Love System: Changing Destinies Chapter 44: Short Hiatus


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Hey guys. A bit of sad news here.

Yes, I'm planning to take a short hiatus, and here's why.

1. I'm super sick (again). But this time it's quite serious. My temperature hike so high that even my eyeballs feels like they are burning. I can't sleep, my whole muscles are aching, and I'm actually shaking while trying to write this. (Thank God for the auto correct)
2. I'm trying to adapt to my new working environment, which is quite harsh. But, let just try it first.
3. I actually got another job interview and this one the one that I want (I think). I pass my resume to this particular company in January, way before I go my present job's interview. They suddenly give me a call while I'm in training last week and I have limited time to prepare everything.
4. To be honest, I've been putting all my effort in writing here and I have stop writing in Wattpad. This happens due to the fact that they won't be doing 2 Moons with the same cast (Yeah, I'm writing 2 Moons ff over there), I feel slightly dispirited. But, I've vowed once that I won't neglect my readers, so I want to start again.

These are my reasons for my short Hiatus. I hope that you guys can be super patient with this 'lack-of-body-immunity' author for a little longer. I might take a month or more.

Thanks guys.

💟 ya.
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