Luna's Journey Chapter 13: Wonderful Kiss


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As I walked I to Mo Han in front of his car and saw him holding a bouquet of flowers I gave him a warm smile. "So far, I'm impressed. Tell me, Mr. Mo, how you knew my favorite flower." I asked him taking the flowers and giving them a whiff.

"Well, I only one chance to make you have a great night, so I had to do my research." He said opening the car door. Giving him another smile I entered the car, 'I wonder where he plans on taking me.' I thought as I watched him entered the car.

While we were driving to his first location I looked at his side profile, in truth I had no problem with Mo Han. The only problem was his big influence in A country, if I was seen by his side I would have more trouble than I wanted to handle. Even with that in mind, I was very curious about how this big boss in A country can impress my tough self.

Driving up to one of the best seafood restaurants that took months in advance to reserve, I stared with wide eyes. Giving Mo Han a shocked face I asked, "Now tell me what strings you pulled to get a spot here, this place is said to be hard to reserve without prior notice."

He showed me a wicked smile, "I have my ways, I told you before that I would give you a night that you'll never forget." He said.

Shaking my head I exited the car with a smile, entering with Mo Han I noticed that the staff gave us a very polite service. When we got to our table, I was really looking forward to enjoying the meal, especially when I didn't have to worry about the price. I was also glad that in this world, my host body didn't have any problems and I was really able to test the limits.

Mo Han was very happy when he looked across the table at the girl humming while staring at the menu. Seeing the waiter come I order the best red wine available when I was done Sara let out a small laugh. Smiling, "Now why don't you tell me what is so funny?"

Looking up Sara beamed a bright smile, "Oh, I was just picturing your normal business self, I could see a little of your personality when you were ordering the drinks. You have a very strong approach when you do things." She said.

Still smiling I could only nod my head, "In my line of work I need to always be on my toes, also I'm happy with my never lose attitude or I wouldn't have convinced you to go out with me tonight."

Not responding she gave me a smile and turned her attention to the waiter. After getting our food, we enjoyed the meal and spent the dinner talking about our likes and dislikes and the interest we have in this life. When we were done, Mo Han took us to a greenhouse to on the edge of the city.

Walking around the greenhouse I enjoyed the view of the flowers as the moon shined down upon them. "What made you think of taking me here?" I asked. Grabbing my hand and pulling me to a bench, "I wanted to see you happy when you saw the exotic flowers, I heard that you really find their images as your muse for your design work."

Smiling brightly I took the petal of his suit, "I find their delicate appearance to be so soothing, that I want people to feel that when they see my designs." I said. Mo Han spends the rest of the night driving me around the city and I honestly enjoyed our time getting to know each other. When he pulled in front of my apartment building, he grabbed my arm before I opened the door to exit.

Looking down, "Mr. Mo, is there something else you want?" I asked giving him a warm smile. Moving his hand from my wrist to my hand he looked into my eyes and gave me a charming smile.

"Before you leave I wanted to hear your answer about tonight." He said while giving me a deep look. Smiling I gave it a long thought, 'Even though this guy might bring trouble along the way, he might be able to help Sara on her road to happiness.' I thought while looking in his eyes.

"Mr. Mo tonight was a night I won't forget, you really know how to show a girl a good time," I said with a gentle smile. Mo Han was so happy by the girl's words that he leaned closer and captured her lips.

I was so shocked by the sudden kiss that I forgot how to respond for a moment, the kiss was neither gentle or rough is one word it was wonderful. Feeling out a breath a hit his chest to release, finally breaking the kiss Mo Han gave me a deep look. "I'm glad you enjoyed tonight, I can't wait to have planned our second date." He said.

I got out the car and walked to the buildings front door when I turned around I saw him waiting for me to enter. He saw me looking at him and gave me a sweet smile and waved goodbye. Walking to the elevator I never noticed the warm smile I had on my face when remembering the thoughts of tonight.
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