Lovely Writing System Chapter 280: Let’s Go out and Play!


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Su Yan was too wrought up to think about it any deeper. He leaned over the table and grabbed Nie Chang by the shirt. Well, he grabbed him by the lapel of Ziju An's robe, frowning at the unfamiliar sensation.

"Ah Chang, just what's happening here?"

Nie Chang sighed and patted his darling's hands. "Well, I'd say you're right. We did transmigrate to your novel. I guess that so-called 'Dimension Ticket' was indeed that: A ticket to a different dimension."

Su Yan's eyes widened and he looked around the study. "So we're not on earth anymore?!"

Nie Chang rubbed his brow. "If that wasn't a special kind of plot twist you planned, then no, we're not on earth anymore."

Su Yan's fingers tightened around the fabric and he trembled. Just when Nie Chang wanted to try and pacify him, his boyfriend threw himself at his boyfriend and clung to his neck, not caring at all if the super-special mirror might fall or not.

"Ah, this is great! This system is still of use for something! Ah, I should have finished the first special mission already, then maybe we could have gotten two tickets and visited 'Like a Ray in My Night' too!"

Nie Chang smiled wryly and patted his darling's back. "Aren't you worried at all?"

Su Yan lifted his head and blinked his eyes in confusion. "No. Why should I?"

"Well, we're not on earth anymore? Instead, we're in a cultivation world where people are running around with swords and can do magic tricks an—"

"They're not magic tricks." Su Yan immediately let go of his non-understanding boyfriend and glared at him. "They're using qi or spiritual energy or whatever you want to call it. That's real magic, not just tricks."

"Which makes it even worse. I don't know about you but I for one don't know how to cultivate in real life."

Su Yan frowned. "Didn't you read my novels?"

"Of course, I did! But that doesn't make me a Grandmaster of Cultivation, does it?"

Su Yan looked at the robe and pursed his lips. "You look like one though."

"That's not the point!" Nie Chang put a hand to his brow and sighed. Ah, this was useless. Su Yan was way too excited right now to spare more than half a thought to what he was saying. He should probably let him play around for a while and try to think of a way back in the meantime.

He sighed again and lowered his hand. "Alright. Then what do you propose we should do?"

Su Yan grinned like a fox, hurried to his boyfriend's side and clung to his arm, fluttering his eyelashes at him. "Master! Shouldn't you teach your disciple?"

Nie Chang froze. His little darling looked a little different now with the white robe and the long hair but the face was still the same. With the way he acted right now …

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Ah, please! Why did this have to happen? It was hard enough to resist Su Yan on a normal day when he involuntarily started seducing him but this … This was much worse! He really didn't have any resistance against this.

Su Yan continued to flutter his eyes. "You don't know what to do? Then let's go out and play! Isn't there normally a town close to a cultivation sect?" He pondered and finally slapped his own brow. "What am I even saying? I came up with the idea for the novel! Naturally, there's a town. Did I tell you about that? At the beginning of my novel, the protagonist Dou Fang Hai is living in a town called Xi He Town and the male lead, Ziju An, who happens to be his future Master comes by to find a disciple. Well, Dou Fang Hai was actually a child back then so it's not really like it is now but the Xi He Town should still be there, right?"

Nie Chang nodded hurriedly. "You're certainly right."

Su Yan pursed his lips, looking very much like his real self and a lot less than Dou Fang Hai. "Well, I don't know if there will be anything interesting in the Xi He Town. I described it as a rather small place, after all. But I guess we can't go anywhere else. You're right with the cultivation, after all. I also don't know how to use a flying sword." Su Yan's eyes lit up. "Eh?! Wait! If we're in the novel right now and there are cultivation and spiritual energy and stuff, then doesn't that mean we can also try to cultivate and use flying swords?! That's so cool!" He jumped up and grabbed onto Nie Chang's neck again, making him give another wry smile. "Let's go try it out!"

Before Nie Chang had time to caution him, Su Yan grabbed him by the hand and pulled him to the door. Just when he reached for it, a knock sounded from outside.

The two of them froze and turned to look at each other. Who had come to see them?

Su Yan tugged at Nie Chang's robe. "Ah Chang, didn't you say we're in the novel? How come someone is knocking on the door? Did somebody else transmigrate with us? One of my neighbors, maybe?"

Nie Chang looked at his little darling and raised his brows. "Don't you think it's more likely that this is one of the other characters you crafted?"

Su Yan blinked. "But would they be able to knock on a door?"

"If you didn't make all of them into idiots …"

"No!" Su Yan hissed and motioned at the two of them. "We're normal people that transmigrated. But they're characters in a novel. How come they can be like normal people too? Shouldn't they only do what was written in the book? But I didn't even finish the novel yet!"

Nie Chang wanted to remind Su Yan that he himself had written transmigration novels before but just then the door was already thrown open and a beautiful man stormed in, his eyes teary.

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