Loving Asia“s Multi-Talented Queen: The Path to Stardom Chapter 33: The Mysterious Intruder


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Zhen Nian arrived at Xu Jia Li's apartment after 15 minutes. She was standing outside with her eyes glistening with joy. She pressed the doorbell button as she smiled. She giggled as she waited for more information that she could get from Xu Jia Li. She had been too excited upon reading the news that Si Weimin would be her new male lead.

The article had lots of flaws. Of course, she knew the truth so she wanted to write a more concise lead for the two. She just couldn't stand aside, as a friend and an editor. She planned to get an interview so the front page for Fashion and Glamour will be news about the real score between the two. She also envisioned the two wearing famous brand for the photo shoot.

Her first reaction upon reading the article was made her frowned. She was actually really pissed. She even cringed upon reading that Xu Jia Li's reputation was being questioned. The previous rumour about her and Li Yun also resurfaced.

The article also reiterated that Xu Jia Li was the reason why Si Weimin became part of the movie. It was also said that an insider caught the two meeting for almost two weeks in an unmentioned hotel, giving way for more speculations.

It was also mentioned that Xu Jia Li was the one who asked Si Weimin to invest plenty of money on the movie to buy off his role as the male lead and strengthen her role as the female lead. This news led to an uproar from the fans and the critics from the entertainment industry.

The fans were not forgiving when it came to morality. They believed that being viewed as role model, one must not be involved in misdemeanour and any immoral act. They were bashing Xu Jia Li and even Si Weimin.

Again, critics called for a movement to boycott Si International for using connections and money for personal gain. They called him immoral for buying the film. They also argued that a business man should not tarnish the entertainment industry. They cried to fans not to support Sweet Memories upon its released.

She still hadn't heard anything from Si Weimin. However, she called Wang Guo, asking about the article, in which he only remained as silent as ever. She sneered at the thought.

'Pfft, that Wang Guo. Humph!'

Suddenly, the door opened, excited, she greeted her saying, "Hey, Li-jie! You never said you were going out with CEO –" She immediately stopped what she was saying when a pale Xu Jia Li came to sight.

The smile on her face was replaced by a frown. She saw that her eyes were red, she just wasn't sure if it was because of crying. Her hair was dishevelled and her clothes were rumpled. She wasn't even wearing any slipper which wasn't very Xu Jia Li. She suddenly detected that something was amiss. She arched her brow and gazed at her with scrutinizing eyes as she spoke,

"Why do you look so pale? Where you that affected of the stupid article? C'mon, who would believe that? It's not like you to be affected with such petty accusations."

Instead of answering, Xu Jia Li opened the door wide, enough for Zhen Nian to see what was inside and leaned on the door as she crossed her arms around her chest.

Zhen Nian was shocked to see that the place was in utter disorder. With mouth agape, she gasped and looked worriedly at Xu Jia Li.

"Tell me what happened! Oh my gosh! Were you hurt? What happened here?" She held Xu Jia Li's hand as she hugged her and gazed with frightened eyes at the sight of the receiving room. "What is all this mess? Do you want me to call the police? Tell me, what happened here? We should call the police! Oh my! A thief was here!"

"No, Nian-mei. We can't. This isn't a normal case of theft. Come, see this."

The two walked directly towards Xu Jia Li's bedroom. She looked at her with questioning gaze as Xu Jia Li opened the door. Once the inside was visible, the pungent smell immediately hit Zhen Nian's nose.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" Zhen Nina couldn't help as she shouted, still looking at the gory sight in front of her. She was tembling with fear. So much blood, she never saw that much blood in her life.

Everything seemed like a scene from a horror movie. She turned her gaze at Xu Jia Li and asked with a shaky voice, "W-what h-happened here, Li-jie? Why was there too much blood?"

"This is what I want to show you, so I asked to come."

"B-but Li-jie, who could have done this thing? Who did this? How did that person or persons enter your apartment? I mean, with all the code and stuff. No one could have easily opened it. We should ask for the security to review the cameras outside your apartment."

"I don't know. I'll ask Linqin to check the cameras later. This is also a mystery to me. These baffling and terrifying incidents keep on happening since I came back from my Asian Tour."

"You should think carefully. There must be a clue to lead you with an answer."

"To be honest, I don't know. I'm just waiting for Linqin to arrive to clean this mess."

"We should call the police, Li-jie. This isn't something we could just let slip. We should ask someone for help."

"No one can help me, Nian-mei. I can handle this."

Zhen Nian shuddered as she noticed the hatred in Xu Jia Li's eyes. She was too scared to move, lest she knew she would pass out. She held herself tightly as she suddenly remembered Si Weimin.

"Let's call, CEO Si. I'm sure, he could help."

"No, Nian-mei. We should not let CEO Si know this. You should not tell him about this."

"B-but, Li-jie. This is not something to be trifled with. You are in danger, if that person can easily access your code and enter without forcing himself inside, then, it's really alarming. I'm too scared for you. Could you stop being stubborn for a while?"

Xu Jia Li stared at Zhen Nian with an understanding look as she answered, "You know everything, Nian-mei. These things keep on happening since I asked Linqin to go back and find my mother's old friend. Let me show you something."

Zhen Nian only followed Xu Jia Li as she was led to the kitchen. Her legs were like jelly, she was having goose bumps all over as she took the two identical folders being handed to her. She sat on the stool and looked questioningly at Xu Jia Li.

"Go, open them."

She opened the first folder absentmindedly, her mind was floating as the sight of the bloodied floor, wall and bed kept repeating inside her mind.

She once more glanced on the bed room door and cringed as she saw that it was still opened. The smell of the blood permeated through her nostrils. She blinked fast as she prevented the tears from falling down her face.

Sensing her fear, Xu Jia Li walked towards her bedroom and closed the door. She winced and went back to the kitchen again.

A little comfortable, Zhen Nian continued opening the first folder. She took the folded paper and a deep frowned formed a valley over a nose. She gazed at Xu Jia Li and asked, "What's this, Li-jie?"

"Open it. You'll find out."

She opened the letter and began reading its content. She stood and glanced at Xu Jia Li.

"Read the other one, too."

With shaking hands, she opened the second folder and read what was written inside, her eyes bulging so big that she looked like she had seen a ghost. She slumped on the floor as her legs betrayed her. She couldn't even move.

With shaking hands, she picked up the letters on the floor and said, "Li-jie... I never know this has escalated to this. Oh my god!"

"Stand, Nian-mei. The floor is cold."

"How can you take all these? I couldn't imagine myself..."

"They want to mess with me. I know, they already know that I'm after them."

"Can you just stop your plan, Li-jie? You might just hurt yourself in the process."

"How can I stop! Every time, I see news about that family, I couldn't help thinking about mom! If I have to die just to see them get ruined, it will always be worth it."

"But, Li-jie, your mom would never be happy seeing you like that. You have to assess your goals. You don't need to get revenge."

"We've discuss this, Nian-mei. No one can stop me from avenging mom."

Zhen Nian could only look at Xu Jia Li with concern as she felt pity for her friend. She didn't have to go through all this. She cared for her and she was hurt to see her eaten by her hatred for her father and stepmother. She suddenly realized that no mother would want her child to suffer this big. Maybe, her mother didn't really want her to get revenge.

She gazed at Xu Jia Li and her heart bled for her. 'I wish you see that getting revenge isn't a good thing, Li-jie,'

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