he could see was a white. He rubbed his eyes.

Bai jie felt his vision clearing up. He saw it was all white around him. it was a large space he couldn't even see the end of it.

" where the hell is this place. Why it's so cold" Bai Jie mumbled. He couldn't explain this feeling that he was naked. But he looked down he was wearing his clothes.

But suddenly Bai Jie felt a sensation inside him. He suddenly saw the starting from under his feet the grass started to rise up. He saw the whole infinite white place turned in to grassland. The atmosphere grew warmer.

" I don't know whoever you are, show yourself. " Bai shouted but he preferred the view.

" You are not Ming Jia who are you. " suddenly Bai Jie heard a voice.

" huh," Bai Jie felt confused ' where did Ming Jia come in ' thought Bai Jie.

" Who the hell are you" the voice spoke again.

" You coward show yourself. " Bai Jie shouted.

' Damm who the hell are you, ' Bai Jie thought. He was felt quite annoyed by the condescending tone. He couldn't even see the person.

He suddenly saw small lights gathering in front of him. It was slowly taking the shape of a human.

Bai Jie felt like he was watching a Hollowgraphic image.

" Now tell me who are you, where is Ming Jia" suddenly her gaze went towards the surroundings. She saw a large grassland she even saw small trees starting to sprout here and there.

" How is this possible. " Suddenly Bai Jie heard the woman's voice shaking.

He suddenly saw her running here and there she was looking at grass and trees like she had seen precious treasures.

" It should be impossible. " mumbled the lady again and again.

Bai Jie gulped down his saliva this was the first time he saw a transparent being. He didn't know what else to say.

" W WWHO, are you, how do you know Ming Jia, " Bai Jie gathered up his courage and asked. The lady suddenly came out of her stupor and looked towards Bai Jie.

" Ming Jia doesn't matter anymore what happened to the soul puppet, " The lady asked concerned.

"What sir puppet I don't know any sir puppet " Bai Jie replied honestly with an innocent voice.

" NOt the Sir puppet, its the soul puppet the one with Crystal bones. " The lady replied hastily.

" You mean the old lady "Bai Jie asked. He felt confused. ' wasn't she a spy and now she is this sir puppet ' thought Bai Jie.

" How is the old lady a Sir puppet. " Bai jie asked curiously.

" Soul puppet Its an undead humanoid I made with my soul clone. but I can't connect with it what happend to it please tell me. " The lady tried to ignore his Bai Jie remark.

" You mean the old lady was an undead impossible" Bai jie retorted back. He wouldn't believe it there is no logic to it. He definitely saw life force in the old lady. Suddenly Bai jie looked at himself ' Am I also an undead. ' thought Bai Jie. Technically his life cycle should have been over by now his body was living off of the life energy absorbed by his parasites.

" Hey please I need to know, then I can finally meet you in person. " The lady spoke with a hurried voice.

" Why do you want to meet me aren't you here," Bai jie asked confused.

" No, its just soul projection I don't even know what you actually look like. " replied the lady.

" You just need to tell me I will be there in a hitch to pick you "

" What is a soul projection why do you want to pick me up " Bai jie backed away a few steps. He felt this last has her own motives.

" Your talent surpasses anyone I have seen before you can be a direct disciple of the Mortal Sage just tell me where you are. " suddenly the girl spoke with reverence.

" Who is this Mortal Sage," Bai jie asked curiously. He never heard of this man before.

The Lady looked towards Bai jie with a ridiculous expression. ' He doesn't even know about Mortal Sage. ' The lady felt it was ridiculous.

' Is he acting. Looks like I have to use soul force. ' The lady suddenly waved his hand and an invisible power enveloped Bai jie.

Bai jie didn't feel anything he just thought the lady suddenly went quiet.

' I am sorry but I have to look through your memories ' The lady thought. She controlled her soul force and tried to read through his memories.

But as soon as her consciousness entered Bai Jie's brain. She saw a dark abyss without any end. In the Dark abyss, she felt it would devour her whole.

