Luna's Journey Chapter 12: Official Date


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It has been two months since I officially met Mo Han and I have the say the guy is nothing but persistence. He would suddenly pop up when I had a meal outside, or he would text me whenever he felt like it. I still upset with him for hacking my phone to get my number and locating when I'm out in town.

It was after class and I was having lunch Christy when I got a call from Mo Han, excusing myself I took the call.

"You know I hoped you'll leave me be if I ignored you but I guess it's wishful thinking on my part," I told him.

"I should have told you I'm very stubborn when it comes to my own interests and desires." He said with a chuckle.

Rolling my eyes, "I hope this call is important because I was enjoying my time with my friend." I said hoping he could get to the point.

He let out a laugh, "I find this important and I hope you could as well, I want to pick you up tonight around eight."

"You do realize that I don't take orders, also we are not that close," I said giving my meaning that I won't be seeing him.

"I thought you might respond like that so I have a wager for you that I think you'll like very much." He said.

Curious, "What kind of wager?" I asked him with raised eyebrows.

"After spending some time with you I come to understand a little about you personally and believe that you are a person of your word. With that in mind, I propose this offer, allow me to take you on a date. If afterward you still wish for me to stay away I won't bother you again, but if you have a good time let me an official date you." He said with a smile.

In shocked, "Mr.Mo you do know that we have only met a couple times and only first two months ago and now you want to date me. Don't you think it's to fast for such a development." I told him with a shocked voice. Trying to understand this guys reasoning for wanting to be around me such when I clearly give off a cold vibe.

Not surprise her words Mo Han said, "Well Miss Wu, as I told you two months ago I find you interesting, but what I forgot to mention was that it was a first for a woman. Now, why would I let you go when you make my life a little bit brighter?" He asked me in a matter of fact way.

I could only stare at my phone when I heard his answer, shaking my head I responded, "Okay, I'll go out on a date with you but, if I truly don't enjoy it then we will have no further contact with each other. Agreed?" I asked him waiting on his answer.

Mo Han let out a laughed and agreed, hanging up he had Lee Jun prepare everything then got back to work. Deep in thought, he didn't see the scared look on Lee Jun when he saw his boss smile, 'How long has it been since his boss smiled. He must really like Miss Wu.' He thought while exiting the room.

Finishing talking to Mo Han I went back to the table and found Christy giving me a weird look, "What's wrong?" I asked her.

"We have become good friends lately and I still don't know much about you, to fix that how about you tell me about the call." She said with sparkly eyes.

Giggling at her round away form of asking me, "It was just someone who really wants to meet, but I have been busy lately, that's all." I told her while eating my food.

Christy started to eat her meal and with her head down gave out a small laugh, curious I asked her what was so funny. Looking up, "Whoever that person is must be important, or you wouldn't make those faces." She said with a smile.

Confused, I asked, "Faces? What faces? I was most definitely not making any faces."

"Yes, you were wearing such happy expression, totally different from the usual face calm I see on most days." She said still sporting that silly smile.

Ignoring her words I resumed eating my meal, 'Christy must be seeing things, there is no way I was making such a face talking to Mo Han.' I thought with curious emotions.
Inside my apartment, I got ready for my date with Mo Han and looked at myself in the mirror at the outfit I was wearing. Momo was flying around the room as she watched me and tilted her head as she saw me try on different outfits.

'Mistress, you must be excited about this date, look how you are preparing.' She said while flying in circles.

Shaking my head I put on a jacket, "That is where you are wrong, this is only the way for him to leave me alone." I told her sitting on my couch. Momo flew down and landed on the table, 'If that was true why all the hard work?' She asked.

Giving her a smile, "Sweet Momo, never forget that in this world I'm Sara Wu, this person is a fashion student. No matter what I feel or think I have an image to sustain." I said. Momo just nodded at my words and flew into my room.

Watching Momo fly into my room my phone started to ring, seeing that it was Mo Han I answered. "Are you ready for a wonderful night, my lady. Please meet me downstairs." He said. Getting up and looking out my window I saw a red Mercedes in front of the building.

Grabbing my purse I exited my apartment, as I walked to the front door I never noticed the smile that was showing on my face. When Mo Han saw Sara coming he had a huge smile and hope that this date was a night never to forget.
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