Love You for no Reason Chapter 1: 1. A New Journy


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It was a beautiful morning in city T. The weather was pleasent,people had already started their daily life as usual,the hustle and bustle of the streets had also begin. It was of the same picture at the airport. In the lounge area people were waiting for their flight. There was a girl sitting alone in the sitting area. She seemed to be somewhat anxious as she was looking at her watch from time to time. She was wearing a pale blue dress which had reached to her knee and a pair of white snikers. Her hair was in a simple bun. She had her luggege with her.

As she was about to stand up to go somewhere she heared the announcement of her flight landing. She hurriedly gathered her belongings and walked up to check in. After bording the flight she again cheacked the time-it was 10.02 a.m before she decided to take a short nap. Due to having a morning fight she had to wake up quite early and couldn't finish her sleep, and then after reaching the airport she was informed that the flight was late, so she decided to catch up her unfinished sleep.

After two houres of journy she finaly reached her destination- city B. After landing and finishing all the nessesery processes she came out of the airport and hailed a cab and told the driver to go to the Imperial University. She then grabed her handbag and fished out her mobile and open the QQ and sent the messege of her arrival in the group.

After reaching to the university area she then got out of the cab and carried out her luggege then headed for the girls dorm,getting there she opened the door of the room. As she was about to enter the room someone came rushing towards her crassed with her.That person immidetly hugged the girl and said-
" Xiao Yue I missed you so much!"
This action caught the girl by surprise and before she had the chance to say anything that person again said-" Xiao Yue why did come late hah?"

" Xiao Zhe are you gonna let her standing at the door?First let her enter then talk you fool"-said another person who was inside the room. Xiao Zhe seemed to realise this and released the girl before hastily pulling her up along with her bags and baggeges. Then after settling her luggege at the corner she then again asked while pulling the girl again to sit at the bed-" Tell me why are you late?"
"My flight was late"
" You could have just come yesterday" Xiao Zhe pouted.
" Told you the reason already"
" Right MingYue how is your grandfather's health?"-asked an other person named Ning Mei the same person who reminded Xiao Zhe to let MingYue enter the room.
"He is stable as off now, but he has to stay in the hospital for few more days".
"Sorry we couldn't go to see him"- said Xiao Zhe.
"It's ok, you guys don't have to be botherd by this"-MingYue said.
Actually MingYue was planning to come to school 1 week ago since the new semester had already started but suddenly her grandfather fell ill. While the situation was not that serious and her family member was there but still at that situation she couldn't just come, that is why she came today. today is saturday so they didn't have any classes.
" Where is Yaoyao?"-asked MingYue.
"She has gone to the library, she said she is gonna concentrate in her study fully from this new semester"- Ning Mei answered.
"MingYue, teacher gave an assignment but don't worry I have already done yours you just have to submit it."- said Ning Mei. "And also I have also prepaired all the notes of this past week for you"-Ning Mei said again.
" Thank you so much Meimei"-MingYue replyed.
"Oh come on Xiao Yue we are friends, since we knew that you have some problem so it's already natural for us to help you". MingYue felt grateful for having such good friends around her.It's her she third semester at the Imperial University in city B.Her major is computer science.She lived in dorm in the campus area with three other roommates, they are-Li Xiao Zhe, Ning Mei, and Xu Yaoyao and all of them were in same department.

Although all of them had come from different places they had gotten together really well. Specially for An MingYue it felt unreal. She never had thought she would gain such amazing friends here in city B.An MingYue was someone who just coudn't get mixed up with others or strangers on the first go.She wasn't introvart but she didn't have that outgoing personality either. She was somewhat aloof and would subconsiously distance herself from others. Unless you show some interest in her she won't approch you or open up to you.

Having this kind of behaviour she had to struggle to make companions in her middle school and high school days.She wanted to make friends too, she wanted to be one of them too but everytime she made friends they always broke up with her for some reason. This used to make her heartbriken back in her middle school days. She even cried after her break up with one of her friend. After that she seemed to make a walla around her. She didn't talk to anyone voulenterly, she used to be quiet. As if she was in her own worlde. This made other students in her high school feel awkward to talk to her. They felt uncomfortable thus nobody approached her, some of them used to avoid her.

So over the time she had built a cold personality. But since coming here and meeting these three girl she didn't feel that lonleness that she was used to.Living with these three friends actually helped her out of her shell. She felt completly a new person. Specialy with the over enthusiastic XiaoZhe who had become her best friend in no time she felt blessed.
She didn't thought she would someday have a best friend. With Xiao Zhe she never felt any gloomyness. Xiao Zhe would always become a kid in front of her, she would nag ger, talk with her endlessly,never ceased to take care of her.Despite her cold attitude she just couldn't ignore Xiao Zhe and now they had become inseperable friend.

Now she was here againin the begening of a new semester which she was gonna spend with these three girl again. It was a same but a new journy which she was looking forward to very much, and she beleived this journy of her was going to bring her toward her dream and create another set of amazing memory which was going to last throughout her whole life.
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