She felt fear rise up in her heart like never before. Rather than reading his memories, she felt she herself being absorbed. She saw the thin smoke like soul force leaving her consciousness and entering that Blackhole.

She suddenly saw two red eyes staring back at her it was an illusion of a predator looking towards her.

' No ' The lady reacted quickly. A large amount of soul force erupted, She used the backlash force of the soul force to escape hastily.

Bai Jie suddenly saw the lady flickering even more her body felt more faded out. He saw her almost falling her knees suddenly started shivering.

" Hey hey," Bai Jie saw her coming towards him. He tried to grab her.

The woman tried to hold on Bai Jie's shoulders but passed right through him. She fell on her knees. She remembered it was just her soul projection.

' What the hell was that. ' thought the lady she could feel her body instinctively reacting even in this soul projection.

But Bai jie suddenly had another premonition.

' What would reside in a dead body after death. ' Before he was intrigued by her. But he suddenly realized there were things like these back in his world too.

' Ghost ' Bai Jie suddenly felt his heart racing. He felt goosebumps rise on his skin.

' What soul projection, what sir puppet she wants to eat me. ' Bai Jie felt unprecedented danger rise in his heart.

He kneeled down on the ground and started praying.

" ohh almighty old lady it's my fault I shouldn't have touched your bones but the curiosity got the better of me. Please let me go" said Bai Jie. He started chanting Buddhist mantras.

The Lady was already in a bad mental state. She felt like she just escaped from the clutches of the beast. But she also felt if that thing was awake there was no way she could have escaped. But she suddenly noticed Bai Jie's weird actions, She stared at him in quite a shock. She never saw such a coward.

" with a coward like him, it should be even more impossible. " mumbled the woman.' How could such a powerful cultivation technique have such astonishing compatibility with him? 'Thought the lady. She got up from the ground.

" I am not the old lady dammit get up." She shouted towards Bai Jie.

" You are her ghost, " Bai asked with a fearful tone.

" No, I am not a ghost just tell me where are soul puppet and your location I will come right away to pick you up. " Said the lady urgently.

" ohh Gods I hereby shun this old lady to move towards heaven please accept her. " Bai Jie started moving around performing an exorcism.

" What the hell are you doing where are you tell me. " The lady shouted again watching his shenanigans. He was moving around her while making a cross with his hands.

" Shut up. " replied the lady.

" Accept your fate, old lady. It isn't your world anymore. " Bai Jie started chanting again.

" You " The lady felt like what kind of beast is this. She waved her hand and suddenly everything went quiet.

" " Bai Jie suddenly felt he couldn't hear anything. He saw blabbering his mouth but no sound came out. He looked towards the lady horrified.

" Listen to me just tell where are you I will come to find you. You are very important " The lady suddenly saw him pointing towards his mouth.

She waved her hand and she suddenly heard.

" Aing Kreem Kreem Khim Khim Khichi Khichi Bhootnathay Khim Khim Phat" Bai Jie started chanting again. It was a Buddhist sutra now.

" Stop it. " The lady felt anger rose from her heart like that for the first time in her life. She felt like wanting to kill him.

" I will kill you " The lady shouted with a furious roar.

" Now, you are showing your true colors evil spirit. Aing Kreem kreem..... phat" replied Bai Jie he felt like his chants were working finally.

The lady felt all strength leaving her body suddenly she had already used a great deal of sould force already. She felt helpless watching Bai Jie jumping around her. She waved her hand to make his voice disappear again.

" The old lady you mention was just a soul puppet to find geniuses like you" The lady tried to explain further.

" Please listen to me just tell me where " The lady wanted to ask again. But she suddenly saw Bai Jie sat down keeping his back towards her.

' What is he doing now. ' thought the lady she was very annoyed by him already. She came closer beside him. Suddenly she felt her mind spinning.

Bai jie was writing on the soil with his finger.

The world suddenly started breaking apart piece by piece and the hollow image completely disappeared.

" Don't cultivate the mortal arts without proper guidance " This was the last thing Bai jie heard before everything turned white again.


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