Loving Asia“s Multi-Talented Queen: The Path to Stardom Chapter 31: Curiosity Kills the Ca


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A loud clacking sound echoed around the room as Xu Jia Li accidentally dropped her cell phone on the floor. She was startled at the sound it produced. She stared at it for a while, thinking if it still going to work. Seeing how it blinked, showing that Shen Linqin was still on the other line, she sighed knowing that it was still working. The folder she was holding which contained the letter they got also fell on the floor.

The thumping of her heart made her even more tensed. She tried to pick it up but her body became stiff as a rock. She tilted her head, her eyes opened wide as shock registered on her face.

Her whole body trembled as she looked at the chaotic scene in front of her. The table in the middle of the receiving room was flipped backward. The books were scattered around the floor, the throw pillows were everywhere, and the cabinets were all open as the contents were all thrown in a bundle of mess on the floor. It was total disaster. Everything was in disorder.

She moved her eyes all around the room, sensing if the culprit was still inside. Hearing nothing, she tried to pacify herself and lean on the door as she got some strength calming down her nerves and her wobbly legs.

With hands shaking, she slowly picked her phone and heard Shen Linqin on the other line, "Li-jie! Li-jie! Are you still there? Hellooooo!"

"Yea, I'm here."

"What happened, Li-jie? I heard a loud sound, like something dropped."

"I accidentally dropped the phone, Linqin. Can you come here right now?"

"Why Li-jie? I'm still here at Moon Sky Closets to get your dress for tonight. I'll be there after I got it. Anyway, have you heard what I just said? Why are you not saying anything? CEO Si's involvement in the movie is all over the internet."

"Hmm, ah, yeah, I heard b-but I haven't read the articles yet."

"Aiyoo, Li-jie you have to read it now. The whole internet will explode. Fans and critics are in heated discussion. Go read it now. Plus there is –"

"I will. I will. Later. Anyway, ah, Linqin, I have something to do. I'll call you later."

"But –"

Even before Shen Linqin could finish her words, Xu Jia Li clicked the end button. A deep sigh escaped her throat. 'Who did this? How did that person manage to come inside.'

After the call ended, Xu Jia Li slightly moved her legs, she couldn't feel them so she slightly pinch them. She felt her feet stuck on the floor as she tried to step and walk. She slowly paced towards her room as she removed the scarf on her head and took off the sunglasses on her eyes. She dropped them on the floor as she walked towards her room, dragging her cold feet towards her room.

Her whole body felt like it was covered in ice, the numbing feeling together with her profuse sweating made her even more unsettled. She suddenly felt unsafe.

'Who came here to do this mess?'

If the receiving room was a mess, she wondered if her room was in complete disorder as well. She gripped her phone tightly as she took some photos of the mess unfolded in front of her as she passed by. She knew that she needed to take pictures before she asked Linqin to clean up the mess later.

While walking, she glanced to the direction of the window. Upon seeing that it was closed, she frowned as she told herself that it wouldn't be possible for anyone to break in through it, she shrugged her thoughts off and continued going to her room.

With heart pounding so fast, Xu Jia Li reached for the knob and slowly opened it.

She almost passed out when she saw blood all over her bed. She put her hands on her mouth, she knew that shouting with only made her nervous.

Unlike the mess in the receiving room, her bedroom was as neat as she left it. However, the pungent smell of rusty metallic scent evaporated all over the room made her nauseous once more.

The blood soaked her bed. There was also blood splattered on the wall and on the floor. She was about to close the door as she couldn't stand the gore sight and the smell it had when she noticed the same plastic folder on top of her side table.

She inhaled deeply, disregarding the smell of blood and quickly strode fast towards the direction of the plastic folder while trying not to step on the red liquid on the floor. She immediately grabbed it and left her bedroom as soon as she could.

She was panting as she reached the receiving room, she walked towards the kitchen and sat on the stool. While looking in the kitchen, she noticed that nothing had been moved or changed. A bit calmer, she stared at the folder in her hands and began to open it.

Before she could even read what was inside, she heard her phone rang. She saw Zhen Nian's name written on the screen, she also noticed that there was a crack on it and reminded herself to ask Linqin for a new one. Paying no attention to it, she answered the call, "Nian-mei"

"Oh my gosh, Li-jie! Is it true? You and CEO Si?"

"I guess. Can you come over?"

"Of course, I wanna know more." She heard the teasing on her voice as she continued, "Li-jie, I'll be there, I wanna know all the details."

She ended the call as she resumed looking at the letter, she flipped it open and like the first letter, it didn't have name on it.

With a shudder, she read the content.

Curiosity kills the cat. When it died, its blood flowed on the ground where it would be buried. You will suffer greatly and that suffering will be intense.

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